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Broken Bones
Broken Bones

Learn English with this health English lesson

Date: Mar 13 2013

Themes: Health

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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If you’re someone who is accident-prone, chances are you’ve broken a bone or two in your lifetime. Breaking a finger or toe can be a relatively minor injury, but a broken arm or leg can take a very long time to heal. Sometimes a broken bone even requires surgery.

When you’re young, breaking a bone might be seen as something kind of cool. You might get to wear a cast, and have all your friends sign their names or write get well messages. It’s probably more difficult to break a bone when you’re older, because it’s less exciting, and your bones might take longer to heal. Find out whether Mason or Greta has broken more bones in this health English lesson.




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Greta:  Have you ever broken a bone?

Mason:  Yeah, I did when I was in like fifth grade. I fell off the swings, backwards, broke my arm. It was pretty epic.

Greta:  But when you’re in fifth grade and you get a cast, it’s like kinda awesome, right, cause all your friends sign it, and it’s this badge of an adventure that you had.

Mason:  Yeah. That was what it was.

Greta:  All of my broken bones have happened as an adult, so there was never an aren’t-I-cool-sign-my-cast thing, it was just terrible that I had a broken bone.

Mason:  What happened?

Greta:  I don’t think of myself as being particularly accident-prone, but I have fallen off a boat and been hit by a car. And in both of those cases, I ended up with some broken bones. When I was hit by the car, I was on crutches for like almost three months. The lady ran over my foot and crushed most of the bones. So yeah, I guess I am accident-prone when you really think about it. But I don’t really view myself that way.

Mason:  So are you more cautious now, or do you worry about other people getting hurt a lot? How did that impact your behavior?

Greta:  I’m definitely more cautious. I don’t particularly like to go on the water. I always look both ways three or four times before I cross the street, and I don’t right now worry about everybody getting hurt. I think when I have kids, I will probably tend to be overprotective when it comes to anything that I perceive could break a bone, or get them hurt.


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Greta and Mason have both broken bones, but at very different times in their lives. Mason broke his arm when he was young. He got a cast, and it was cool, because his friends all signed it. The broken bone made it seem as if he’d had some kind of an adventure.

Greta, on the other hand, has only broken bones as an adult. It’s not nearly as much fun. It felt pretty terrible, actually.

Greta didn’t used to think of herself as someone who was accident-prone, but now that she’s gotten hit by a car and fallen off a boat, she may have to adjust her thinking. She’s much more cautious now, because she doesn’t want to get hurt again. She’ll probably be worried about her children getting hurt someday, too.

Have you ever broken a bone? Are you a cautious person? Are you accident-prone?



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Russian Federation

This is my favorite topic. I’ve Never broken any bones, but i make  a lot reduction of fracture bones. It’s connecting with my job, because i’m an orthopedist and i treat people with injuries, dislocations and fractures.

I don’t think that i’m an accident-prone, i try to be more cautious, especially after i started to work a physician i became more caution.

04:45 PM Aug 29 2015 |




When I was in first grade, I broke my arm. It happened on a swing. It was a swing that spun around like a spider. Inside was a large circle that all the children who were sitting on the swing had to turn to the movement. A piece of my jacket got into the mechanism of large circle. When its moving circle twisted my jacket and broke arm. One month I was in the hospital and a few weeks after my arm was in a cast. Now I have a reminder of this: two scars on my arm from the pin that was inserted into my arm. This is not funny! Take care of your health and your bones!

02:01 PM Apr 15 2013 |




yes, i’m a cautuous person and thanks goodness, i’ve never broken a bone!

11:19 PM Mar 25 2013 |



I had broken my medium finger. Stupid accident at work. 

11:13 PM Mar 25 2013 |



WEll,i don’t think i’m accident-prone because i kind of consider myself as being a very catious person.

11:47 PM Mar 20 2013 |




Although I have played soccer for long time when I was younger, I have never broken a bone. I think the most important reason was I have been more cautious about any kind of injury that might had been happened on me. I know some of my friend who are accident-prone, but it hasn’t been for me so far. When we are getting older, healing of broken bones will take longer. That is why we should be overprotective of ourselves everywhere we like to go that will help us to have healthy life in the future.

06:28 AM Mar 14 2013 |




I’ve been through that broken-bones thing once..when I was seven..and it wasn’t even a broken bone it was a “patella” dislocation ya know..that small circular bone in the middle of your leg..and the doctor..I mean that satan in disguise had to turn my leg upside down to get it back..back then I hated doctors..but ironically I’m a medical student now and I’m going to be a doctor soon…!!!

08:18 PM Mar 13 2013 |

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Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

to have a broken bone in any part of your body is not a right thing to heppen. i feel sorry with anyone has a broken bone in his or her body. let us praise the doctors,who are doing a wonderfully jos, healing those hurt. god must bless them., 

04:14 PM Mar 13 2013 |

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I have broken my arm  4 years ago when I played football with friends. The doc said me to be more careful and not doing any sports. But I didn’t deal with it, I played again a few days later.

I don’t worry every time to get hurt but I’m always careful.

03:34 PM Mar 13 2013 |



No I have never been to that serious broken bone situation,perhaps just minors,,I am a quite cautious of my way to go,and of the things i possibly pass.i always plant in my mind to take of care of myself always, so just think ahead of the situations those might happened before you go for and do it, accident can never be a pleasure to everyone

12:24 PM Mar 13 2013 |

Ya Nina


I suppose that broken bones never would be funny and cool accident. I’m sure that in any age broken bones bring their owners big trouble: for example, itch, pain and discomfort. Any injure bring in our lives emotional stress and physical discomfort. 

Certainly, I try to be cautious person, but sometimes to stay safe and sound is the very difficult task in our cities. Especially it belongs to those people who live in the snow winter. How often a lot of snow and ice on the road lead to multiple broken bones and casts. First of all the main responsible for all such accidents are houses and municipal services. Apparently they work up to the principles: “Why we have to clean the roads in the winter if tomorrow snow would go?”... 

12:02 PM Mar 13 2013 |

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I  have never  had a broken bone ,only minor  injuries. In America  ,friends on the opening day of a play wish good luck to the actor/actrees   saying “break  a leg” . There are several explanations why it is customary  to say so  . As for me, I can´t say  ”break a leg ” to my friends ,only to my worst enemies. looool

11:10 AM Mar 13 2013 |




when I was a child I was accident-prone, yes I broke my leg and arm,and I had to spend time at home with cast.I think a very cautious person can be injured.

09:11 AM Mar 13 2013 |



South Korea

actually, i have never been trough a broken-bone.i think i am not the one who is accident-prone . if i had it, it must have been epic. but i have seen a friend of mine have a cast on his arm who had got an accident when he was in soccor game.

chances are to be cautious after getting those expereices before. 

but we don’t need to be overprotective over our children. just say to them ” be caustious when you play outthere.

it’s not comfortable to wear a cast or carry a crutch everyday.

i have seen a get-well message on a cast. it’ s like a hope that someone is not gonna have an accident someday.

07:52 AM Mar 13 2013 |

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