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Binge Watching
Binge Watching

Learn English meaning of 'karaoke'

Date: Oct 02 2019

Themes: Celebrity, Health, Pop Culture, Tech

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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The world is always changing. Ten years ago, if you wanted to see a movie, you had to walk to the movie store and rent it. Or if you liked a TV show, you had to wait for a new episode to come out every week.

But things have changed, and those activities can now be done with the click of a button. With sites like Netflix and Hulu, binge watching TV shows has become very easy and very common. You can watch episodes of the same TV show all day!

Jessica and Romeo are talking about watching too much TV. Find out who has been binge watching in today’s English lesson about a mindless activity.


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Jessica:  I can’t stop watching Netflix.

Romeo:  Oh, no!

Jessica:  I know. I don’t know what to do. Some of these shows that I’m watching, they’re so mindless. But I have been sitting there marathon watching episode after episode of these shows.

Romeo:  And I bet it’s so addictive.

Jessica:  It is!

Romeo:  You should really get help for that.

Jessica:  I know, but the episodes start automatically, so you’re compelled to just sit there and keep watching.

Romeo:  And indulge in the marathon.

Jessica:  Exactly!

Romeo:  No.

Jessica:  You can’t tell me you don’t do this.

Romeo:  I do not have enough time to watch TV.

Jessica:  Well, you’ll have to help me get away from my television and actually get outside. Instead of sitting here watching all of this mindless TV, what should I do instead?

Romeo:  How about go to the gym?

Jessica:  That sounds great!

Romeo:  Let’s do it.

Jessica:  Sounds good.


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Jessica has found that she is watching way too much TV on Netflix. She says that she marathon watches episodes of her favorite TV show, and doesn’t like that she is doing something so mindless. She tells Romeo about her problem, and agrees that it is really addictive.

Romeo is worried about Jessica because he thinks she watches too much TV. Romeo doesn’t have time to binge watch TV, because he likes to spend his time doing other things, like going to the gym. He invites Jessica to come with him so that she can get away from her TV.

Do you ever binge watch TV? What is your favorite show?



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I have also binged ultimatelly, series like: chernovil has caught my atention

01:26 AM Oct 07 2019 |




Yes, I have binged sometimes, I watched Prison break and I remember spending  almost a four weekend in row with this tv show. I also like games of thrones.. It is a great tv show, it is addictive…  

10:01 PM Oct 01 2015 |




The next movie will be Everest:)

06:51 PM Sep 30 2015 |




I just watched Transilvania 2 in the theatre. Didn’t want to go, but went for the sake of my kid. I have lots of nice movies at home to watch, plus Netflix and all that stuff. I didn’t regret my going out to watch the movie. It’s a special feeling to sit and watch the movies in a theatre. And the animation was so likalbe. Denisovich was adorable and all the character in. I enjoyed it a lot. Lots of fun got from watching it. So if the bingwatching brings a good feeling, I don’t mind. Why not?

06:50 PM Sep 30 2015 |


United States

Binge watching movies is a girl style , most men don’t like binge watching movies . I usuallly watch the 1st episode and the last one ….lol ….. 

04:32 PM Sep 30 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

As my first experience in binge-watching series, I watched 8 episodes of “Prison Break” in a row. It was dope and episodes always ended at the most exciting point that I couldn’t help binge-watching. But I can’t call it great because I finished all the seasons in no time and the fun ended too quickly so I’d rather space it out a little than binge-watching.

10:43 AM Sep 30 2015 |

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