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Learn English meaning of surfing

Date: Jan 11 2016

Themes: Hobbies, Sports

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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Right now, you are probably sitting at your computer. Wouldn’t you rather be relaxing at the beach? You could swim, work on your tan, or play in the sand. Or, you could ride the waves on a surfboard!

Surfing is a water sport. Many people in who live on the coast love to surf. It is fun, exciting, and a great workout. However, surfing can also be dangerous. You can run into hazards like a riptide or big waves. You could even have an encounter with a shark! It is important to be safe and bring a friend when you surf.

Brian wants Sara to try surfing. Listen to the dialog to find out if she will ride the waves.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Brian:  Hey Sara, do you surf? I was thinking of going to the coast and taking some boards out there.

Sara_R:  Not at all. It sounds really hard.

Brian:  Really? Oh… well, I have a spare surfboard and a wetsuit. I can go out and teach you how to ride the waves. It’s not that difficult.

Sara_R:  It sounds difficult. So, I have to paddle against the current, or… ?

Brian:  It’s just practice. It’s like riding a bicycle, which, now, probably seems a lot easier than when you started. Really, honestly, I hadn’t surfed for a long time. My friend took me out. I was scared of hazards and whatnot, but I didn’t have any dangerous encounters. After three times, I really got the hang of it, and I really enjoy it.

Sara_R:  Well, I guess I could give it a try.

Brian:  Great. The only thing you have to look out for is riptides, but I will show you. That will be our first lesson, how to get out of a riptide.

Sara_R:  Oh, gosh. OK.

Brian:  I promise you’ll have fun.

Sara_R:  OK. Let’s do it.


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Brian wants to know if Sara likes to surf. He wants to go to the coast and was hoping to take a friend with him. Sara has never gone surfing, and she is a little bit nervous about it. She thinks it sounds difficult.

Brian says that surfing can be difficult at first, but it is like riding a bicycle. Once you get enough practice, you will remember how to do it. He says that he just went surfing, and he did not have any difficulties or bad experiences. He can teach Sara how to surf. Sara is still not sure, but she agrees to try it.

Do you live near the coast? Do you want to go surfing?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

That’s beautiful ,but dangerous too,

07:12 AM Jan 12 2016 |

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WordsmithSuper Member!

United States

I tried to surf once. It was a very cold, stormy day. It was a lot of work to just try to surf that day. I stood up on my board only once, and I was so cold. Surfing is an interesting sport, but it takes a lot of practice and strength! 

07:41 PM Jan 11 2016 |


United States

I love surfing but I don’t like sharks . People kill sharks more than sharks kill people , therefore , a man with weapons in hands is the most dangerous specie on the sea . 

05:52 PM Jan 11 2016 |

1 person likes this



surfing is  something fun but it’s difficult and scary for me .

04:58 PM Jan 11 2016 |




Surfing looks cool. I have herad that there are many how are afraid of being attacked by sharks, well a study shows that more people are attacked by coconuts than by sharks. Fun facts. 

04:24 PM Jan 11 2016 |



surfing is fun .But i didnt know how dangerous it is untill I saw people doing surf.there were rocks and can be sharks.I wanted to try but I was told like this there was a man who  was atttacked by shark and he lost his legs.But this accident didnt stop him.He can surf again with an artificial leg .this is why i didnt try but  I swam in an another area ,where is no waves , with fear of attacking by shark.I think i was lucky :)

04:17 PM Jan 11 2016 |

joao correia


Yes. Surfing is amazing but I don’t live near the coast it is a pitty 

04:16 PM Jan 11 2016 |



never try it, maybe someday :D

09:55 AM Jan 11 2016 |



Sounds good

09:14 AM Jan 11 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like surfing but i am afraid from sea

08:40 AM Jan 11 2016 |



I’m not living near the coast and I have not though to do surf .
I would like to say it is kind of strong sport among all others sports .
The reason why surfing needs strong legs and to be able control all processing by brain .
That’s my point view .

03:19 AM Jan 11 2016 |

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