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Learn about hoverboards in this English lesson

Date: Mar 25 2016

Themes: Hobbies, News, Pop Culture, Tech

Grammar: Adverbs


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What is your favorite way to get around? Do you drive or take public transportation? Or do you prefer to be outside, zipping from place to place on a hoverboard? Hoverboards are the hot new trend. They were first imagined in the 1980s movie, Back to the Future. Unlike the hoverboards in the movie, today’s hoverboards do not actually fly. However, they can move without any help from the rider. So if you are on a hoverboard, you don’t have to do any work… all you have to do is stand there and move your feet!

On the other hand, there are some risks to hoverboards. People can fall off them easily, causing injuries. They have even been known to explode when they get too hot! Recently, Amazon.com stopped selling hoverboards altogether. Maybe, in the future, they will improve the design. Who knows… we might even get a hoverboard that actually flies!

Andy and Jessica are talking about hoverboards. Listen and find out what they think.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Andy_H:  Hey Jessica, I want to talk to you about the hotness of this new hoverboard trend.

Jessica:  Oh my gosh, I am obsessed with Back to the Future, and I can’t believe that hoverboards are actually becoming popular!

Andy_H:  See, I guess that’s where my opinion comes in, is, hoverboards aren’t really hoverboards. They’re mostly just tools for people to be lazier. In my opinion, of course.

Jessica:  Oh, they’re so cool, though! They’re so futuristic... I don’t know, I think it would be pretty neat to just hover around the city and go from place to place, feeling like you’re flying.

Andy_H:  True, but they’re made pretty cheaply, and now they can’t be put on a plane. And I think it’s promoting a whole idea of not exercising and being lazy.

Jessica:  Oh, I guess I see what you’re saying. It sounds like there are some safety concerns, some very valid safety concerns. I didn’t realize they were on the No Fly List, though.

Andy_H:  They are! Apparently, they’ll explode if you overheat them.

Jessica:  Oh my gosh, that’s so scary! Maybe I will reconsider my infatuation of hoverboards.

Andy_H:  Well, I’ll tell you what. A hoverboard is something you won’t see me on in the near future.

Jessica:  Oof. Maybe me either.


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Jessica is so excited that hoverboards are actually happening. She loves the movie Back to the Future, and she has always wanted a hoverboard. She thinks it would be great to hover around from place to place as if she were flying.

Andy does not like hoverboards. He thinks they promote laziness. If people are riding a hoverboard, they will not get any exercise. He also thinks hoverboards are not made very well and that they can be dangerous. They can explode if they get too hot. Jessica was not aware of all the risks, but she agrees with Andy that hoverboards do not sound very safe. She thinks that her infatuation with hoverboards might be over for the time being.

Do you want to ride a hoverboard? Have you seen Back to the Future?



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joao correia


Sorry but I don’t like it 

I don’t want one, because I like skate board 

The future is now!

10:20 PM Mar 27 2016 |




I wanna it

06:23 AM Mar 27 2016 |



I wouldn’t like to ride a hoverboard, I think is dangerous, and I don’t have the skill.  

I have seen “Back to the future” and the protagonist has the skill.

02:21 AM Mar 27 2016 |




I  wouldn´t like to smash my head on the floor. I have seen videos of people ridiculousy loosing the balance and hitting the floor. I prefer public transportation or otherwise walking. They were much in use for employees to get around in public offices .Very convenient if you have to deliver correspondence in large compounds.

06:38 PM Mar 25 2016 |

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