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Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery

Learn English meaning of plastic surgery

Date: Jul 09 2019

Themes: Fashion, Pop Culture


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Everybody wants to be attractive. Nobody wants to have wrinkles or crow’s feet. But not everybody deals with these things the same way. Some people want to look different so badly, that they choose to get plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery can be good for people who want to change their appearance. But getting too much work could make you look unnatural or even unrecognizable. So be careful!

Sara says plastic surgery is highway robbery. Find out why in today’s English lesson about changing one’s style.


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Sara_R:  Kellie?

Kellie:  Yeah?

Sara_R:  How do you feel about plastic surgery?

Kellie:  Well, when I was younger, I was really against it. I thought it was a really bad idea. But now that I’m getting older, and I have more wrinkles, now I’m kind of considering it for the future.

Sara_R:  I feel the same way. When I was younger, I wouldn’t imagine getting plastic surgery. But now that I have some crow’s feet, and I’m feeling like I’m past my prime, I’ve definitely thought about plastic surgery.

Kellie:  I think you can go too far with it, to where it looks unnatural. But if I ever got anything done it would be something super small, so that it would hopefully look natural.

Sara_R:  Yes, it’s scary to see pictures of actresses who are unrecognizable with all the surgery they’ve had.

Kellie:  If you get too much on your face, you won’t even see your facial expressions much anymore, which is a little crazy.

Sara_R:  Not good.

Kellie:  I don’t know how much it costs. I haven’t gone that far into looking into it.

Sara_R:  Oh, highway robbery.

Kellie:  Oh, no!



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When Kellie was young, she thought that plastic surgery was bad. But now that she is a little bit older, she might consider getting plastic surgery to get rid of her wrinkles. She thinks that sometimes people can change their appearance too much, though, and look unnatural.

Sara agrees that plastic surgery can be a good thing. But she gets scared when she sees actresses who are unrecognizable after getting too much done. She also thinks that plastic surgery is highway robbery.

How do you feel about plastic surgery? Do you think it can look good?



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For ever young , hmmmm, this is a battle  that sadly it is lost  from the very beginning,    aging is inexorable .It is ok if Kellie wishes to enhance her looks , a little touch here and there , only that she must not be obsessed when she sees that new wrinkles start showing  on her face . I would suggest  that meditation is of great help  to delay the process of aging , not only that , with meditation comes internal beauty ,people will instantly  ask what is the secret , how is it that her face is so radiant and peaceful.  




Well,i don’t know anything about plastic surgery,and i think i’m not against it in some way.Having wrinkles it’s sth normal,and doesn’t need plastic surgery,anyway,this is my opinion,and i think that everbody’s a reason of doing it.

08:49 PM Jun 22 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


Well, it’s one of life’s rules to go through the three stages of life, childhood, where you are taken care of, youth, where you are going to live your life and have your time enjoying your beauty and your liveliness and then you have a family and get kids to look after, then slowly you’re going past your prime getting closer to aging, and here you start to have wrinkles and crow’s feet, no shame in that, ‘cause all the people around by a way or another are going to experience the same phase at some point unless someone dies young! 

It’s not a shame to care about beauty, contrariwise, you have got to care about yourself and your appearence, but without encroaching on nature. You can use natural herbs or home masks and get a healthy sleep like our friend Ola said, but resorting to a plastic surgery is not really what’s gonna solve the knot..

When we talk about surgeries, right off the bat, one thinks it’s a medical issue. So surgeries are supposed to be for medical problems, how come it began to be a luxurious service!



I’m not against to changing outlooking..reasons arent important..

people who go to Plastic surgery have different reasons for it…and its their choice..

to want youngness and beauty is not crime or sin or mistake ..human being look for its secret for centuries .and Plastic Surgery offers this chance..

yes ,maybe its risky ..its little dangerous..but they think its worth …

ı like my natural looking and ı dont want plastic surgery ..and ı dont have enough money for highway robbery ..

12:01 PM Jun 22 2015 |




I’ve never seen a person yet whose appearance has improved after plastic surgery. I think making special face-lifting exercises with home-made masks will do some wonders. People after plastic surgery look weird, scary and not natural. Just enjoy the face you were born with, radiate kindeness, compassion, love and you will be the most beautiful person on the planet!



Plastic surgery.. No way. I only believe on natural apperance. Plastic surgery might be option in accident  cases.




I have never thought of it and I am nearly sure that it can be harmful for health in future .It is enough to keep positiveness in life and have active way of life and you will save a good look.What about wrinkles,they can be decreased by natural ways too.It is possible to be attractive in all ages.




Call me old fashioned but I don’t think olastic surgery is a good idea if the goal is to be more beutiful. I believe natural appearance is always the most beautiful way.

Plastic surgerty might be necessary after an accident maybe but that’s completely different.



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Generally every body has normal appearance and doesn’t need plastic surgery.
All kind of surgery are risky, If there is no necessity, why should people do that!

I think having some wrinkles and crow’s feet is not worth to getting plastic surgery!

But someone has a serious problem with her\him appearance, it is different situation, he\she need to do and that risky act is worth to do.



Dominican Republic

In my humble opinion the plastic surgery (when has an exclusively static objective) does not resolve any problem. when a person don’t feel good about himself a surgery will not change him/her thinking… I think it’s more effective to accept himself/herself.



I’m not interested about go into plastic surgery for  change myself apperance but I can understand that other people do.

When I was younger my thoughts were more radically agaisnt it, I thought it was a matter for silly people, but now I recognize that some people work require a good phisical aspect.

03:51 AM Jun 22 2015 |




I am hundred percent accept plastic surgery.When i was in college ,friends around me had done double fold single-edged eyelid surgery which is very common in china.Since i have read some news about some foreigners have accepted uncountable surgeries to become a real barbie doll,That’s sounds crazy to me.Although,Everyone has the right to persuit of beauty.No matter what kind od surgery you are going to take,The premise is to be safe and healthy.



Russian Federation

In my opinion plastic surgery can help people.

In some cases you need to do it, for example after burns or some accidents, when you have unnatural part of body.

In some cases if you want to be more beautiful, you can make it to, to reduce wrinkles or crow’s feet.

But i’m sure you shouldn’t do a lot of plastic surgery operations, because you can be unrecognisable after it. Also every operation is highway robbery, so not everyone can afford to do it.




I just did a Bing search for the worst plastic surgeries, and saw some horrifying pictures of women who had been disfigured. Awww!

03:31 AM Jun 16 2015 |

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