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Killer Resumes
Killer Resumes

Learn English meaning of ‘killer resumes’

Date: Sep 04 2017

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How does one make a killer resume? First, KISS. KISS means ‘keep it simple, stupid.’ Put down what is necessary. Don’t make it too busy with wacky fonts or bright colors. You don’t want to blind the employer with an ugly resume. Make sure your accomplishments shine. Then, check it over for typos and polish it up. And, presto! Your killer resume is fresh out of the oven.


KISS expr.


Example When in doubt, always KISS: keep it simple, stupid!

keep it simple expr.


Example Don't stress about your problems. When in doubt, just keep it simple.

busy adj.


Example That floral pattern hurts my eyes. The design is way too busy.

accomplishment n.


Example My greatest accomplishment is winning employee of the year.

polish it up expr.


Example Let's look over your essay and polish it up.

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Do you have a resume tip to share? How do you make a killer resume?


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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Looking for job 

Isn’t bad thing in world

08:48 PM Sep 05 2017 |

kelvinduSuper Member!


Making your resume easy to read is the very first step. Remember no interviewer would like to spend 30 minutes reading your 10 page resume. Besides, list your accomplishments that are relevant to the job you apply for, i.e. customize your resume to meet the needs of different employers instead of using the same resume all the time. 

05:15 AM Sep 05 2017 |

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