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Date: Jul 10 2009

Themes: Hobbies

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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It seems pretty obvious that motorcycles are more dangerous than cars. In fact, in the U.S., motorcycle riders are more than four times more likely to have a fatal accident than people who drive car. So why is it that motorcycles continue to be a popular form of transportation?

One reason might be that in American culture, motorcycles are seen as cool and rebellious. The stereotypical image of a badass is someone who rides a big Harley Davidson, wears lots of leather, and belongs to a motorcycle gang like the Hell’s Angels. But motorcycles mean different things to different people, and they may not be seen as rebellious in every country.

As a child, Ella lived in Thailand and often rode a motorcycle with her parents. Find out if she thinks it’s a good idea for Dale to get a motorcycle.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Dale:  You know what I really, really want to do? Like, really soon?

Ella:  What?

Dale:  Ride a motorcycle.

Ella:  Really? It seems kinda dangerous, you know?

Dale:  Not really. Actually, I used to have a [def ]moped[/def] when I was a kid. I used to have a moped again when I was an adult. And I thought it was extremely fun. But I’ve just never had the chance to do the motorcycle thing. What about you? Have you ridden a motorcycle?

Ella:  I did. In Thailand where I grew up, you know, the rules are quite different from the United States. They’re a little more lax on safety. And so I’d ride in the middle between my parents. And then I got in a car…not a car accident, but I got in an accident because the chain on the motorcycle cut through my leg.

Dale:  Was it like a sports bike or a cruiser?

Ella:  It was more like one of those tiny…it was a motorcycle but it was a small one. It’s not like quite a dirt bike but not full-on Harley. Right in the middle.

Dale:  Not like one of those hogs. Have you seen those hogs down the street, like the American…I think I want that one.

Ella:  That one? I can see you rocking that.

Dale:  Do you think it’s more of a cultural symbol though, I mean do you think…

Ella:  If you think Harleys, of course you think Americans. But then if you think just regular motorcycles for transportation, I kinda think of the rest of the world.


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Dale is thinking about buying a motorcycle. He used to have a moped, but he wants to get a real motorcycle. His preference would be to get a big American hog.

Ella thinks motorcycles are unsafe because she got hurt on one when she was a kid. In Thailand, where Ella grew up, many people ride motorcycles as their main form of transportation.

Are motorcycles popular in your country? Do you think it’s safe to ride them?

For more on motorcycles, take a look at this video English lesson about a real American biker!



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Young people are crazy about motorcycles  and not many like to wear a helmet  as a protection – which is mandatory by the law – unfortunately,   the death toll among them is    increasing due to the fact that there are more cars and motorcycles  in the streets . 

05:32 PM Dec 16 2011 |



It’s definitely right about motorcycle made the fatal accident more that car,normally ,someone ride motorcycle most rider don’t adherence to the traffic rules,always corss the road very fast when they want,also many people who ride the motorcycle don’t like wear helmet,when they dropped from motorcycle wich fast speed,always hurt their head,led to fatal accident,actually,I like ride motorcycle going to work in summer,it’s very cool and convenience ,i think ,cause my office it’s nearby my home,so need not driving by car,ride a motocycle more convenience than car.sure ,I remind me all the time when I on the road,I don’t like ride with high speed,and always adherence to the traffic rules,such as traffic light,and the road line and so on.

02:44 PM Dec 16 2011 |




I want to buy a motorcycle, who can help me, I am from China, thank you, my ideal is yamaha motorcycle R1, IF YOU CAN , YOU CAN ADD MY MSN , my msn acount is , my facebook acount is , thank you , Because in China for motorcycle is too expensive

10:07 AM Dec 16 2011 |



It's interesting but I think it's too quikly…

03:58 AM Jul 15 2009 |




Nowadays I prefer Super Sport Bikes…Before,I have liked Customs :)

11:41 PM Jul 14 2009 |



Motorcycles are very popular in my country and the riders drivr like animals.In my opinion,motorcycles are not safe and very dangerous.

08:43 AM Jul 14 2009 |



of course, motorcycles is not safe.If we compare car and motorcycles of couse safer cars than motorcycles,Is ıt true? :)

12:45 AM Jul 13 2009 |




I think driving a motorcycle can be very risky. Especially if you drive without a helmet. When I was 16 I was on my holiday in the Philippines. I got a moped with half-automatic transmission from my uncle. When I'm looking back it was very dangerous drive a cycle without any practice. After all I hadn't a driving licence.

05:24 PM Jul 12 2009 |




And motorcycles always remind me of  Vietnam,There are many motorcycles on the road. That's dangerous , terrible !

07:19 AM Jul 12 2009 |

cici tang


i really hope that i can ride a motorcycle. in my town, most of the motorcyclists are men, as they are strong enough to rock it.

06:07 AM Jul 12 2009 |



I have thought of own a motorcycle, but i´m afraid about it and my fear doesn´t let me accept that choice. I like to see when some hogs pass besides me and maybe one day i´ll have one!!

03:08 AM Jul 12 2009 |



I  agree  wity       

02:30 AM Jul 12 2009 |

glassy heart

Saudi Arabia

 wanna say wanna say ototrcycles are dangerouse,but  i like them  at the sametime  actually  one day i was avictem of motorcycls riders.

ts remind me  a beutiful memories  with my nephew who was picked me behind him and drivng around . it was nice dayes

10:38 PM Jul 11 2009 |



Here im my country, motorcycles usually are seen like a alternative transportation. But many people thinks motorcylces are dangerous and hazardous, when actually riders sometimes don't prevent the accidents: it's easy to see riders without helmets or other convenient riding cloth. Besides, the drivers usually don't have regard and don't concern about riders. That's why I don't want to have a motorcycle, although I think motorcylces are cool!

07:20 PM Jul 11 2009 |



My family has one. In my town people use motorcycle very much.

05:58 PM Jul 11 2009 |




Yeah, motorcycle!! i like it so much!! it's really a nice way to have fun!!Cool

05:40 PM Jul 11 2009 |

Vera Chu

Vera Chu


it's cool!but too danger. it's crowded in shanghai,there're too accident happened around me.

02:34 PM Jul 11 2009 |




in my town,motocycles tend to more dangerous than cars and bicycles,

and young people feel it's COOL when they ride a motorcycle and overtake others.


02:22 PM Jul 11 2009 |




Ohh I love this subject and cars…Motorcycles! hehe

Well,I love motorcycles since I was a kid! My first bike was a Honda CB 400cc in 1994…after almost ten years,in 2003,I bought other Honda 450cc…So,in 2007 I bought a Suzuki Bandit 1200cc,pretty cool! It is a "Moster Bike"! I got with it until last year,so I had to sell it :( buuuuáaaaa….Now,my next bike it will be a Suzuki GLXR 1000 ;)

01:41 PM Jul 11 2009 |



i got a motorcycle for many years,i was borned in a rural area ,terrible road,income condition,made me  got a motorcycle only.but it is so awesome when riding on it.anyway it's cool.

12:56 PM Jul 11 2009 |

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