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At One's Wit's End
At One's Wit's End English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of 'at one's wit's end'

Date: May 26 2015

Themes: Alternative, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Passive Voice


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A witty person is a funny person. But one’s wit is also a person’s intelligence. You can be living by your wits (making money in a clever way), or you can be scared out of your wits (so frightened that you feel crazy). If you have your wits about you, you’re ready to think quickly in a situation. Your wits are your ability to truly understand what’s happening around you.

If you’re at your wit’s end, you’re unable to think of any more ideas for how to solve a problem. Maybe your baby sister won’t stop crying, no matter what you try. Perhaps you’ve talked with many doctors about an illness, but nobody knows what’s wrong with you. You might feel at your wit’s end if a boy you don’t like calls and emails you every day. When you have tried and tried to fix a situation and you can’t find a solution, you are likely to feel at your wit’s end.

Jessica is at her wit’s end with the office ghost, Oscar. Can she make him stop causing problems? Read more in today’s English lesson about feeling frustrated.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jessica:  I am so nervous.

Brian:  Me, too. I love interviewing people, but it’s different when I’m being interviewed.

Jessica:  What time is the TV crew supposed to be here?

Brian:  7:00.

Jessica:  Huh. That was weird.

Brian:  What do you think the news anchor is going to ask us?

Jessica:  I think they’re going to ask us why we believe there’s a ghost in the building. What has he done? Are we afraid of him? Did anyone die here? Stuff like that.

Brian:  Is Oscar trying to tell us something? Well, are you, Oscar?

Jessica:  OK! I am at my wits end with you, mister! Do you hear me?

Brian:  I think he’s trying to communicate with you.

Jessica:  Do you understand me, Oscar? Good. Now you listen carefully! None of us has done anything to deserve this. You’re being a big bully.

Brian:  Yeah! A big bully.

Jessica:  We left food for you. We left you blankets, a pillow, and a book. What else do you want? Are you proud of yourself?

Brian:  I think that means “no.”

Jessica:  I sure hope so. Now find someplace else to haunt. Do I make myself clear? Good. Goodbye and good luck to you.

Brian:  Wow. I never want to put you at your wit’s end.

Jessica:  No, you don’t.


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Jessica is angry with the office ghost, Oscar. She is tired of all the trouble he causes, and she wants him to find a new place to haunt. Jessica believes that she and her friends don’t deserve to be scared and bothered all the time. She thinks it’s time for Oscar to go.

Jessica tells Oscar that she’s had enough. She lists everything that has been done for him, and points out that nothing seems to make him happy. Jessica tells Oscar to find a new home, because he isn’t welcome at the office anymore. It seems that Oscar is listening, because the lights turn on and off when Jessica asks if he understands her.

Do you believe in ghosts? What puts you at your wit’s end?



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La Princesse de la vie


Confronting an emergency puts me at my wit’s end, I usually panic and hardly can take breath and get totally out of my wits..

09:29 PM Jun 17 2015 |

2 people like this




I’m at my with’s ends when being caught up doing wrong, that was last time when I was teenagers. I’ve never been bumping to a ghost or such kind before and I never want to but I do belive it’s exist inspite of not a few people have seen it.

08:13 PM May 26 2015 |




Julito, Oscar turned off the lights twice. I think he is trying to comminucate with you :)

07:08 PM May 26 2015 |

2 people like this




I believe in ghosts and haunted houses , and if they really exist  i have never being bothered  by them. But this supposedly ghost that it is in the office has also me  at my wit`s end . I think that it is about time Oscar leave us alone , we have more important things to do than discussing  about a deceased  that refuses to leave this world. 

05:53 PM May 26 2015 |


Saudi Arabia


04:03 PM May 26 2015 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Haha! Good solution Shoba!!

This way we can haunt Oscar by marriage! :V

Dear Olya!

Im agree with you!

We must scare of humans more than ghosts! :|

03:41 PM May 26 2015 |




Mahtab, even if a ghost is not that good, what it can do to you. Nothing. Maybe I’ve seen too much dangereous real people, then I’d rather deal with ghosts…

03:35 PM May 26 2015 |



Sri Lanka

Several times, several things and several people have put me at my wit’s end, but I have never been at my wit’s end because of a ghost. I really pity our Jessica.

In my view, instead of offering food and blankets, Jessica should find a female ghost for Oscar. I’m sure this will keep him out of mischief for some time. 



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Dear Olya!!!

I think you expect to see Casper! :-)

I hope you dont meet a bully ghost instead of the little and cute Casper tonight! o_O

03:16 PM May 26 2015 |



Mayby he exist but I never look ghost. My friends think that his house is haunted by poltergeist.

I don’t know if I belive in ghost. Oscar to appear friendly and he is nice.

03:09 PM May 26 2015 |




Honestly, I like ghosts. I like them because they’re harmless!!! They’re quiet, just only once you can hear some noises and then you’re excitedly – the ghost, the ghost, I saw the ghost… alas no, it wasn’t a ghost, just a wind or the old house floor crack. So, I’ll be soooo excited if I see the real ghost. For sure, i’ll be scared out of my wits and will be afraid of my own shadow for the rest of my life, but I’ll go for it, just to see the ghost, a tiny, nice friendly ghost :))))



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Why should I think everything I couldn’t see, isn’t exist! I do believe in ghosts.
In these lessons it’s so interesting to me that Oscar puts them at their wit’s end! And also Oscar puts some of learner at their wit’s end!
When I have an urgent work and my computer is getting slow or is hanging, I feel I am at my wit’s end!
Arguing with a fool could put me at my wit’s end! Although, It is folly to argue with a fool.

I think traveling with a good friend or one of our family who is very close to us in most cases is better than traveling alone or traveling with a big group!



United States

Puzzel and clening.

12:35 PM May 26 2015 |

1 person likes this




Just like S&W and Mahtap I am at my wit’s end with lessons about Oscar.

Come on, an office ghost :)

I really don’t believe in ghosts. Doesn’t seem likely to me.

10:59 AM May 26 2015 |

Naveen Singh Shahi


Rhyme of the English poem makes me “puzzle”.

Some lines are too “confusing”.

Your an wanted expression makes me “perplexed”.

and they teach me the meaning of “At One’s Wit’s End”.

08:44 AM May 26 2015 |




I am tired of Oscar,Is that ghost really exist or just play a special role for this lesson.I had believe in ghost but i don’t believe Oscar any more.Let us move on from Oscar.

When i try to explain something with a very stubborned person put me at my wit’s end



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

No I dont believe in ghosts and I am at my wit’s end with lessons about Oscar!! We dont deserve thisss!!! Its supposed to be we will be haunting by Oscar on Ebaby soon or late! Haha!

Why they call the ghost bully?! Did he beat them?If not I think I have to! Please leave the ghosts to live in peace! :))

Sometimes when I try to convince someone to do or not to do something I feel at my wit’s end!:)

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