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Put Our Heads Together
Put Our Heads Together English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of 'put our heads together'

Date: Mar 24 2015

Themes: Alternative, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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It’s sometimes said that ‘Two heads are better than one.’ When a problem needs solving or a project needs doing, it’s helpful to have two or more people thinking about how to be successful. One person can certainly do the job, but more than one means more ideas and more ways to get it done.

Likewise, when we put our heads together with others, we have a better chance of making a plan or fixing a problem than if we’re trying to do it alone. When two people are serious about working something out, they even move closer to each other. That ‘body language’ not only shows that they are truly interested in hearing what the other person is saying, but also that they understand how useful another person’s ideas can be.

Brian wants Gary and Marni to put their heads together with him to make a plan about Oscar the ghost. Will they say yes? Read on in today’s English lesson about working with others.

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Brian:  OK. We all know why we’re here. Let’s put our heads together and make a plan to get rid of Oscar.

Gary:  Do we have to get rid of him? Can we try to be friends with him?

Marni:  I’m OK with that. No need to start a war or anything.

Brian:  Fine. Let’s make nice. Gary, do you know the grocery store down the street?

Gary:  Sure. Why?

Brian:  I want you to go there and buy some food in bulk.

Marni:  Wait. How can you even think about food at a time like this?

Brian:  For Oscar. We’re going to leave some food out for him.

Gary:  This is a ghost, Brian, not Santa Claus.

Brian:  I know. But he might be hungry. Gary, do you know how to buy in bulk?

Gary:  Of course I do. I guess not, actually.

Marni:  It’s easy. Everything you want will be in big plastic bins. Just get a scoop, put whatever you want in the plastic bags…

Brian:  And then on the label you put the name of the food. The clerk will weigh it, and then they’ll tell you how much to pay.

Gary:  Is everything the same price?

Marni:  No. It’ll depend on what you’re buying. For example, rice is very cheap, but nuts in general are pretty expensive.

Gary:  So, what am I buying?

Brian:  Nuts, dried fruit, and beans.

Gary:  You’re the boss.

Marni:  What do you want me to do?

Brian:  I need a pillow, a blanket, and some books.

Marni:  Because Oscar is sleepy?

Gary:  He needs a nap.

Brian:  Listen, guys. Listen. I know what I’m doing.

Marni:  OK. I’m really glad we put our heads together to come up with this plan.

Gary:  Seriously. This better work.

Brian:  It’s going to work, all right.


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Brian believes that he knows how to stop Oscar from making trouble. He wants to leave food for Oscar… nuts, fruit, and beans… and he also wants a pillow, blanket and some books. It’s not clear if the pillow, blanket and books are for Oscar or for Brian. He hasn’t shared his plan yet!

Brian asks Gary to buy the food in bulk, and he asks Marni to bring the other items to the office. Gary and Marni aren’t sure that Brian knows what he’s doing, but they agree to do what he asks because they have no other ideas for how to stop the ghost. The problem with Oscar has been going on long enough, and they’ll try anything.

What do you think of Brian’s plan? Are you more successful when you put your head together with other people?



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Totally agreed with Lejla123. Brainstorming is more easier and simplier than “put our heads together”

01:15 PM May 31 2015 |



Serbia and Montenegro

For me in economic exist some better expresion and that is  ” brainstorming”

11:04 AM May 10 2015 |



Syrian Arab Republic

what that means ?

11:14 PM Apr 13 2015 |



“Coming together is a beginning;

keeping together is progress;

working together is success.”

Henry Ford

12:03 PM Mar 28 2015 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

Nice expression !

09:17 AM Mar 25 2015 |




I like to solve problems all by myself,then if  this doesn`t work out well  ,i use the plan B  , seeking external help.To wash one`s  hands  properly we need both of them .As  the Beatles song ” with a little help of my friends”. 

I can`t believe that Marni and Gary  are falling so easily for this absurd scheme. More likely i would believe that  Brian is about to open a grocery store  and need  to buy in bulk to start with,, jejejejeje


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

In my opinion, this is a  funny story and there is no relationship between puts our heads together and story , we are puts ours heads together to solve the problem not funny.

07:08 PM Mar 24 2015 |




Brian you need magic beans and Gary can’t find them in a grocery store…




Sometimes when you put your heads together, the other mind just says exactly what you couldn’t express in your words. And it’s so cool. It’s just like ’ the mystery is solved!’ It makes you more open minded, gives you confidence and might change your life, who knows! Remember the movie ’ the heart in atlantis’. The movie about how the boy got confidence with the right acquaintance!!. Always watch who you hang out with, they can make you successful and some!!! can leave a negetive input for the rest of your life!!
Honestly, I love ghosts and don’t mind their company. They’re harmless.

04:32 PM Mar 24 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


Well, there are two possibilities. First, Brian has been making up the whole ghost thing, so he can use Marni and Gary to bring him the things he needed, but it’s a little silly :)) So, the other possibility is Brian tries to make a food trap for oscar while he sleeps in the office using the things Marni will get for him, but I’m sure there’ll not be Oscar later, they’ll find out it’s nothing more than a mouse or someone walks asleep. But not a ghost anyway.

Yes, I prefer to put my head together with others, because it makes me get more ideas, and also take someone’s ideas to process it to be better. So, yes, putting people’s heads together is better than a single head. But some things need only your head to think about, not anybody else’s head, things only depend on you, I mean.

02:21 PM Mar 24 2015 |



like a Brain Storm :))))



Sri Lanka

Dear Brian, I hope you won’t get angry with me for saying this, but your plan sounds childish. Please, grow up, Brian! 

My brain works more effectively and gives better results when I’m in solitude. But I agree that putting our heads together with others means more ideas and more ways to get something done. And more troubles and confusions too! 




That’s funny…



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I guess finally they will find a rat in the office instead of Oscar! :V

Yes I usually find better solutions for my problems or worries when I put my head together with my close friends but not with everyone!

We have the same expression in our language but we say we put our thoughts together to solve something!

Also in management we call it brainstorming sessions! :)




I strongly suspected Brain is the ghost “Oscar”.He gave Marni and Brain assignments ,but what Brian gonna do?Be nice and make a negotiation with Oscar or himeself.

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