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What's That in Your Teeth?

What's That in Your Teeth? English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: May 01 2007

Themes: Food, Friend


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

You are talking with a friend and you notice a bit of food stuck in his teeth. It’s disgusting to look at, but you can’t look at his face without seeing it. Should you tell him? He could get rid of it easily, but you don’t really want to have to talk about it. That would be awkward. It’s just a little bit of food. What’s the big deal?

Listen to Mason attempt to let Kevin know he has something in his teeth. There’s quite a fuss over a tiny scrap of lunch…

Photo by Jaime Nichols

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Kevin:  How you doin’?

Mason:  I’m…doin’ alright.

Kevin:  Is something wrong?

Mason:  I, uh, well, you know you got…mmm…yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, you got a really gross piece of spinach in your teeth.

Kevin:  Oh…what was it?

Mason:  I don’t wanna know, Kevin. I don’t wanna know what it was. You know, it happens…

Kevin:  It’s not that big of deal, you just have to tell someone.

Mason:  Yeah? I mean…

Kevin:  Don’t you?

Mason:  ...I don’t know, isn’t it kind of embarrassing?

Kevin:  Well I would rather have someone tell me than just…

Mason:  ...than just…You’re walking around…well I can’t..I don’t wanna stare at it. I mean, you know, I would think that when I’m just talking to you and looking at the wall that you might think that that’s some kind of hint that maybe something’s awry.

Kevin:  Well, I mean, we’re good enough friends that I think you could say, “Hey buddy, you got something in your teeth.” Like if my fly were open, if the barn door’s open, would you say something?

Mason:  Well yeah, that I would just kind of be like, “Dude, you know…thing…” It’s so funny, I can’t say it. I have to make all sorts of weird grunts and motions.

Kevin:  Fair enough. Like, what if…I’ve been at stores, like retail stores, where like a sales person…and their zipper is down…

Mason:  And you’re checking it out, alright.

Kevin:  Do you say something? Because you know it’s really embarrassing for that person and people are noticing.

Mason:  I’m not invested in them. I don’t think I care.

Kevin:  Fair enough.

Mason:  I’m sorry. I mean, I’ll look out for you from now on, Kevin, but everyone else we can just step aside and laugh.

Kevin:  Good man.



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When Mason notices the spinach in Kevin’s teeth he becomes uncomfortable. He speaks in broken sentences and out of turn because he feels awkward.

Kevin doesn’t see why Mason has to act so strangely. He thinks his friend could just tell him about the spinach and be done with it.

Kevin asks Mason if he would tell him about other embarrassing things about his appearance, like if his fly were down. Though Kevin says he would, he continues to feel awkward. He still can’t get his words out, even though he and Kevin are only imagining.

Finally, Kevin and Mason laugh and agree to save friends from embarrassing situations, but to laugh at strangers. When Mason says he’s not “invested” in strangers, he means that what happens to them doesn’t affect him. This statement is meant to be funny. Do you want your friends to tell you when there’s food in your teeth? Should strangers let you know too?



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It’s better to tell him immediately because your eyes will betrary.

04:20 PM Jun 06 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think friends are closer so they can tell each other about what’s wrong with them and it’s better for themselves!

07:42 AM Aug 25 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it depends , if i see my friend will embaressed if i tell her there is sth on her teeth , i try to tolerate it and  not to mentioned it.

checking your face frequently on a mirror is helpful in such a situations..

08:34 PM Jun 28 2014 |




Usually when I talk to a person, I don’t see anything on him/her but his eyes. My eyes are fixed on the person’s eyes. And it’s a win-win situation. First, you’re a grateful listener and the conversation just flows. Even sometimes if you don’t understand something ( I mean a native English speech), your look is so genuine that a person takes it as “you got it” and the second, it really saves you from some embarrasing thing like undone zipper or something in teeth or a nose, as you just don’t see it. Only once I was a little bit puzzled when a person turned and glistened at me his vampire red eyes. Luckily, that  day was Halloween and I didn’t tell him anything ;)


02:18 AM Apr 27 2012 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i'll be thankfull if my friends or strangers tell me about a piece of food in my teeth or anything else which is wrong with my appearence. and i tell them both friends and strangers too.

11:37 AM Dec 12 2010 |




I love the lesson very much, it has a great tight relationship with our real world.

i used to fall into such situation ,and it used to make me feel awkward,not in myself shape. for example, after class,you have got some ink on your face without knowing it ,and then you go to the dining hall to have food feed,the one sitting opposite to you must to laugh silently,and i will too. it is funny.

and if i happen to someone stuck in such situation ,maybe i will step aside and laugh even i know it is not suitable, but it really make me happy ,maybe i will tell him or her to get rid of it !

06:59 AM Jun 03 2010 |



if i see that my friend has something stuck between his teeth, i will just tell him on the spot. that is if he’s a close friend of mine. i don’t think i would to that to someone i’ve just met. if would be really awkward on my part and for sure embarassing to his or her part.

05:11 PM Apr 28 2009 |



honestly,i feel so shame when someone told me that there’s something a gross piece of whatever in my teeth, but it’s better than you didn’t ever know about that.

07:52 AM May 14 2007 |




well to be honest i'd actually rather make my friend notice that he got a scrap of food in his teeth and he'll get rid of it easily without cutting other poar figures!!

07:18 AM May 11 2007 |




it’s very uncomfortable, but i think better tell about it…

04:19 PM May 06 2007 |



well, it’s really a big promble~!

02:42 AM May 04 2007 |




I want my friends tell me there is food in my teeth, cause real friends always save you from being embarrassed,

08:45 PM May 01 2007 |

Hasan ah

Hasan ah


ofcurse i will tell my friend !!!!

12:20 PM May 01 2007 |




this problem is really different.it due to different people

08:35 AM May 01 2007 |




I agree to save friends from embarrassing situation. Becouse in my view, friends are mirror of each othert,that means mirror tells you any kind of awry quitely, that is the truth of friends.

06:35 AM May 01 2007 |



well,if she is my good friend,I will tell her directly.’cause I don’t want to embarrass her,but if there is a man or stranger to me,I will feel awkward to tell him or her about that!

06:14 AM May 01 2007 |




I would tell my friend right away

02:56 AM May 01 2007 |




that’s difficult problem, i think.

01:42 AM May 01 2007 |

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