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Love Online

Love Online

Date: Nov 07 2006

Themes: Romance, Tech


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2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

We all want to love and be loved. We meet potential lovers at parties, clubs, even the grocery store. But in the age of technology, more and more people are looking for love online.

Hundreds of online dating services and sites like MySpace encourage young people to introduce themselves to invisible friends in cyberspace. And many of them are hooking up. They email a few times to decide whether they might be a good match. They meet up, and sometimes they fall in love.

Listen to Mason and Emily talk about their own online dating experiences.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  Yeah, it’s a funny thing, like, I mean, I’ve done online dating. I’m outing myself now. Uh…

Emily:  I too have done online dating.

Mason:  Have you really?

Emily:  I must admit.

Mason:  I’m shaking your hand right now. Um, so I’ve been, I’ve been on dates with, what, like, five girls or so that I’ve met online.

Emily:  And, how did they go?

Mason:  Uh, one, one girl I actually ended up dating for about two months and it went really well for the time that it worked. Uh, but that was, that was the once. You know, everyone else has just kinda been hard to get over that gap of, like, having already talked about certain things, and, like, asked a certain degree of personal questions but not having, like, actually felt how the chemistry works between two people.

Emily:  It’s like a perpetual blind date.

Mason:  Exactly, it’s like… and then when you actually get together, it’s really, really hard to bridge the gap of the online thing.

Emily:  Right. That’s what I was gonna say.

Mason:  Like touching, like actulaly just touching that person is weird.

Emily:  There’s always this air of, like, “We met online.”

Mason:  Yeah. I think it’s changing though. It’s changing a lot. Like, because I had a lot of shame when I first started telling people about it after I did it.

Emily:  Rightfully so. Just kidding.

Mason:  Are they gonna have, like, a picture of me in my slouch gear up?

Emily:  Maybe.

Mason:  Um…

Emily:  Maybe we should vidoetape this.

Mason:  We should bring cameras. But, but no… and then, like, every… when I started saying it, a lot of people who I didnt’ expect were, like, “Oh, yeah, I’ve given that a try.”



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Mason was embarrassed about the fact that he has done online dating. But since he started doing it, he has realized that a lot of people do it. It is actually very common, but some people still feel ashamed about it.

Emily put an ad online when she moved to Chicago. She didn’t end up dating anyone, but she made some friends.

Mason and Emily agree that it can be kind of awkward to meet someone in person after you have interacted online.

Do you look for love online? Do you think it’s possible to fall in love online?



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Starting by chatting usually blind date started. Talk to the person whom we don’t know their background at first. Try to find chemistry between both people, spit the air off, hooking up and well when they feel both are good match. Meeting up will be the next choice when both are full of curiosity. Going out together, talking and start outing about themselves. Some people ended up dating but not a little people who broke up after blind date. 

05:41 AM Feb 21 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

virtual world =fake identity

it is absolutely impossible to find a true love through the internet.you may get impressed by someone’s fake personality but the true identity or personality actually differs .

09:50 PM Aug 04 2014 |




It’s extremely dangerous. One thing is getting a good friendship with someone you meet online, one thing is falling in love.


Not only beacause you can’t know well the other person but even because you risk to live a virtual life staying far of reality and when you decide to meet someone you think to love in person it’s almost sure you will be disappointed.

The reality is hard but is reality

12:07 AM Jul 31 2014 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

even finding true love in non virtual situation and  real world is difficult.

but nothing impossible, you just have to be patient and have lots of free time and chance for meeting your future love( not your dead ringer).

08:41 PM Jul 30 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think it’s possible but that love can’t be the true love and it will last a short time and after that there’s no love any more!

some times you may fall in love with some one because of his/her personality but after you see his/her picture you’ll be dicouraged!

09:34 AM Mar 11 2014 |




everything is possible . actually my roommate had done online dating . luckly , they were married two years ago . and now have a one year old baby .  they live a very happy life . 

honestly , i have done online dating too . it’s just we ended up . i was very very sad ….... 

11:13 AM Jan 07 2014 |

1 person likes this


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yes i think it may happend for every one and it is  not a problem with people

many of yung  boys and gairls fall in love  on line  i  think it is  not bad just it is a problem with them for there location and some time for those who dont know who is in the othe side that  talk with them and there is no trust in online conversation even if he see each other in webcam

03:35 PM Oct 01 2013 |




IF it’s fate,will gonna happen online.but if two people fall in love online,and they must have many uncertain factors,especially the long distance.

11:14 AM Oct 01 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

If you wanna crush your heart then look for ” Love online” ...

Dont leave your heart alone in syber wrold wich is full of wolfs, wolfs, wolfs :((

09:22 AM May 31 2013 |




07:09 AM May 31 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yes it is possible .but i think when two people fall in love without seeing each other their mind instinctively will make face and unknown characters of tho other one in the best way.and when you go on a date with him/her you might be shocked becouse he is not the person you had imagined.and as jining said too many liers are online and its very hard to trust on person you have never seen.

02:10 PM May 29 2013 |




According to the real observations.

Among the staff of my husband’s work several married couples have met each other through the Internet. They get on well together. They have got good families. Seems to be it is possible to fall in love online and to create a family then. Why not?

12:29 PM Mar 02 2012 |




It is quite possible for some people, but for me, it is impossible. Too much liar online.

12:16 PM Mar 02 2012 |



Syrian Arab Republic

Actially, I couldn’t believe the other person online about every thing he/she’s trying to talk about than to fall in love with. Innocent

11:12 AM Mar 02 2012 |

1 person likes this




It’s possible.. My sister has found her boyfriend on internet and it lasts for 5 years.
Personnaly I think it’s better for having this “chemistry” to meet people in the real life but why not. :)

02:02 PM Feb 11 2012 |

1 person likes this



Sri Lanka

Can any one tell me how to find a true lover…..?Yell

01:36 PM Feb 11 2012 |



yes,, i met love online,, and fall in love but later,,, everything changed, 

because this is cyber,,  it’s come by online and it’s gone by online.. 

but i believe ’’ love online is possible ’’ it’s up to couple if they believed  in love online  and nothing changed.. love can come true !!! Cheer to the couple who can go to goal…Wink

11:40 AM Feb 11 2012 |

Melina M

Melina M


I don’t look for love online, I think that’s just sad…

06:50 PM Dec 18 2011 |



The love online is like imposibble, I think. :) But never mind… :)

I`m not for love here. :) I searching someone who know english for talk. :) 
If you know talking english, come. My skype: jigrigor. :)

I need help! My talking is … I`m baby in talking. :) Please, help! :)

02:04 PM Dec 05 2011 |




Interesting topic  popped up here. I believe that is important to be honest from the start.One thing is dating on line and another  personally. I Think that when dating on line  we come up with a mental picture  of the other person that might not be true in  real life.

02:28 PM Dec 03 2011 |

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