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The Ocean
The Ocean

Learn English with this beach English lesson

Date: May 29 2018

Themes: Holidays, Travel

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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The ocean is an extraordinary place. It is home to millions of fish and sea creatures. It affects our weather. It is so large that people and boats and airplanes can easily become lost in it. It is beautiful and relaxing, but also powerful and dangerous. It’s not a surprise, then, that people both love and fear the ocean.

There are so many ways to spend one’s time at the ocean. There’s swimming, walking in the sand, looking for seashells, watching the birds, building a sandcastle, going fishing, enjoying the sun, or even just sleeping. It’s the kind of place where everyone can find something to do.

Marni and Jessica are talking about the ocean. Find out who loves it and who fears it in this English lesson about nature.


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Jessica:  So, it has been absolutely beautiful weather lately.

Marni:  It has been.

Jessica:  And with the sun shining, all I can think about is going swimming in the ocean.

Marni:  Really?

Jessica:  Yes. It’s so soothing! And the waves... just the sounds that you hear when you’re at the beach, and the sand between your toes… it’s all so therapeutic.

Marni:  I guess. I mean, I do like the sound of the waves. But all I can think about is how terrifying the ocean is. There are sharks in there. There’s just that awesome power. It can just suck you in whole. And the waves are so choppy. It’s terrifying.

Jessica:  I don’t know. All the sounds… with the birds flying over you, and just the movement of the water… it puts you at ease.

Marni:  Man, all I can think about is every time I go to the ocean, is when is a shark going to come and just devour me?

Jessica:  Oh my gosh. I grew up in Hawaii, and I never had a shark experience. So I think you should just relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Try to go again.

Marni:  Maybe. I don’t know. I’m kind of scared, and maybe I’ll just go and I’ll step back. And I’ll just watch you.

Jessica:  There you go. Yes.

Marni:  OK. I can do that.

Jessica:  I’ll go swimming. I’ll wave from the ocean.


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The beautiful weather makes Jessica want to go swimming in the ocean. She loves the sound of the waves, the sand between her toes, and the birds flying above her head. Everything about the ocean is therapeutic and relaxing to Jessica. She really wants to go.

Marni’s feelings about the ocean are the opposite of Jessica’s. The ocean is extremely frightening to Marni. She’s afraid of the big waves and the sharks. She knows that the ocean is powerful, and she worries that it’s too dangerous for swimming. She has no interest in going to the beach, except maybe to watch her friend Jessica.

Do you enjoy going to the ocean? Do you swim in it, or just enjoy it from the beach? What is your favorite thing about the ocean?



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sweetsummerSuper Member!


This is an old lesson. Is this website not updating with new lessons any more? I have seen a lot of old lessons recently. 

02:20 AM Jul 14 2018 |


United States

Yes, I enjoy going to the ocean. I enjoy the sight of the ocean and the sunset, the sound of the waves, and watching the dolphins and fish jumping out of the water.

Years ago I was in the Bahamas and went to take my first swim in the ocean. I walked into the ocean and kept walking until my feet left the ground and the ocean took control. I can swim but I had a sense of concern from the powerfulness of the ocean. The life guard started waving, and calling for me to come back, which I promptly did.

After this experience I still love the ocean but from the beach or from my car.

There is a calmness and tranquility relaxing by the ocean and if I could, I would live on the ocean.

05:59 PM Sep 26 2016 |




I loveee ocean and now I live and work close to the ocean. If I have a chance, yes I would swim and watch beautiful colourful fishes near the rocks. And sometimes I just sit and read something at the beach, or simply enjoying the ocean from there. Or from the window silently. My favorite thing about ocean is the sparkling ocean in the morning. It sparks like diamonds, so clear and shiny. Can’t take my eyes off of it. Love the sunset too, sound of the birds and waves.

04:47 PM Sep 26 2016 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

as my job place is near the sea when i go out from my work i can see the sea n i stand there for some minet n listen to the waves sounds n get relax n forget m difficulties

05:11 AM May 20 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i live in south near the see n our home isn’t far so i go at the beach every weekend n watch the waves n birds flying above that n sheeps n sometimes like to collect seeshells that r beautiful even though i dnt knw hw to sweem bt like to lie down on the water my sister learnt m this ,is so relaxin when u r on the water


05:08 AM May 20 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

There are lots of comments here and I think it’s  for magneficence of the ocean .I prefer to stay at the beach , listening to the poetic music of the waves  and watching  the sunset between the shining golden waves while the sun is drowning into the deepest part of the ocean to meet the marine creaturs !

01:02 PM May 19 2014 |




When I was at the ocean in America  i was feeling myself very HAPPY!!! It’s so fun to jump in a big waves and swimm inside it!!!! I loved it so much!! What about shark – don’t swimm so far from the coast and everything will be ok!

09:08 AM May 18 2014 |




10:35 PM May 16 2014 |




My favorite thing about ocean are of course big waves crashing against the rocks. I live near the see side namely the  Baltic see. The Baltic in comparison to the ocean seems to be like the lake … very often it’s calm and smooth. But sometimes especially in the winter it can be very dangerous for the see travelling. I like swimming in the Baltic see at the summer time but when I was at the ocean (in Brittany i.e north-west of France) I was to afraid to go swimming there … yeh you know … the water was too cold and the waves was too high :/

08:28 PM May 14 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I haven’t been to beach and ocean yet, but I already love it. ocean and dessert are both good because you could get lost in them freely thing that I enjoy. the feeling that noone knows your place and you could do anything freely and without scare of scaring some one.

if I could go to beach, I’d bought a boat and enjoyed it. and stayed in it at nights and slept in it, knowing that I’m on the water(:

08:10 PM May 14 2014 |




life is too short to enjoy life :) good night

07:49 PM May 14 2014 |

2 people like this



I am afraid of water so I rather stay on the beach and enjoy my distance from the big blue ocean. Though I have to say the sounds of waves are really soothing and can put one at ease

07:07 PM May 14 2014 |




i love the beach which is near me about half-an-hour distance but cant swim only in summer. Sea is a reflection and a healing…

06:36 PM May 14 2014 |

2 people like this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have Caspian sea at north of IRAN and PERSIAN GULF and Oman sea at sout of IRAN

IRAN  have a small beach border at sout east whit india ocean near Chabahar port.persian gulf contains of beautiful coral islands for example:Kish,Qeshm,..

I went to there several time ,I relaxed on beach and listened to waves sound,play jet ski,and swam,..

that was great place for relaxing and sightseeing.

11:39 AM May 14 2014 |

2 people like this




i really go and see the ocean .

of course  i know the nature is very powerful and dangerous sometimes.

But i think we human being should live with it.

and the best thing i lke about the ocean is smelling the sea water .

10:59 AM May 14 2014 |

2 people like this



I love the ocean either the weather is smooth or choppy. Since my youth I have lived close the ocean, and I don’t like to be much time at a place where I can’t see it. I learned to swimming in it and were the waves that helping me to go and to come easily because the mass of water pull me to the surface.

The only thing I didn’t like to have experiencing it was travel by ship when I was child and made a long trip from Angola in Africa to Portugal in Europe, then we took more than one week to go and other much to return.

10:00 AM May 14 2014 |




  even i also going to the ocean near my home is there arebian sea (Kerala) i play with my friends near the sea even i enjoying swimming the sea  some time we  are going to fishing it is very thrilling. iam really enjoying that moments with my friends

09:26 AM May 14 2014 |




I haven’t seen an ocean neither a see, as in our country has just a bigger lake called “Balaton”. But we name it “The Hungrian see”. I go there every summer. It is very therapeutic for me. Although I can’t swim it is not dangeorus for me ,because the south part of it is not deep, and there is not any bigger fish like sharks. But you can boat, surf on it. You also can see many beautiful birds there like  swans. You can visit many castles, restaurants, wildparks, vine cellar among the forests and small mountains around the lake.

I would like to see an ocean or a see at once. I think it would be extraordinary and a bit frighteninig exprience for me as they are so enermous, beautiful and mysterical places at the the same time.

06:35 AM May 14 2014 |

2 people like this



Russian Federation

You feel real freedom when you see emerald horizon and absorb the salt air of the surf, and especially at this moment you understand that you are the part of endless history that named “life”.

06:19 AM May 14 2014 |


NuriaRuizSuper Member!


I live near the beach and I go almost every day to see the sea. Afortunately there is not sharks over here.

05:55 AM May 14 2014 |

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