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Fur Nails
Fur Nails

Learn English meaning of ‘fur nails’

Date: Feb 02 2018

Themes: Fashion, Pop Culture

Grammar: Split Infinitives


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Nails, nails! Nails have been a pop culture topic for a long time. In the 80s and 90s, we started seeing more girls who were obsessed with their nails. Many of them got expensive manicures, which is a spa treatment for nails where you get them cut, painted, and polished. Some got stripe nails. Others got bright red nails. But now, beware… there are fur nails.

Fur nails are freaking a lot of people out. Fur nails are basically nails with fake animal fur on them. Models are wearing them. Social media stars are wearing them. Normal people are wearing them! What if you get an itch? Isn’t this unhygienic? Some find this all wrong on so many levels.

Andy and Romeo both want to troll on fur nails. Listen as they discuss in today’s English lesson.


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Andy_H:  Yo, Romeo, I just saw the craziest thing on the street bro, oh my god! So, there’s a woman, she’s walking around, she’s literally got fur on her nails. Fur nails. Like… I don’t get it! I mean like, what does she do when she has an itch on her nose? Just like, sneeze all the time? Like fur nails!

Romeo:  That’s… that’s wrong on so many levels.

Andy_H:  Right? And talk about unhygienic!

Romeo:  I agree! It’s like little finger trolls.

Andy_H:  And… and it’s crazy! I mean, I get the whole animorph... like, ‘Oh, I’m like a cat!’ Cats don’t have fur on their nails! Or claws, or whatever. They’re fluffy everywhere except there!

Romeo:  YOLO!

Andy_H:  I mean, it’s logic-defying! Like, OK, the only way I would ever get fur nails is if I needed… I don’t know, to hand model something for, like, you know, an ex… like, I would only use it to troll people.

Romeo:  And how much would you be willing to do that for? I mean if they asked…

Andy_H:  $25,000.

Romeo:  OK, I knew there was a price for some, for everything.

Andy_H:  Who wears fur nails? I know… I know what so many of my friends are saying: “Well, it’s important to always try new things, like fur nails!”


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Andy just saw a woman with fur nails. He wonders how she itches anything! We often use fingernails to itch our nose. But with something furry on them? The woman must just sneeze all the time. Romeo says that’s wrong on so many levels. Andy thinks it’s also unhygienic. The fur could get dirty really quickly!

Andy gets it because maybe the fur nails make people feel like an animorph. Maybe they want to look like a cat? But that doesn’t really make sense because cats are fluffy, but they don’t have fluffy nails! Romeo says YOLO. Why not try it? We only live once. Andy would only wear fur nails if he was paid more than $25,000.

Would you ever wear fur nails? Do you think they are creepy or cute?



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I dind’t understand that why did they do this things to hers own nails.For be beatiful? or be strange?.I think,they wanted to be weird but they don’t need to do this thing.

11:00 AM Feb 03 2018 |

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United Kingdom

It’s creepy that’s why unique. In this era of uniqueness, people do all the weird things, to stand out from the rest. YOLO gives certificate to do anything, even if extremely disgusting. I don’t think I will do anything that will make me fake, I cherish my physical commonality and strive to make my non physical aspects more refine. You live everyday and you only die once (YODO).

09:40 AM Feb 03 2018 |

aliarmagedonSuper Member!

United States

I think it’s very wierd to wear fur nails, but some people like to be inceter of notice in any form even with stupid things.

08:58 AM Feb 02 2018 |

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