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Learn English meaning of ‘sharpies’

Date: May 18 2018

Themes: Friend, Hobbies

Grammar: Adverbs


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There are many different kinds of markers for different things. If you are just beginning to think of an idea, it might be best to use a whiteboard with dry-erase markers. You can write and draw whatever you want and erase it with no problem. But if you are done with your draft, maybe it is time to use a sharpie, a permanent marker.

When you use a sharpie, whatever you write or draw is permanently there. There is no going back. This sounds stressful, but writing with sharpies is fun. They have all kinds of colors, fine tips, thick tips, and uses. Sharpies even work in zero gravity, unlike other pens, and astronauts use them in space!

Marni drew a picture with a sharpie. Listen as she and Nestor talk it out in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  Ugh. I’m so annoyed.

Nestor:  What happened?

Marni:  Well, look, I have this whiteboard, and I accidentally drew on it in sharpie. So now…

Nestor:  Oh.

Marni:  It’s permanently there!

Nestor:  Yeah, you’re not supposed to do that.

Marni:  I know, I picked up the wrong marker by mistake, and I have so many sharpies around me, and there’s my dry-erase ones, and I got them mixed up.

Nestor:  You should’ve put them separate from each other…

Marni:  I should’ve. Yeah.

Nestor:  So you don’t do that because sharpies are permanent markers.

Marni:  I will, I am aware of that.

Nestor:  So, show me what you drew on there that’s on there…

Marni:  Ooo, this is really embarrassing.

Nestor:  What is that? Is that a cat? Or… what is that?

Marni:  I was trying to draw my grandmother.

Nestor:  Oh, I’m sorry! I’m sorry.

Marni:  Yeah, I know.

Nestor:  Awkward!

Marni:  Totally. So clearly (A) my grandmother looks like a cat, and (B) now it’s permanently on display.

Nestor:  I’m sorry about both. Is there anything I can do, maybe?

Marni:  Well, maybe, we can look up… will you look up and see if there is any way to get rid of permanent marker?


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Marni is annoyed because she used a sharpie on a whiteboard on accident. Now, her drawing is permanent, and she can’t erase it. Nestor tells her she isn’t supposed to use sharpies on a whiteboard. Marni knows that. She just has so many sharpies around her and accidentally picked one up. Nestor suggests she organize her pens and sharpies.

Marni regrets not doing that before. Nestor wants to see the drawing anyways. Marni shows it to him. Nestor looks at it and thinks it’s a cat. But it’s her grandma! Marni is embarrassed. How awkward. Now, Marni has to live with her drawing even though her grandma looks like a cat. Hopefully, they can find a way to get rid of permanent marker.

Have you written with a sharpie? Do you like writing with dry-erase or permanent markers?



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Its depend, but of course you should check the pen before you use it. 

08:09 AM May 19 2018 |



I don’t like to use sharpie Good lesson 

09:56 AM May 18 2018 |

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