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Getting a Promotion
Getting a Promotion

Present Perfect Progressive

Date: Mar 23 2012

Themes: Work

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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As kids, people used to tell us we were doing a good job all the time. When you did well at school, you got a gold star or an “A+.” And when you behaved well at home, your parents would compliment you and maybe even give you a special reward. But there are no gold stars in the adult world. Instead, if you work hard at your job and do well, you might get a promotion.

When your boss gives you a promotion, you get a new position that typically comes with more responsibilities, a higher salary and a better title. Some companies offer regular promotions, but at other jobs, you have to do something really special to prove that you deserve one. Hear Jeff tell Devan about his recent promotion.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  Congratulations on your promotion, Jeff, that’s super exciting.

Jeff:  Thanks. I worked pretty hard for it. Put in a lot of time.

Devan:  Yeah, seems like you’ve been moving on up with that company for years, just working your way from the bottom. Do you think that you might eventually be the boss there someday? Is that something that interests you?

Jeff:  I don’t want to say that, but I’m ready for it. I think I can take on the responsibility. I have a lot of new responsibilities now, though, compared to my old position.

Devan:  So, did you get a big raise with your promotion?

Jeff:  Yeah, there was some compensation there. But I wanted to climb up that ladder anyway, on my own. I appreciate the challenge.

Devan:  So you were more concerned with the title than the money?

Jeff:  Not really the title…I mean, that’s all it is, a title.

Devan:  You like the challenge.

Jeff:  I appreciate the challenge, yeah.

Devan:  Well, I’m very happy for you. I think it’s well deserved, and you’re a hard worker.

Jeff:  Thank you. I appreciate that.


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Devan congratulates Jeff on getting a promotion. Jeff has been working at the same company for a long time and is climbing the ladder there. He tells Devan that he would like to be the boss there one day. He thinks he could take on the responsibility, and he would like the challenge.

Devan asks Jeff if his promotion came with a raise. Jeff says his new job does come with a higher salary. He also gets a better title. But he says that he is more interested in the challenge of the new job than the title or the money.

Have you ever gotten a promotion at work? Do you hope to climb the ladder at the company you work for?



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Hajiyeva Ayshad Super Member!


I have just graduated from the college, and started to work. I like to face challenges, and climb the ladder as soon as possible. 

03:51 PM Sep 13 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

sorry that the men and women are obviously different in such these matters.

07:05 AM Jul 13 2013 |




if u work in a small company , there is no ladder to climb or promotion to get , they only person above you is your boss , until u wanna fire your boss and set up your own company 

even if i work with a big company , i will still thinking about it if i wanna climb the ladder or not , to be my own boss has always been my dream , but still have to work all my way their to be a sucessful boss. 

so bless me , my folks , wish my dream come true  :)

12:12 PM Jul 12 2013 |




I once got a promotion but it was long time ago. Since then I have been working on the same position without title changing and almost without salary changing. What can I say? I am probably not as good as my boss wants me to be. I don’t agree with that of course. Like most people out there I think I work too much, I eagerly take on any new responsibility, I do want to climb the ladder and get a promotion and the higher salary and a better title. I hope I will win all of that eventually. As they say every dog has his day. I’m not afraid to face any challenge and I’m ready to move up as far as necessary. What is even more important I beleive that I will succeedd cause I want it so much. Wish me well :-).
PS It seems like no matter what you possess it’s never enough. Is it people’s nature?

09:47 AM Mar 27 2012 |




Who doesn’t want a promotion? But the idea of giving promotion is quite rare, unless work in the big company. Well, if luck meets the opportunity, why not? There success is yours!

07:16 AM Mar 27 2012 |



:DDD right you are. My branch is Grammar as well, happy to see a colleague:)

06:26 AM Mar 27 2012 |

GrammaristSuper Member!

United Arab Emirates

I could manage to end this catastophe !!

sorry again .. regarding my nick name, you are right, Philologis

I came up with many names like this. they look professional when you use them as an email address a name in forums.

08:13 PM Mar 26 2012 |



Grammarist, is there any way that you could delete that confusing HTML post? Thank you. Laughing

05:41 PM Mar 26 2012 |



Grammarist what an interesting language:))) Your branch is grammar, yeah?

10:02 AM Mar 26 2012 |



i want to improve my spoken engliah,please help me,thang you .

09:52 AM Mar 26 2012 |

GrammaristSuper Member!

United Arab Emirates

oops !! i have made a mistake !! 

i typed in word processer then copied & pasted here !! 

sorry friends .. the whole codes are writtten here accidently !!

08:47 PM Mar 25 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

From the beginning (life needs patient). of course those who work at company, hospital ,schools or whatever with years they wish to get a promotion but,what will happen if they do not get it !??they study, work night and day to improve them selves and to take higher place in their work but really it SHOcK if all these did not happen ,of course they will not kill their boss and not abandon their work ,they must be confident ,patient,enjoy their success because it will happen near or far,now or after ten years .The important thing to believe your self and to have HOPE. As for me, i am a student so ,i have to promote myself by myself,,,,THANK YOU,,,

02:59 PM Mar 25 2012 |



Congratulation for promotion at first.

Many persons wanna a raise  instead of challenge . Maybe the dream is not possible to come true. but many are dreaming now . Too challenge will bring stress. They do not like the press, only like money.


01:58 PM Mar 25 2012 |




ı think that big raise with promotion is important than amount of money or salary…when you able to get raise you already get money…but in the recent years people usually prefer to get easy money and  have deprive of ability and capability…have no any patience….

12:29 PM Mar 25 2012 |




PhilologistAUL thanks, i wish you all good in your life too :)

07:57 AM Mar 25 2012 |




My sister is studying English too and she seems to be very good at school, I wish her the best and get offering job in Her university like you. who knows????? People will see the way you do and keep eye on what you’re doing :)

06:57 AM Mar 25 2012 |



:) ohhh thanx a lot:) happy to hear such nice words, u made me feel shy. I cannot say whether I’ve been a good student, maybe:)

06:52 AM Mar 25 2012 |

1 person likes this




Congratulation AUL, you must been a good student till your lecturer offered you a job to teach in your own university, and it’s really surprised me if you wanna help them for free :D , kind teacher :)

06:48 AM Mar 25 2012 |



Well, in fact I’m an assistant teacher at the University, I’m in the 3rd year of my teaching career. I applied for some jobs after I graduated and began studying for my MA degree, but in fact those jobs were not my cup of tea, so, when my teacher suggested me to work at my University, I accepted at once:) Now I’m happy to be a young teacher. As to the English Courses, well, it’s not good to announce it but I teach people whose economic conditions are not good for learning English and inshAllah in future me and my sister wanna open a course to help poor children in entrance exam preparations.

06:16 AM Mar 25 2012 |

1 person likes this




I would like to say ’’God bless teachers’’ Teachers help students till become whatever they want!

06:06 AM Mar 25 2012 |

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