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Spill the Beans
Spill the Beans English, baby! Video Lesson

Contractions and Abbreviations

Date: Sep 06 2011

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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It’s hard to keep a secret. You have to remember not to say anything that might cause people to ask you questions. But once you say the wrong thing and start to tell the secret, there’s no going back: you’ve spilled the beans.

When you spill the beans, you tell a secret. Even if you just tell one person, the secret is likely to get out. Imagine spilling a bunch of beans on the floor and then trying to clean them up. At least one is sure to get away. Secrets are the same way. Once you’ve told the secret, it will not be contained again. It will not be a secret for long.

Mason knows something interesting about one of his friends. Watch as Marni and Ella try to get him to spill the beans.


3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.







Marni:  OK, Mason. What’s going on?

Mason:  What do you mean, boss?

Marni:  You keep sighing. You sound like a teenage girl in love.

Mason:  What? Love? I’m not in…Well, I mean, I love Ella, but, you know it’s way too soon for us to be getting married. We haven’t even been on our first date yet, I mean technically.

Marni:  Marriage? What are you talking about? Who’s getting married?

Ella:  Oh my gosh, is someone getting married? Is it me? Is Jeff going to propose? Oh my god.

Mason:  Gross! Gross. OK, I mean, I definitely…no way. I wouldn’t be excited if Jeff was going to propose.

Marni:  OK, so you weren’t talking about Jeff. But you were talking about someone, weren’t you? So, someone’s gonna propose. You have to spill the beans, Mason. Who is it?

Mason:  No!

Marni:  We want to know.

Mason:  I don’t have to spill the beans. I won’t!

Ella:  Oh come on, Mason. You can trust me. Just whisper it in my ear. Marni won’t hear. Just let me know.

Mason:  No! I can’t! I cannot spill the beans.

Ella:  Mason, I thought we had something. I thought you could trust me. Of all people, I thought you would at least tell me your secret.

Mason:  I would tell you if it was anyone else but Jason is my best friend. I can’t spill his…

Marni:  Jason is going to propose to Devan.

Mason:  No! OK…

Ella:  Oh my God! That’s so crazy.

Mason:  No! I take it back. It’s me. Marry me?

Ella:  Yeah. No. You already spilled the beans. Sorry, Mason. We know it’s Jason.


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Mason is walking around the office in a very good mood. Marni asks him what’s on his mind. He tells her some nonsense about marriage.

Marni realizes that Mason isn’t getting married, but that someone else must be. She tries to get him to spill the beans, but he won’t do it. He says no to Ella too, but then he accidentally mentions that he’s talking about Jason.

Ella and Marni get excited. Mason tries to calm them down by saying he wants to propose to Ella. But they know the truth—Jason is going to ask Devan to marry him!

Are you good at keeping secrets? Have you ever spilled the beans?



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Viet Nam

I don’t have many secrets so i am not worry about someone spills the beans. We should make the life simple and shareageable. As long as you dont judge people by anyway, their secrets are not meaningful. In my opinion, the person who wants to keep their own secret is the one who doesnt want people to judge them on what’s wrong and what’s right. Just live for yourself as the way you want it. 

03:08 PM Jun 24 2014 |




thank you for everyone !!! iam   from  china          iam  can  play  computer games   i  want to  make  some  friend  ..come  on  paly  in  english  boby  .i  wish happy everyone ~~

02:40 PM Mar 23 2014 |




Would I tell a story that basically says how stupid I was?  Nice try – you are surreptitiously getting us to spill the beans, aren’t you? 

10:06 AM Mar 23 2014 |

1 person likes this



As far as I remember, I’ve never spilled the beans! cause, you know, telling secrets might cause trouble, both to you and the person who told you the secret. So it’s better to pretend that you know nothing if the topic was brought up :P

07:01 PM Oct 13 2012 |

1 person likes this




Some times I don’t want someone spill the beans with me.  Because it might be serious problem when this secret arise to public by others.

Have proverb: It is not secret if evident more than a man.

12:04 PM Oct 12 2012 |

1 person likes this



very.I hate when the girl wanna together with me every day but I dont like her.www.ongling.com

03:45 PM Nov 18 2011 |



I C ,for someone spill the beans i m definitely hate it,also i hate someone is gossiping and can not keep the secret tell to other person freely,as for me ,i m always keep the secret if someone told me don’t spill the beans forever,i will do that and never spill the beans,let’s image,if someone always like gossiping and spill the beans with other people ,we will don’t believe them also,anything if we don’t want other people knowing,we will don’t tell to the people who like spill the beans,anyway ,we should not spill the beans and tell the secret to other people,whatever the first teller remind us or not. 

12:10 PM Nov 18 2011 |

abang leak

abang leak


i hate when someone i trusted spill my beans ,..

09:15 AM Nov 18 2011 |




sometimes i really dont understand why people spill the beans!!!!!! secrets are something that’s meant to keep safe within your heart….......and i feel pity for those foolish futile people who spoils or mess up their good relationships coz of this nature of explaining everything to everybody…..........

02:09 PM Nov 09 2011 |




An old friend of mine spilled the beans. We did something that any body could know, but she didn’t stay under the pressure. Her best friend knew it and a nightmare started then.

01:17 AM Oct 09 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

hi you are right laprincesse de la vie


take care

06:26 AM Oct 06 2011 |

La Princesse de la vie


to tell other’s secrets maybe make us in troubles especially if they were bad secrets not good ones like Jason’s secret 

i enjoyed the lesson a lot 

thank you

04:51 AM Oct 06 2011 |




Oh! that is very good.I like it.Smile

04:33 AM Oct 06 2011 |

Maria del Alba


I’ve never spilled the beans on purpose but i own up that I sometimes spilled the beans accidentally when I’ve let the cat out of the bag or when i said something withouth realize i’ve made a mistake

03:32 PM Oct 02 2011 |



i  understand.

01:52 PM Sep 30 2011 |




I think it’s important to respect others privacy that’s why I’m good at keeping secrets

11:40 PM Sep 10 2011 |




amazing subject 

06:22 PM Sep 10 2011 |



Russian Federation

If you know someone’s secret you must keep it by yourself. This is my principle and I haven’t had situations in my life when I had to break it.

07:45 AM Sep 10 2011 |




yes itis  hard  to keep  a  secret  but  sometime  we   can keep  a  secret.  thanks

09:55 PM Sep 06 2011 |



Syrian Arab Republic

to be honest,i`m not keen on keeping secretsSealed

09:32 PM Sep 06 2011 |

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