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First Conditional

Date: May 27 2011

Themes: Sports

Grammar: First Conditional


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Being a fan is an emotional roller coaster. When your team wins, it’s a big rush. But when they lose, it can cause feelings of grief, anger, and disappointment. Sure, it’s easier to watch professional sports than actually play them. But for the biggest fans, each loss feels personal.

In basketball, the fans are called the sixth man, because they are so important to the team they are almost like another player. At games, they try to help their team win by cheering them on and booing the opponent. Teams tend to win more when they play at home than when they play away games, and some say it’s all because of the fans. Hear Marni and Jason talk about the ups and downs of being a fan.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  So I saw you wearing a Cubs hat.

Marni:  Well, you know. I’m a fan.

Jason:  It’s hard to be a fan of some teams, and the Cubs are one of those teams.

Marni:  I know, but you know, loyalty is the essence of being a good fan.

Jason:  Right.

Marni:  Your team isn’t always gonna win.

Jason:  It’s never gonna win, if it’s the Cubs.

Marni:  Oh, ouch! That hurts. Well, you know, hey, you can say what you will but I’m still there for them. I still support them.

Jason:  You don’t live in Chicago. Is it as fun for you watching…being an armchair coach and yelling at your TV, or do you prefer to be on the sidelines at the game?

Marni:  I definitely prefer to be on the sidelines at the game, but you can’t always get to Chicago.

Jason:  Do you feel like it’s a sacrifice? Like does it…It seems like it takes a lot of time. I watch nearly every Trail Blazers game and sometimes people are really surprised. They’re like, “You are able to watch every Trail Blazers game?” And I’m like, “Well, pretty close.” I watch a lot of them.

Marni:  Well I think when you’re a dedicated fan, you just make the time for that, because that’s important to you. And you seek out people who are like-minded and who want to enjoy those activities with you.

Jason:  Right, and it helps you have fun with your friends. It gives you an activity.

Marni:  Exactly, yeah.

Jason:  And it helps you relax, if you’re watching it by yourself.

Marni:  Yeah. I always find it more stressful, because if they’re losing, then you feel tense.


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Marni is a fan of the Cubs, a baseball team from Chicago. The Cubs are known as a team that often loses, so Jason thinks it must be hard for Marni to be their fan. But Marni says that being a fan is all about loyalty. You have to support your team no matter what, even when they lose.

Although Marni prefers to watch Cubs games in person, she also likes watching them at home on TV. Jason says that being a fan takes up a lot of time. He watches almost every game that his favorite basketball team, the Portland Trail Blazers, plays. He thinks it’s fun and relaxing to watch games, but Marni finds it stressful.

Are you a fan of any sports teams? Do you think being a fan is fun or stressful? What is being a fan like for you?



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kane charles


for kobe, for lakers… i am a loyal fan, i have love them for almost 10 years, they win, i am happy, they lose,i feel sorrow… i think we are one, just like a person, so i can feel them…

07:05 AM Jun 11 2011 |




well I know how to suffer with a team!!!

11:43 AM Jun 01 2011 |



I’m a fan of Deportes Tolima, A Colombian’s team. But I think one’s gotta be a good fan, respect other people’s mind, and their teams. If you want to be a good fan, you’ve gotta support ‘em, whether they lose or win. xD

10:44 PM May 31 2011 |




In Turkey, fenerbahce is the best sports team, so I support it. This season, we took all of the proffesional leagues cup. We are the best !! One day in the world everyone knows fenerbahce.. :)

02:05 PM May 31 2011 |



when u meet the one made u crazy, evrything is possible

08:03 AM May 30 2011 |




I am a fan of Santos footbal club . a soccer team from Brazil .  them most player soccer played in Santos , your name is PELÉ .  

12:05 AM May 30 2011 |





06:30 PM May 29 2011 |




I am not fan of any team.

05:00 PM May 29 2011 |

sedra mohammed



I am not a fan but I think the fan is stressful when you are watching at home on TV

01:24 PM May 29 2011 |




I like different sports, but I am not the real fans of anyone, maybe I just care the famous players, know so little about the techinal ;0

My friends, some of them r fans of Man-unitied, some r fans of Real Madrid. So, once watch the Champion League, they fell tense.—Expecially these days

I like Messi,Kaka,Critiano Ronaldo, Kobe…

01:21 PM May 29 2011 |

Moly 20

Moly 20


my words doesn’t mean that iam a negative girl

i just need to feel relaxed..

12:37 PM May 29 2011 |

Moly 20

Moly 20


i think fans are always at stress condition as they want their team always win,

So , i don’t prefer to be a fan of any teem because i don’t want to be stressed

12:32 PM May 29 2011 |




Fan’s can do anything for them wanted team to win,yes it’s  stressful to be a fan not only for the team or geams anything.

10:51 AM May 29 2011 |




I am fan in some of more things ,, welcome new world

08:26 AM May 29 2011 |





05:28 PM May 28 2011 |



Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I am not a fan of any team…i prefer to be afan of anything except football!!!!

01:29 PM May 28 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

 i’m fan foott ball i dont think fan stressful,

10:53 PM May 27 2011 |



I´m not a fan of some team. I´m fan of BEYONCE, this is right or not??

10:03 PM May 27 2011 |

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