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Plant the Seed
Plant the Seed English, baby! Video Lesson

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Date: Aug 02 2011

Themes: Soap Opera


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People always like their own ideas the best. That’s why the best way to get someone to do something is to plant the seed.

In gardening, when you plant a seed, it sits in the soil for a while and then grows into a plant. Planting a seed in a person’s mind is no different. When you plant the seed, you don’t argue or directly address what you want. You just give subtle suggestions and hints. Then you wait. After a while, you’ll get what you want and the person who gives it to you will think the idea was theirs!

For example, if you want to work at a particular clothing store, you could dress nicely and go there often and compliment the store and the employees. You could talk to them about how it must be a fun place to work. You’ve planted the seed. Then, when they need to hire someone, they will ask you, without you ever having to apply.

Devan hopes her boyfriend Jason will ask her to marry him. Her friends tell her she needs to plant the seed. See what happens as she tries to show him what she wants.


3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.











Marni:  So, how are things going with Jason? Have you been able to plant the seed about how you want to get married?

Devan:  Well, I tried dropping a few hints, but I haven’t really been able to get the point across.

Jason:  I hate doing taxes.

Devan:  Me too. You know, if we were married, we’d be able to file our taxes together. Wouldn’t that be easier?

Jason:  Yeah, I never thought of that. You know what else would be cool?

Devan:  What?

Jason:  If we were pirates. I bet pirates don’t have to file taxes at all!

Devan:  Yeah, probably not.

Jason:  Argh!

Marni:  Hmm, that’s not so good. What else have you tried?

Devan:  Well, I thought maybe if we spent some time with some other married couples, he’d be able to see how great marriage really is. But that didn’t really work either.

Wife:  Are you sure you want to drink that beer? You’re going to get fat if you keep drinking all that beer. Don’t you shrug at me! That’s it. You’re sleeping on the couch tonight.

Husband:  Don’t ever get married.

Jason:  Yeah.

Marni:  Yikes.

Devan:  I know. Then yesterday, I tried to get him to look at engagement rings with me, but he just didn’t get it.

Devan:  Oh, look, jewelry store! Let’s look in here.

Jason:  OK.

Devan:  Look at that ring, isn’t that so pretty?

Jason:  Um, yeah, it’s good.

Devan:  Oh, I really like that one too.

Jason:  They’re kind of shiny, you know?

Devan:  Shiny?

Jason:  Yeah. I guess I’m not a big jewelry guy. I’m glad you don’t care about that stuff, either.



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Marni and Devan are back at the salon. This time, there’s no business meeting. They’re talking about romance. Devan hopes to make her boyfriend understand that she wants to get married.

She tells Marni that she tried suggesting that taxes would be easier if they were married. Devan introduced her boyfriend to another married couple, but they seemed unhappy so it didn’t help her case. Finally, she stopped to look at rings in a shop window. After they left, Jason came back and looked in the window. Maybe he understands.

How do usually you get what you want? Do you plant the seed or ask directly?



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I thought asking people to do something for you is kind of a weakness on your side because essentially you are depending on that person from whom you asking the favor.  But if you think about it, asking requires persuasion, which in turn requires good understanding about how people think and what is considered fair in a society – intellectually challenging stuff.  Then, asking people to do things depends on the level of your sophistication (a good contrast is demanding, which would depend on intimidation backed by power). Probably, I lacked the needed sophistication, so I avoided asking people for something and tried to regard it unimportant.  I should learn the art of asking because in a nut shell it is about understanding human relations better.

04:36 AM Mar 07 2014 |




I don’t like plant the seed in someone else’s mind. If there is a need, go and say it out directly, it maybe a better and an easier way to solve the problem. But everything is different toward everybody. So to sum up, I don’t want to have the same experience like Devan, wish I can have a happier life?~!

01:46 PM Apr 19 2012 |


absalonSuper Member!


Plant the seed in someone’s mind may be tough but not impossible, I mean  with a bit of patient and following these tips  We could persuade someone to do something we want.  Althought in this case she could have being more direct.
I’ll use these tips with my girl. :D

03:17 AM Oct 16 2011 |




I have to say, I like girl like Devan, she do hard for the things she want ,love ,marriage ,blublu…...What else ,there a boy who knows what she is doing , so come on ,best wishes for you !

01:34 AM Aug 26 2011 |


Russian Federation

usually i ask directly so i can be confident im understood

04:57 PM Aug 23 2011 |



i adore direct speak i cant stand plant the seed

01:25 PM Aug 20 2011 |



Viet Nam

Most of the things I want dont come easy, which means I’ve got to plant the seed. It is nothing bad but just a subtle way to cut short of my wasting time. HOwever, dropping hints may cause some side-effects and I somtimes get trapped by myself.

09:15 AM Aug 08 2011 |



Now I learned new prases, that I should always plant the seed when I ask some question or mentioned something, maybe its a good idea to do that! I hope that I can use this words frequently~

12:43 PM Aug 06 2011 |



Most of the time i either ask directly for what i want or i don’t talk at all. But i don’t like to plant the seed because if i were understood by the other partner to be planting the seeds, It would be embarrassing to me .Embarassed

11:34 PM Aug 04 2011 |

Talk Now

Talk Now


plant the seed is better, taking more time can help to take the right decision , there are some situations need plant the seed more than others.

for issue like marriage i plant the seed , buy a new dress i buy directly .

07:57 PM Aug 03 2011 |


Viet Nam

Do what you want and talk what you think. Planting the seed might make you tired like Devan when the people whom you planted the seed do not understand what you want.

Actually, I depen on your partner, if he/she sensitive enought you can plant the seed. But I like to ask directly.

Good luck Devan. it seems that J understand your point.

02:48 AM Aug 03 2011 |




i make that sometimes and this is a good method for teaching people something,or make them understand their mistakes with them selfes

10:53 PM Aug 02 2011 |




sometimes i plant the seed ,sometimes i ask directly!

10:22 PM Aug 02 2011 |




it’s better to ask for what you want directly but it’s more fun to plant the seeds in people’ minds

09:23 PM Aug 02 2011 |





09:20 PM Aug 02 2011 |

Othman .D. Artist


It’s esay people to get what you want plant a the seeds you want O_o

08:21 PM Aug 02 2011 |




When it comes to be helped or advised in some working situations the best way to say or ask it as it is. As much you describe the subject you’re interested in as much you will gain. But if it’s relations of two persons of course you must plant the seed)  

07:46 PM Aug 02 2011 |




actually it depend  on  the case and the person who  you want the thing from ,, some times plant the seed does not work , and some poeple don’t understand undirectlly ,,so in some cases you have  to say it directly ,,but  also i think plant  the  seed is  very  nice  way to  get  what  you want 

06:43 PM Aug 02 2011 |



unfortunately, when i plant the seed about i wish my husband could do something for me, it always dosen’t get the point across….

03:51 PM Aug 02 2011 |




I do really think that planting the seed is the best way. Sometimes it is hard and other times not. It might take a bit practise n tact until you learn how to do it right.

“Never let go the things you really want!” – People will do whatever it takes, more than plannin’ the seed sometimes!!

03:39 PM Aug 02 2011 |

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