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Comparatives and Superlatives

Date: Jul 20 2011

Themes: Hobbies

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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Scientists learn about early man from the pictures he left on cave walls. Markings on the walls of modern cities can tell you about them and the people who live there too.

There are all sorts of graffiti. Gangs like to write words on buildings and structures to mark their territory. Artists without a place to show their work paint pictures on the side of the road using spray paint. Some graffiti artists become well-known and later sell their works. But graffiti is illegal and expensive for people to clean up or paint over.

There is a lot of graffiti in Ella’s neighborhood. Listen to her talk about it with Jason.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Ella:  So there’s tons of graffiti in my neighborhood, and I’m actually a fan, but I feel kind of disappointed because it’s not artistic and they’re just tags.

Jason:  Oh man. I see, I see. So you’re glad that there’s people in your neighborhood who are interested in graffiti but they’re not terribly good at it.

Ella:  Yeah, exactly. I mean, when you go to Amsterdam or London it’s just like beautiful works of art that people actually put time and effort into, and you’re not gonna get worried about being arrested for it, you know. But here I feel like you only have like five seconds to make your move, and then it’s just not very creative and it’s more a mark of your territory.

Jason:  Is graffiti not illegal in other places? I thought it was illegal everywhere.

Ella:  I don’t know. I don’t know about the legality of it, but I remember seeing people do spray painting during the middle of the day, and they were just taking their time, when I was in Europe. So I thought that was pretty neat, ‘cause you’ll never, ever see that out here in the United States.

Jason:  Yeah, I think legally there isn’t really a distinction between, you know, like a beautiful piece with multiple colors, and just like, words.

Ella:  The newest type of graffiti is this crochet art. I’ve seen someone act like a homeless person, and they were just kinda knitting. And then when no one’s looking they’ll just stand up and crochet this little scarf around a pole and then run away.

Jason:  That is an interesting type of graffiti. That is a lot more interesting than a random word on a wall. I look forward to seeing some crochet graffiti.


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Ella sees a lot of graffiti in her neighborhood. She likes graffiti when it is creative or artistic, but she doesn’t like graffiti that is just people’s names. The graffiti in her neighborhood is just tags.

Ella says that she’s seen beautiful graffiti in other countries. Jason wonders if graffiti is illegal everywhere. He says that all types of graffiti are illegal in the US, whether it’s creative or not.

Jason learns about a new type of graffiti from Ella. It’s called crochet art. It’s when someone makes a little scarf and puts it up in a public place. Jason thinks that sounds like an interesting type of graffiti.

Is there a lot of graffiti where you live? Do you think graffiti is ugly or artistic?



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I like galleries and avant-garde art. So appreciate beautiful works of every graffiti artist. Unfortunately, among them there are some persons who just kidding with tags or meaningless pics on the walls.

 But, anyway, I beleive that these artists are very creative and versatile, and this type of art with it’s beautiful coloures and ways of expression, doesn’t have to suffer from some silly guys…

02:43 PM Aug 11 2011 |




I think that these guys that do that, want to be acknowledge or some thing like that. I mean,”If no one can hear what you think, paint it on a wall to make them read and think about!” but is obvious that I’m telling about a cool graffiti, because about gang graffiti… it scary me!!! hehehhehehehe

10:07 PM Aug 06 2011 |



some graffiti are really great and we can see lots of them in my country. The problem is artists, if they are, don´t take care of the walls they are painting. They generally paint private houses and neighbours are not so happy with the idea of repainting their walls.

07:32 PM Jul 25 2011 |




Graffiti is a lifestyle. I got friends who paint graffiti. They’r doing awesome text and tags. I saw 3d graffiti. You must see. Sometimes,I got lost while I was watching.

12:44 AM Jul 25 2011 |

LittLe PrinCess

Saudi Arabia

yeah, my neighbourhood is full of graffiti,most of them are ugly cous they are just tags.i think graffiti is a kind of arts but when we choose the right place to show our creativety

07:28 AM Jul 23 2011 |



There are grafitti almost everywhere in Paris (except the tourists areas ). We can see grafitti in the subway even on the trains chairs and windows and on the walls that border the rails!!!. We can also see this kind of anarchic work on some walls near the highways, on many buldings in the suburbs too. Unfortunately, these grafitti don’t express anything, we see words and phrases formed by writing different letters on a weird way, we can also notice some meaningless draws. This type of drawing is definetely illegal here, we never see people do this by day (otherwise they would have been crushed by the trains in the Metro Laughing).

09:24 PM Jul 21 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

There are some graffiti in my city and unfortunately thery are out of bounds. despite of graffiti is illegal in my country but being negligent encourage gang to keep on such these works. in fact like these works usually deform the beauty of buildings and streets. in my opinion graffiti is not civilized.

07:10 PM Jul 21 2011 |


qq_babySuper Member!


some graffiti is amazing, but many of them just distory wall and signs.

03:02 PM Jul 21 2011 |




No there isn’t any graffiti where I live and I don’t wanna to see these kind of ppl coz they dirt my town’s wall .that not nice behaves so they have to be arrested

11:58 AM Jul 21 2011 |



Russian Federation

I have friends that spray point. Their graffiti is artistic and creative.


10:00 AM Jul 21 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

thanks god, they are no graffiti in my town, i think they have to arrest them, but not to jail to hospital, i think they drawing to the walls because of the psyche inscription

02:51 AM Jul 21 2011 |

Light mooOoon

Saudi Arabia

I dont  Love graffiti . and see that  so much in my city

11:37 PM Jul 20 2011 |

Light mooOoon

Saudi Arabia

I dont  Love graffiti . and see that  so much in my city

11:37 PM Jul 20 2011 |



United Arab Emirates

In my city they don’t draw  but they worte bad words I dont know why they do that.

10:49 PM Jul 20 2011 |




there is a lot of graffiti in  my city,they are done by some special artist who are hired by the goverment.so such graffiti is like to advertise our city ,to beatiful our city,to make our city to be a civilizative one .in my opinoin ,this is wonderful.

10:26 PM Jul 20 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like graffiti,too, but as Ella said, i don`t like people`s name..

i haven`t known about crochet art! good information! :)

u know graffiti artists want to disappear & unknown to people, perhaps for their illegal work! because of this i think (Italy) pay these artists to paint in some particular parts of streets, this makes places neat!!! :) and japan is one the most intrested countries in graffiti!!! they do it best!!

ver good lesson! i like this lesson.

09:06 PM Jul 20 2011 |

Othman .D. Artist


 I love Graffiti It’s amazing

we have to draw some pics in our hood to make it good looking ^*

07:58 PM Jul 20 2011 |




Garaffti is so cool! it’s an urban culture in São Paulo! there is a lot of good works on the street’s walls over here! but on the other hand there’s much more ugly tags!!


07:51 PM Jul 20 2011 |

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