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Break Ups
Break Ups

Learn English meaning of break ups

Date: Apr 22 2020

Themes: Friend, Romance, Time

Grammar: Past Perfect Tense


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Falling in love can be one of the best feelings in the world. However, when people are in a relationship, that love may not last for many different reasons. Breaking up can be terrible, especially when you are the person who still wants to continue the relationship.

Being dumped is an awful feeling. Someone will always have their feelings hurt in a break up. It can feel even more awkward if you see the person who dumped you after it has happened. But most people can move on after being heartbroken and find another relationship.

Sara tells Brian about running into her ex and how it made her feel. Find out more in today’s English lesson about breaking up.


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Sara_R:  Hey, Brian. How’s it going?

Brian:  Good. How’re you doing?

Sara_R:  I’m doing OK. I just ran into an ex. And it brought up all kinds of memories about breaking up.

Brian:  That is the worst. I’ve had that happen before too. It’s so awkward.

Sara_R:  Especially because he dumped me. It was really painful.

Brian:  At least you’ve had some time to move on. I’m sure it’s still painful to see him. But, you can only stay down in the dumps for so long.

Sara_R:  Yeah, I was really heartbroken. And when I saw him I kind of felt heartbroken all over again. I thought I had healed. But maybe I still need more time to heal.

Brian:  I feel like time is always the factor. Even me, I’ve ran into some ex-girlfriends. When I see them, I get a rush and I remember all of the great times we had. It’s hard not to let your heart get the better of you.

Sara_R:  That’s true. It is good to remember all the good times and love and great feelings.

Brian:  It’s part of life and we have to deal with it.

Sara_R:  It is. Thanks for talking. This has really helped.

Brian:  Yeah. No problem.


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Sara recently saw her ex and it made her feel like her heart was breaking all over again. Her ex-boyfriend dumped her, but she wanted to keep being in a relationship with him. Luckily, she can share her feelings with her friend, Brian.

Brian suggests that she should not feel so bad. He says that being dumped is just part of life and that time can help her heal. Sara feels better about everything and is happy to have a friend like Brian to talk about this.

Have you ever been in a relationship that didn’t work out? How did you heal from it?



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I just break up with my wife after more 15 years of beautiful marriage. It’s hard, but we have childrens, so the relationship, in other way, will continue. I don’t want another relation, I feel is enough for now, and I think I can’t start a new relation at this moment. She dumped me and maybe I am depresed.

05:36 PM May 01 2019 |

joao correia


Life goes on 

Just it for now 

09:34 PM Apr 04 2016 |



Everything is a part of life :) to love is very beautiful feeling ..and to break up is painful ending of a relation..we have to accept them naturally..the best relation in the world is to love and to be loved mutually..in this case you can have happy moments ,colourful dreams,warm hopes..love covers your life with beautiful feelings..and to me , life is very beautiful with love..

but many of loves doesnt last long time..and all leavings,break ups have their own special reasons..and all leavings brings the pains to hearts ,less or more…break ups can be silent or loudly…suddenly or slowly …tears ,disappoinments,depressions follow the break ups..everybody tells ” life goes on ” its not easy to accept what happens in your small world ..your feelings,heart,soul ,hopes,dreams riot this reality…after days,weeks ,months,years you begin to accept it ..fire in your heart starts to fade away ..

they say, time heals break hearts..its very true…coz time means not only countable numbers ,but also its new meetings,new relations,new feelings,new rebirth ..

as ı said, life is beautiful with love…If one day a real love will knock your door ,dont sleep or dont lock the door ..:)))))



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Life is full of missing and gaining and falling into the habit is an attribute of human, If we have something for a long time we get addicted to that, of course having a deep emotion and relationship to someone is different.
Losing someone, ending a deep relationship could be so painful, but if it occurs, what can we do?
Human have good attribute and it is forgetfulness,
Gradually we forget everything good or bad! the best emotions or worse emotions, gently fade every thing in our mind something so early, another posterior!
Life is going on, if we couldn’t forget, we’ll lose more than we lost!

07:15 PM Apr 29 2015 |




Whatever it be, a  person or  material thing we get attached, inevitably , if for some reason we lose the bond  we must suffer, and as Brian said ” it`s part of life and we have to deal with it. Sara, get over it , nothing happens by chance , maybe Mr.  right  is waiting for you around the corner. What i am reading now in the newspapers  it is awful, so many women that  have decided to terminate a relationship  are viciously attacked by their ex that can`t accept to be dumped .  

04:03 PM Apr 29 2015 |



United States

Breaking up with some one is not fun. But if they did something to you to break up with them you should.

01:12 PM Apr 29 2015 |




that’s a good atittude sung by fabulous, gorgeous, strong Cher

’’Cos I’m strong enough
To live without you
Strong enough and I quit crying
Long enough now I’m strong enough
To know you gotta go;

12:54 PM Apr 29 2015 |




agree with Brian, don’t stay down in the dumps for so long, life must go on and it’s not only about heartbroken. After 10 years or later, probably the break up tragedy will be a funny thing to think about. And maybe this thought will come up “oh, I guess I don’t really fall in love with him/her as I imagined before, I have someone that I loved more after that” hehehe

12:34 PM Apr 29 2015 |




Princes, nice girls, in real, they would go after a free guy, but they made a boycott to him by hating him and keep on saying-’you derseve that, derserve that’ :)
A break up.. If it happened, it happened. If there’d been love in there, it wouldn’t have happened. Simple! A guy will be looking for a better match, as well as a girl does. Yes, in the beginning, it’s painful, but life is going on and we don’t need to be sad under no circumstances, let alone wishing someone ‘yes, you derserve that!’ It’s not our business to decide.

11:30 AM Apr 29 2015 |




Yes, I have. It was too painful to bear with at first. But just as Brian said, time is always the best medicine and breaking up is part of life. We all need to learn to deal with it. It is so unwise of those who end their lives due to failed relationships.

La Princesse de la vie


No, I haven’t, but I’d like to share my inexperience xD

I think it is not worthy all that sadness. Theoretically, there’s nothing deserves to feel down in the dumps for. That’s an inexperienced opinion, because they say easier said than done.

“Yeah it feels awkward to be dumped, but life should go on and who breaks up with you has lost a lot, and you must be grateful that he did, maybe you’ll meet someone better. So you need to heal fast and forget all about this” That what’s mostly said when a girl is dumped.

I have a friend, she was engaged to a colleague and they were together almost all the time, like attending lectures and sessions together, and we thought they fit each other properly, but then a few months later they broke up. My friend says he dumped her and she was really so down in the dumps and badly heartbroken. I think most girls now in the class hate him as much as her and they almost all abandoned him. He’s so lonely now, I sometimes feel sorry for him, but he deserves it after all xD

When she sees him, since he’s in the same class, she says it doesn’t bring up good memories, but just all bad memories. I think it’s not right that seeing an ex gets you a rush, it seems it brings up all the demons to her xD

She hasn’t totally healed yet, but I myself told her that she should move on and forget about him, but it’s still easier said than done. :(

08:00 AM Apr 29 2015 |

Naveen Singh Shahi


When men and women’s thoughts do not agreed in a point meanwhile, the relationship become start to reach in an end. 

04:34 AM Apr 29 2015 |

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