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Turn Over a New Leaf
Turn Over a New Leaf English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘turn over a new leaf’

Date: May 16 2017

Themes: Party, Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Adverbs


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Sometimes, you want a fresh start in life. It’s possible that you grew into a new person, but your old friends are still the same. Or perhaps, you want to try something new and move to a different place. Your friends might not be into that, and you might need to reset and find new friends. There’s no need for a big confrontation, but you could explain why you are going to turn over a new leaf.

When someone turns over a new leaf, they make a new start and begin again. Often, this person will change a lot during this time. Their friends might sense a disturbance in the force. But the truth is that everyone needs to turn over a new leaf at times. Finding exactly the right life for you can be a relief, but first, you need to be brave and make a change.

Sheila and Andy are so happy to see each other, but will Sheila turn over a new leaf soon? Find out what she wants in today’s English soap opera.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.









Andy_H:  It’s so good to have you home again, Sheila.

Sheila:  Thank you, Andy.

Andy_H:  Is something wrong? I sense a disturbance in the force…. Sorry, Star Wars. I’ve been re-watching all of my favorite movies lately, so…

Sheila:  Listen, Andy. I want to turn over a new leaf.

Andy_H:  Cool! What does that mean, exactly?

Sheila:  I just want to start over.

Andy_H:  You’re breaking up with me?

Sheila:  No! That’s not exactly what I mean.

Andy_H:  What do you mean, exactly?

Sheila:  I just want to start over… like, reset.

Andy_H:  Oh?

Sheila:  I’ve been thinking a lot, and I want to slow down my life, including my relationships.

Andy_H:  OK.

Sheila:  I understand, and I respect that you may not be into that. You take all the time that you need to see if that’s OK, OK?

Andy_H:  OK.

Sheila:  It’s really good to see you again. I love all of the balloons!

Andy_H:  Yeah, it took me a little while to do, but I thought it was… Ahhhhhh!

Kelsey:  How’d it go with Sheila?

Jordin:  Surprisingly well, actually.

Kelsey:  Oh, good! That makes me happy and it’s such a relief. I don’t like any confrontation, so I was hoping it would go well.

Jordin:  Kelsey, you told me you felt it would be fine.

Kelsey:  Yeah, I know, but you never know, right? Especially with Sheila!

Jordin:  Well, anyway, it did go fine, and Sheila actually apologized to me as well.

Kelsey:  Wonderful!

Jordin:  I’m going to turn over a new leaf. I’m not going to be hung up on Andy anymore. He and Sheila can have their relationship, and I’m going to stay out of it!

Kelsey:  A fresh start.

Jordin:  A fresh start.



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Andy is very happy to see Sheila again. Sheila is happy, too, but she is also acting strange. Andy asks what’s wrong? Then, Sheila tells him that she wants to turn over a new leaf. She doesn’t want to break up with Andy, but she doesn’t exactly want to be his girlfriend. She just wants to reset her life. Andy is very confused. Sheila tells him to think about it, and then they can talk more.

In the meantime, Jordin and Kelsey are also talking. Kelsey wants to know how Jordin’s conversation with Sheila went. It was actually a really easy conversation. This is a relief for Kelsey. She doesn’t like it when people fight, and she wants everyone to be friends. Jordin tells her that she is going to stop thinking about Andy and make a fresh start.

When did you turn over a new leaf? Did you ever break up with someone?



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I turned over a new leaf for some issue with my friends because I knew they accepted my apology.

11:45 AM May 18 2017 |



I turned over a new leaf for some issue with my friends because I knew they accepted my apology.

11:45 AM May 18 2017 |



  Of course, I ever did break up with someone who was ever loved by me at that time.  In the fact, I was broke up by him in that relationship. Someday, I couldn’t find him anywhere just as he disappeared from the world.  About a month later, I decided to stop finding him and  start a new leaf.  He contacted me again about after ten years when I had a happy family and tow lovely children.  But I didn’t respond to him, because I really putted down that relationship completely and I never wanted to be friend with him again include ordinary friend.

   Anyhow, it pains when a relationship is over no matter for anyone.  It is important to begin a new life. It is no good to anyone to indulge and entangle in the past relationship.  When a man has started a new leaf, he would find that it is growing to each other to over a unhappy relationship.

   Growing is so beautiful that each could learn many from other. 

05:34 AM May 16 2017 |

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