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Date: Sep 03 2010

Themes: Toefl, Work

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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Along with dentists and tax collectors, construction workers must have one of the most hated professions. What they do is essential, but it’s also pretty annoying. Whether it’s waking us up early, delaying traffic or forcing us to take a detour, construction disturbs our day-to-day lives in countless ways. On the other hand, without the hard work of construction workers, our cities would fall apart!

Summer is the worst season when it comes to construction. Most construction work is done then, when it’s more likely that the work won’t get delayed by bad weather. Ella and Jeff are both fed up with all the construction happening in their city right now. Find out how they’re managing to grin and bear it.

就建筑施工而言,夏天是最糟糕的季节。尽管夏天里建筑工程不会被糟糕的天气所耽误,但大部分建筑工程到那时都已经完成了。埃拉(Ella)和 杰夫(Jeff)对他们所居住的城市中到处存在的建筑工程感到非常厌烦,让我们来了解一下他们是如何忍受的这一切并乐观面对的吧。


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Ella:  So there’s been tons of construction by my house, and it’s causing me to take so many different detours, it’s loud, it’s annoying, I just…I can’t stand it.

Jeff:  I think I’m on the same page with you. Since I’ve lived here, there’s been constant construction. In the winter, in the summer…usually in the summer.

Ella:  It feels like it’s never-ending. Is it even worth it to file a complaint, I mean what do you do?

Jeff:  I think that’s just how cities work. It’s beyond me. But we need to have some upkeep, make improvements. And we have to sacrifice our daily schedules because of it.

Ella:  So, what do you do to just kinda tolerate it and not let it get to you?

Jeff:  It’s frustrating, but I just try to grin and bear it. I try to take detours, but it seems to be everywhere. And everybody else is thinking the same thing, so you take a detour and it ends up becoming the same deal. Although I’ve always wanted to use a jackhammer.

Ella:  What do you want to do with a jackhammer?

Jeff:  You know, construction stuff, like go get a big gut, hang it over the top of the jackhammer…

Ella:  Sounds a little unpleasant.

Jeff:  Be a pro at it.


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There has been a lot of construction happening near Ella’s house recently, and she is getting fed up with all the noise and traffic it’s been causing. She is so annoyed, she is even considering filing a complaint with the city. But Jeff doesn’t think that will help. Construction is just one of those things we all have to learn to live with.

Sometimes construction work causes traffic delays. So Jeff tries to take detours in order to avoid it. But detours don’t work when everyone else has the same idea. You still end up sitting in traffic, just on a different road.

Is there a lot of construction where you live? How do you deal with it?



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MasbararSuper Member!


Construction makes our lifes enjoyable,better,easy.There is noise problem,traffic problem.But every good,nice things have some negative parts.So construction is good even sometimes it’s made by destroying the nature.New buildings,constructions at the new places are made always by destroying nature.

11:47 PM Aug 01 2012 |




if we dont have construction how, can they rebuild, or fix something, that needs to be fix, that’s the only way we can enjoy a new brige or a new road, or a monument.  

11:10 PM Jul 24 2012 |

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Russian Federation

I am on the same page with brandon27, noise is the main problem made by construction.

03:24 PM Oct 05 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I want to say to brutish men that burn to honorable quran:if you don’t have religion, at least be noble.(honor hossein (PBUH)
we blame US government’s men becouse they allow this to happen.

10:45 AM Sep 14 2010 |




The  annoyance of construction is temporalily,but construction lasts forever Smile

06:29 PM Sep 09 2010 |




i gonna admit that i'm on the same page with Ella and Jeff,but custrustion workers are tough under the sun..i wanna complain a lot but once  i see em work sweaty under the bitter sun..i will tell myself at least i'm  indoor…

02:21 PM Sep 08 2010 |




A ton of people will be hire , we are not in good times , so this an oportunity to cach a job for people who doesnt have. 


10:38 PM Sep 07 2010 |




Of course! Our government is being changed so we will have a ellection soon…Then the old Governor is working a lot! He is causing maintenance in some routes and some points of the city is a completly chaos and dusty! pretty boring! When a route is congested I try to take another route,but sometimes is hard!

11:24 PM Sep 06 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


I live in China where develops quickly recently. So, there is lots of construction going on here. Sometimes, it's very noisy outside, sometimes, the traffic is not so good, but it doesn't matter. Because construction makes the city better and better. When the construction is going on, it's not very convenient. As soon as the construction is done, it's much more better.

01:25 PM Sep 06 2010 |




Well, sometimes I come across some construction work and, like everybody, I fed up with it! I can't stand waiting in a queue with other people! Anyway, I'm on the same page with Jeff: I mean, it's useless to take a detour, as other people often think the same! So, in the end, I just try to grin and bear it!

09:04 PM Sep 05 2010 |



well according to me if someone construct something then there is no need to fed up with noise , dust , detour etc we try to help him and support him after all its also a develolpment of our country

06:30 PM Sep 05 2010 |




I have really learnt a lot with this lesson

04:54 PM Sep 05 2010 |



  • No, there's not Smile  thankgod

03:34 PM Sep 05 2010 |



Russian Federation

There are not to much construction work causing such difficulties as traffic jams and noise in the city I live. But when it happens and cause traffic problemes I just can leave my car and walk to my work and back. Fortunately it's not too far from my home.

And often I have to go to business trips to Sanct-Petersburg. Beautiful city you know, but there are always some construction works making it sights not so beautiful. It's rather annoying indeed. So I just hope that sometimes in the future will be used such materials and technologies in construction that won't need so much repairings.

07:54 AM Sep 05 2010 |


Viet Nam

This's a hot job….

I mean hot as this pic..hahaha


03:30 AM Sep 05 2010 |



It gets to me only when construction works cause traffic jams and you miss an imoprtant meeting. 

08:28 PM Sep 04 2010 |




Working in a construction is a tough job. You need to be strong and hard working. I might say it also unpleasant but if there is no construction there is no progress. It is very important especially to the developing countries. Construction build cities to have us better living!

04:39 PM Sep 04 2010 |




I live in the quiet town but we have in my country a lot of construction work such as repairing roads and building bridges… etc and cause a lot of problems for citizens, but this sacrifice for my country promoted.

03:06 PM Sep 04 2010 |




there are a lot of construction happening near my house recently. i have to get to use it. but that make me so boring too, they begin the noise just from 7:00am^

i have to be a pro at it.—

02:58 PM Sep 04 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

dear its the problem of all people all around the world i think .everybody should get use to it day to day and its better not to let these things squander your vigor.just think about the appearance of your vicinity after these constructions.Wink

by the way i really like to have a penpal.would anybody from there like to be my penpal?KissKiss

02:35 PM Sep 04 2010 |

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