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Here Come the Vespas!

Here Come the Vespas!

Date: Aug 06 2002


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Hi Friends!
Who has visited Italy? If you are lucky enough to have been there, you probably saw the many Vespa Scooters on Italian streets and sidewalks.
Vespas have always been popular in the United States, but their popularity has increased since their re-release in November of 2000.
Listen below as Beth tells Brett about her Vespa shopping experience!


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.




Brett:   So, did you do anything exciting this weekend?

Beth:   I did! Actually I went and, uh, checked out some new, uh, Vespas at a local scooter store!

Brett:   Nice! Are you, uh, are you seriously shopping for one or are you just kind of, you know, looking around just to, to pass the time?

Beth:   Well, I like to consider myself a serious scooter fan, but I’m not sure if I am, uh, going to actually be a Vespa owner any time soon. It was more of an informational day, and a, a lot of fun looking at the different scooters!

Brett:   So, are you not going to be an owner because of, of price considerations, or is it cause of, you know, something with the, the actual, you know, using it as your mode of transportation that doesn’t really appeal? Or, or what’s your thinking?

Beth:   Well it’s definitely an efficient way to get around. It’s, uh, very low on fuel and it’s convenient to park, and it’s fun, and sporty. So… I think it might be a good solution for transportation. I’m just not sure about finding a safe place to park it when it rains.

Brett:   That’s true. So, is it… I mean, it seems like they are kind of sketchy to drive. I mean, they’re fast, but not necessarily fast enough for the freeway, and I mean, are… Do you have to get a motorcycle license for that? And are… Do you have experience or would you have to kind of start at ground zero?

Beth:   Actually, uh, you don’t need a special license for it. Just a regular driver’s license. However, uh… You, you need to be careful. You need to have a helmet, and you need to wear long, you know, long pants, long sleeves when you’re riding one because they are still dangerous in that other drivers might not see you!

Brett:   Right. You’ve always got to be watching out for the other guy on the road! Have you, had you owned one before? Or, you know, had you driven them even in the past? Or do you just kind of like the look of them and so you’re exploring it now?

Beth:   Well, I was on vacation and I tried one for an afternoon, and I have to say I fell in love with a Vespa!



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It sounds like it is only a matter of time before Beth decides to buy a Vespa. It is good that even though she loves this kind of Scooter, she is trying to think about all of the drawbacks to owning one before she makes a purchase.
Have you ever bought something that you loved so much you didn’t think and just paid for it? What happened? Have you made another purchase that you did a better job of thinking through? Tell us your stories at our Life Goes On Message Board!
Have a wonderful week friends!!!


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