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United States

July 16, 2009

Ah, my morning ritual...peel a banana, peel an orange, and maybe add some fresh berries to my cereal. When it comes time to clean up, where does a conscientious gal put her food scraps? Why, in the compost bin of course.

I have been composting for at least 8 years. It is a no-brainer for me, meaning it is so easy it is like breathing, but many people still throw their food waste into the garbage creating more waste, and more methane gas in landfills. Composting is one of the best things you can do to cut down on waste and it has the added benefit of providing soil for the plants and the vegetables I grow in my garden.

Here on the west coast of the United States many businesses are starting to look into composting to reduce waste. In my city, Portland, Oregon, I have the pleasure of working for some companies that do just that. But San Francisco just made it a law to compost to reduce waste! I know that this is already the case in many European countries and perhaps our better-educated members can let me know some other countries that have the infrastructure in place to collect composting as well.

I hope to see this composting trend increase as we look to see what ways we as humans can cut down on our waste output. It is a very easy and effective way to recycle. There are many ways to do it, so figure out what works best for you and start composting today!

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View all entries from Marni's World >

05:09 AM Aug 24 2009


  Hi ,I am a Chinese girl. After reading your blog, I think it verry necessary for us to join  this action.Wasting has already been a serious problem.

04:39 PM Aug 13 2009


Hi everybody, I'm an agronomy engineering student and it's very important for us to get compost by recycling our natural trash like the fruit's skins. In both cases we got a very very good result in the case of the cities we produce less waste and for us "the agronomist" we got the best fertilizer for the plants. Everybody must take in account this advice, it's useful in these times it's better make something for our planet.  

08:06 AM Aug 13 2009



07:35 PM Jul 20 2009



We are still not in Australia. What a pity!

01:48 AM Jul 20 2009


United Kingdom

Hey, Marni! this is kaka, a guy from New Orleans, i'm in China right now, interesting is i found so many students there are learning from this site. Have you guys ever considered about make it big?