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Wedding Bands
Wedding Bands

Modal Verbs

Date: Apr 25 2011

Themes: Music, Romance

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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You know you’re at a wedding when you hear the first notes of “Here Comes the Bride.” It’s a custom in American weddings for the bride to walk down the aisle to this song, traditionally played on a church organ.

But the music that comes after the ceremony, during the reception, can be anything from a Kiss cover band to a classical string quartet. Some couples hire a DJ to play their favorite tunes, while others decide to go more low-key by setting up an iPod and letting guests choose the songs they want to hear.

Amy is getting married soon. Hear her and Ella talk about how to get people dancing at a wedding.


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Ella:  With wedding plans and everything going on, would you rather have a band or a DJ? Have you thought about this?

Amy:  I have, and we’re actually going to have a DJ, but she’s not like a wedding DJ. She usually just plays parties and stuff, and she plays soul music, and we’ve gone dancing when she’s played, and we’re sort of friends with her, so it’s a little more personal than just having the generic wedding DJ who’s really corny and everything.

Ella:  It’s all important, it can kill a mood or make it at the wedding, so you have to make a wise decision when it comes to a DJ or any time of music, entertainment.

Amy:  Yeah, the DJ or musician definitely plays a big part in setting the stage for the reception and how things are gonna go, setting the mood, so…Yeah, I kinda wanted somebody who wouldn’t have too strong of a presence. I don’t want a DJ who’s gonna be like, making corny jokes about my…

Ella:  You don’t want too much involvement.

Amy:  Yeah. Exactly. I just want someone there who can, like, play good music and make people want to dance.


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Amy is planning her wedding, and Ella asks her if she’s thought about what kind of music she’ll have at the reception. Amy says she and her fiance have decided to have a DJ at their wedding. The DJ is a friend of theirs who doesn’t normally do weddings but plays music that is fun to dance to.

Ella says it’s important to have good music at your wedding, and Amy agrees. She doesn’t want a DJ who’s going to make corny jokes or have too strong a presence. She just wants someone who will set a good mood for the party.

Do you prefer bands or DJs at weddings? Have you ever been to a wedding with great music, or really terrible music?



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Ive been in a couple of wedding rings throughout the years, and I should state, they can be pretty fun! In one of the wedding rings I was in, I had seen an include a neighborhood <a href=”http://www.seoservicesland.com/”>Organic SEO Company</a> music store publicizing for a bass player. By then, they were reserved doing Country Club weddings for the following 48 straight ends of the week.

10:30 AM Jun 24 2017 |



I prefer bands at wedding. I’ve been to a wedding with a great classical music on the ceremony. After that at the reception there was a live band with a great music to sing and dance that set the stage for the  wedding. That was wonderful and unforgetable.

04:43 PM Jun 10 2013 |



i like live band,it gived me a good memorey

02:20 PM May 08 2012 |

enaddhemeshSuper Member!

Saudi Arabia

nice lesson Laughing

01:12 PM May 08 2012 |

Talia Do

Talia Do

Viet Nam

Wedding music is very flexible in my country. We can have live musics with musicians playing all kind of instruments. Singers can be invited to perform at the weddings also. They can sing Vietnamese traditional songs like Quan Ho Bac Ninh or modern songs in Vietnamese and foreign languages (most of which are in English). And for more convenient, we can choose to play a CD with songs about love and marriage.
My husband and I both love instrumental so we made our own wedding music with songs that went with us during our love time. It was sweet to have all good memories come back all together on your special day :)
You can have music by anything as long as people have fun. I think it is the meaning, not the means will bring you the pleasure.

06:16 PM Apr 28 2011 |

Sandra Angie


In the wedding I prefer bands, souns great, but I prefer DJ´s when the wedding is on the nigth I think it´s more funny. When I had to went to a wedding I enjoy the cake and people more than the music

12:32 AM Apr 28 2011 |




cool !

09:30 PM Apr 27 2011 |


qq_babySuper Member!


I want romantic music Embarassed

10:01 PM Apr 25 2011 |



Russian Federation

I had opportunities to be invited to the mixed wedding… (bride was a tatar and groom was a russain  guy) there were a tatar band and russian band,,,, it sounded no bad…

I don't think about my personal wedding and about music at wedding… may be i'll write  special music for this case… who knows…

01:17 PM Apr 25 2011 |




in egypt … it's too different …. before the wedding party … women separate and sings together and some times they paint the pride's hands with henna … and i don't like this :DD …. and men also separate and drink coffee and tea and they sing some songs too

and in the wedding party …. there are singers and maybe dancers , and all people sing, dance , celebrate and make a circle around the  pride and the groom and let them dance together  ... after that they go to their home and the nearest and dearest stay and eat food and celebrate all the day  ... 

12:14 PM Apr 25 2011 |



Serbia and Montenegro

I like the weddings where you have a singer, or a band, like live music….  I think in my country that's just the way it goes. The band sings live, and you order songs…. Smile It's usually very lively and cheerful, and everyone's having a really good time.

Sometimes not everyone likes DJs, and that kind of music can be boring to someone. So I think that the best fun is when there is live music. But that's just in my country.

11:56 AM Apr 25 2011 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

in my country there are separated between women and men but some times if any one wants to wedding  mixed you can do it every thing back to the personal freedom when i want to marry i wish if i can do what i like but the condition of life very difficult  

11:29 AM Apr 25 2011 |

The White Devil


Well i think We have to pray for the bridesmaid who never been bride and also who was dreaming to be at her friend`s state  someday 

And also encourage the widows who they think there`s only one love.!

And also for the separated who they only think Their marriage was mistake and unlucky and they afraid to be brides again to face the same pain.! 

10:32 AM Apr 25 2011 |




I haven't experienced it before but in one week I'll be dancing at a wedding of my friend so after that I'll have been for sure whether to invite Dj or some classic band)

10:28 AM Apr 25 2011 |


Viet Nam

Yes, In my country, the wedding has DJ. This guy is talkative. But with me it is generic joke sometime. I like the weeding with the DJ is one of my friends. It makes everything come to naturally. Not by script.


09:24 AM Apr 25 2011 |



this customs it very different from customs in my nations in sudan

08:09 AM Apr 25 2011 |




07:21 AM Apr 25 2011 |




Either, but no corny music. I've been to some wedding parties, all trditional Chinese music, not much to say.

04:58 AM Apr 25 2011 |

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