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Learn the Second Conditional

Date: May 18 2012

Themes: Pets

Grammar: Second Conditional


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It’s hard to imagine anything more adorable than a puppy. They’re soft, playful, cuddly, and sweet. From their little black noses to their over-sized paws, and from their big brown eyes to their joyfully wagging tails, they might just be the cutest creation there ever was. On the other hand, you might not find them so cute after they chew up your favorite shoes and use your carpet as their personal toilet. Hear Jason and Amy talk about puppies.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Amy:  Wouldn’t it be awesome if we just had, like, five puppies here right now, running around, falling all over each other?

Jason:  Yes. Puppies are the best.

Amy:  Why are puppies so cute?

Jason:  I don’t know. Their fur is softer than a normal dog, and they just have such a great attitude.

Amy:  They do. They’re just so happy. They just wiggle all the time in joy.

Jason:  Human babies are so cranky!

Amy:  I know! I feel like puppies are definitely cuter than human babies, too, I think.

Jason:  Here’s the thing about puppies, though, they turn into dogs.

Amy:  I mean, dogs are great. But I wish that you could get a puppy that would stay a puppy for a little bit longer.

Jason:  Exactly.

Amy:  Because they do grow up really fast, much faster than human babies.

Jason:  Yeah. The other day I saw this dog that was maybe, like, two feet long. And I thought it was just the most gorgeous dog I’d ever seen, and then it was pointed out to me that it was actually the puppy of an extremely large breed, and that’s why it was so amazing.

Amy:  It’s true, and sometimes the puppies that grow up to be really big dogs are extra cute because they have those giant paws.

Jason:  Yeah.

Amy:  And they’re really clumsy, which is so cute.

Jason:  Right. Here’s a trick. I just learned about this. If you want to have a constant flow of puppies, you can sign up to train seeing eye dogs, and they drop them off to you when they’re like four weeks old, and then trade them in for a new one.

Amy:  Gosh, you’d just get so attached!


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Amy thinks it would be great if she had lots of puppies around. She says there is nothing cuter than a puppy.

Jason agrees that puppies are the cutest. He loves their soft fur. He even says they have better attitudes than human babies. But he doesn’t like it when they grow up into dogs.

Amy thinks dogs are great, too. But they aren’t as cute as puppies. She would like it if puppies stayed puppies for a little longer. Jason tells her that she could train seeing eye dogs. Then she would have a dog for a few months when it was very little, and when it got older, she would give it back and get a new puppy in return. But Amy thinks she would get too attached to the puppies.

Have you ever had a puppy? Would you rather have a puppy or a fully grown dog? Do you think there is anything cuter than a puppy?



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05:36 PM May 19 2012 |



I like puppies too… Laughing

05:20 PM May 19 2012 |




I like puppies

05:14 PM May 19 2012 |




I have never had a puppy or a dog, but I wish I had and I want to believe that it’ll be possible one day. Sure puppies are cute, it’s fun to play with them but it’s more interesint to watch them grow and learn things. They become clever, but they are still very soft and love to play.




I don’t like a dog, our house has a little cat and really everytime my mom got angry because of it, our sofa is torn by little meaw… I don’t think I’m a person who love to keep a pet but I think I’d love to have a hamster. :D

11:43 AM May 19 2012 |

1 person likes this



This story is very good for students. Smile

11:31 AM May 19 2012 |

mark lee

mark lee


sometimes,ignorance means happiness and blessedness. so I guess,puppies are happier than us.Embarassed

07:17 AM May 19 2012 |

Yuvraj Gurung


I had puppy, I named her as Shyna. I brought her home from red light. We took care of her almost two weeks then I left her at Noida Stadium. When I left her she was looking at me and I couldnt control myself by crying. The girl whom I like she loves puppies a lot. I wish I were a puppy atleast I wont have to beg for her love. 

07:02 AM May 19 2012 |

1 person likes this

Irene Forever


I had a little doggy named Martha. She was a black toy poodle. I loved her as if she were my  baby, and she really was the one for me. She gave me so much love and gratitude for almost 18 years.  When I remember her devoted eyes, I feel like crying because I miss her endlessly. Her velvet little head under my palm made me feel so cuddly. She was very beautiful and we were a little alike because of curly hair.:)

I think nobody’s never loved me more than that little fluffy creature with enormous loving  heart.

06:28 AM May 19 2012 |

awesome mina


awesome mi


i like poppies bt i never have a poppy at home coz my daddy says they r dirty and we r muslims.our religion doesnt let us to keep poppies n dogs at home but i would love to have one of them.they r sweet n cute n sooooo loyal animals.

05:37 AM May 19 2012 |

Rose Lee

Rose Lee


I‘ve never had a puppy because I like kitten more than it.

05:12 AM May 19 2012 |

1 person likes this

awesome mina


i like poppdirty and we r muslims.our religion doesnt let us to keep poppies n dogs at home but i would love to have one of them.they r sweet n cute n sooooo loyal animals.ies bt i have never have a poppy at home coz my daddy says they r dirty and we r muslims.our religion doesnt let us to keep poppies n dogs at home but i would love to have one of them.they r sweet n cute n sooooo loyal animals

04:50 AM May 19 2012 |





04:42 AM May 19 2012 |



my name is jameel i dont know english please teach me

08:44 PM May 18 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

When I was a child I Had a nice puppy we loved him very much , unfortunately he died then we decided that wouldn’t  have any pet again .

For me  I’m afraid of some animals make me feel afraid in myself , these days everything is change If you are living in Europe or The U.S.A you should have pets , some people say when you have such pets It.s reflect about the high life , I disagree with this idea .

The Islamic religion urged  us to deal with All animals in a good way 

If I will have any pet in the nearest future I will provide what they like specially If were my pet very nice I will care alot for them , sometimes we didn’t like some of specific animals specially If they were ugly .

I have a nice Experience deserve talk I have a nice woman Really she was a wonderful person with her dog All the time she was with her she was provide everything for her specially when she was ill , I taught many things from her ,I would like to say If you want to be a good person you should respect those animals .

Finally when I will be older I will remember my words her on Englishbaby ,Actually this site make me feel there are many thing deserve live in my life , specially  when I have a nice friends like my Dear Irene .

04:33 PM May 18 2012 |



United States

Yes, puppies are definately the cutest! I miss when my dog was a puppy! Her head and paws are so big comparing to her body, is like those cartoon dogs. Here is an interesting conversation with my friend, I asked her what is her favorite breed of dog, and then she told me “I love puppies the best!”. My friend loves puppies so much that she consider puppies is a breed! LOL

04:27 PM May 18 2012 |





Maybe it’s just the way I was brought up. Girls usually sported pink outfits embroidered with cat related symbols, whereas boys preferred dog themed  outfits.  Wink

I’ll take a “snoopy” tshirt over a ” hello kitty” one


03:34 PM May 18 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I used to have a lovely kitten it was so adorable and cuddly ,I can’t forget how crazily he loved to play with and tear apart the toy rooster woven with wool yarn :) or how he gently put his paws at nights on my cheek to wake me up and take him out to have a pee ,he grew up and died ,I cried a lot at that time and for a long time I used to have dream about him in the heaven :) I have never had puppy but I have seen them how lovely they are even more adorable than kittens but now I think having animal is egrigious blunder cause make you dependent on them emotionally and also you are not free to go anywhere at anytime easily they always have to tag along with you when you wanna go on vacation or trip or you always have to look for a guard to take care of them besides they as animals have short life and die sooner or later and it may affects us deeply

03:03 PM May 18 2012 |




Four-Legged Companion, colloquially known as Dog Smile

Is there anything cuter than a puppy? Yes!…two puppies! (:

Also, 3 month-old babies up to 2 years old tots are the cutest and most drawing little beings on this planet.

     I have had a couple of 4 legged siblings before. I said siblings because these little guys were just like family; we didn’t need them to guard our house, herd other animals, or use their acute sense of smell for hunting purposes. Our dogs’ tasks were to keep us company and be part of the family. We never constrained them with leashes, only when they were puppies would we put them in a large cardboard overnight, we just didn’t want them to roam about unsupervised at night, in fact it was my duty to look after them and name each of them. My sister was tasked to do the same for the kitties. In my household it was mandatory to have at least one men’s best friend (dog) and one women’s best friend (cat), or is it diamond? ; ). The real pet lover was my sister, I mean she’ll cuddle them, kiss them, shower them, sleep with them (not in the cardboard ;), so basically I nurtured them but my sister spoiled them.

   I always had admiring eyes for baby animals, little ducklings, little chicks, little doves, bunnies, kitties, little ponies. Even little animals that would grow up to eat me, didn’t escape my admiration; bear –lion-tiger- fox-hyena cubs all looked adorable. But little puppies are the best of them all. They are chubby, clumsy, bubbly and playful; however they tend to be a little too noisy at night :). The way I see dog is this, I’ll do anything for them when they’re babies, I’m talking about cleaning after their mess, let them get away with misbehaviors  but there comes a  time I need them to act like grownups, I expect them to show a little sense of responsibility and should be held accountable for their action. I like to see them becoming more obedient to my requests, relief themselves in designated spot and not leave a puddle of urine in the middle of the dining room anymore ; ). I love a matured dog that knows how to balance things out let it be moods, expression, everything. Sometimes I just need them to sit still and watch TV with me, other times I want to be in the yard kicking a ball with me and know when to stop when I’m tired.

   Yes puppies are little cutesy furry balls that just need to be pampered, but  only when you’re dog brings your newspaper without chewing it, when it can defend and alert you of a potential threat, when he can rescue you when you’re drowning, when he notices your wounds and tries to cure them, when he can fetch, when he can find your keys, when he misses you and glad you’re finally home—-only then can you say “ok, dogs are men’s best friend!”. I felt very connected to my grown-up dogs.

My love and admiration for my dogs can never fade as  they age, I just I wish they could live a little longer.

I don’t have a dog now; I don’t have enough room to accommodate one. ; )

mohanad grayba

United Kingdom

Beautiful creatures, great and innocent. This in my opinion the most beautifulcreatures on this planetSmile

12:18 PM May 18 2012 |

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