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Learn English meaning of meditation

Date: Jul 16 2019

Themes: Health, How To

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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Do you ever feel like you have too much stress? Does life sometimes feel overwhelming? We all have bad days, but if this happens to you on a regular basis, you might want to try meditation.

These days, with everyone on their phone or computer all the time, we don’t often think about our mental health. And even though some people think meditation is just a trend, it can really help you focus on things that will relieve your stress.

Gary wants to try meditating to reduce his stress. Find out what Jessica thinks in today’s English lesson about mental health.


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Gary:  Jessica.

Jessica:  Yes?

Gary:  I have been trying to find a way to control my stress, because there is just so much going on in my life. And I’ve heard about meditation.

Jessica:  I actually use meditation…

Gary:  You do!

Jessica:  on a regular basis for stress management.

Gary:  It just seems so overwhelming. I don’t understand how to start.

Jessica:  Well, it’s so important to take time out of your day. And just be self-aware, and really just try to focus on something other than the daily stresses in our lives.

Gary:  Really? It feels like it’s a trend. Everybody’s talking about, “Oh, I do this. I’ve tried meditation. I’ve done that.” I don’t understand how you start it. I guess I really do just feel so overwhelmed.

Jessica:  Well, and it’s different for everyone. So maybe you and I can hang out and I’ll show you how I meditate.

Gary:  I would love to learn.

Jessica:  Cool.


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Gary wants to start meditating. He is looking for a new way to control his stress, so he asks Jessica about it. He wants to learn how to meditate, but he is worried that it is just a trend.

Jessica meditates on a regular basis. She thinks it is great for stress management. She thinks it is important to be self-aware, and focus on things that don’t give us stress. Jessica meditates because it is good for her mental health.

Do you meditate? How do you like to relax?



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GWTASuper Member!


I’ve never meditated, when I’m stressed, I sit down on my motorbike and drive an hour around the area

09:46 AM Jul 16 2019 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

meditation is useful for mind and relax us.i like it and do it in darkness.alone and with lots of concentration

06:57 PM Dec 25 2016 |




There are different kinds of meditation. Mindfulness [Meditation] can be practiced any time, anywhere. Although you still have to make the conscious effort to do it. If we start by doing formal forms of meditation and practice each day, then being mindful in everyday life becomes more natural. Because for sure, mindfulness isn’t meant to just come to a halt when our meditation timer goes off.

Even Anapanasati is not simply mindfulness… it’s a misconception that it means just being mindful of the breath. It is experiencing things as they really are (also look into Vipassana), and when we understand and experience anatta, nonduality, impermanence, etc. and understand the true nature of our mind and thoughts and suffering… it really changes our entire way of thinking and understanding and slowly it becomes second nature. It’s easy to intellectually comprehend that our idea of “self” is false and we’re impermanent, that everything’s interconnected, that we should do this and that… many people will even sloppily try to apply this knowledge to their everyday life. It’s a nice start, but until we remove all the crap that’s accumulated in ours minds, all of the deluded ways of thinking, we’re never going toreally change.

09:51 AM Aug 27 2015 |




Meditation is our part of relax time body fit. it is refres our mind and good thinking. so can we exercise in our life.

03:21 AM Jul 12 2015 |




Recently somebody shared a link with me about the use and the magic of the meditation. It was very interesting to watch it.

As for me,  I never tried it on practice :( I wish I had a teacher who would teach me how to do it correctly and usefully. 

06:30 PM Jul 11 2015 |



Russian Federation

I’ve never meditated jet. But after this lesson i have a desire to do it.

I know there are more than 100 different type of meditation, most of them like a part of some religion. I’ll get in a try it, but i know that it’s not easy to stop thinking during the meditation.

Usually, if i need to relax i go to the park, try to find a quiet place without people and have a rest. When i spend time in nature in the forest, ponds, lakes, when i hear bird songs and can breathe a clean air i relax

04:18 PM Jul 09 2015 |


United States

Is it mediation and yoga on the same boat ?

02:59 PM Jul 08 2015 |




As La Princes i used to try Yoga but i coudn’t learn how,i was just to sat in my bed and close my eyes and travel to another world!!For me,i like sitting at night and staring to stars,i compare them somtimes,:D the sky ,and the beautiful thing is the moon,it’s awesome,i just keep staring at it,and i let go of all my bad thoughts,i just focus on the beauty of this gorgeoius thing i forget everthing arround me…Also,watching Sunset and sun raise,it’s so cool,i love it,i really forget about everything,it makes me relax and feel happy :).




It is said that at the beginning when we try to meditate the mind resists to let go of  the uncountless thoughts that come to it, making almost impossible to relax and feel calm. Sometimes our mind is an state that it is compared with a drunken monkey and to make things worst has been stung by an scorpion, monkeys by their own nature are restless ,  can we imagine the situation of that poor monkey , so it is with a restless  mind . Meditation is of great help to sooth our mind ,every day early in the morning and at the sunset is best, persistence is necessary .Gary should follow Jessica advice ,nothing is better than peace of mind .   



Russian Federation

Meditation for me is being with myself alone in a comfort place. When it is possible to let go all the thoughts and just try to feel inside… try to throw out unnecessary information from my head. 



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I don’t know it’s a trend or not, most of us have a stressful life in big cities, we have lots of responsibility, and a lot of goals are in our mind! Could we think who we are? Human potential is limited we couldn’t afford all of them.

so we need to reduce our responsibility and goals! And finding times to think about ourselves! It can help us to be relax, going to nature could be a good way to be relax too. Seeing trees, lakes, rivers, breathing fresh air is useful for body health and of course mental health.



maybe Meditation is a resting of our souls..forgetting daily troubles,escaping from daily stress for some time.. 

Maybe Meditation is a place between two lifes.its a silent place for feeling this life is short.No need to be greedy,selfish,cruel in this life..

Pray is wonderful meditation way..,yoga too but ı dont know it very well ..

my meditation is to do somethings what ı love ..


South Korea

I am doing meditation every day. It is really good for your not only mental health but also your better life. Meditation is not that difficult, just sit down anywhere you feel comfortable. Chair, bed, sofa, anywhere is fine, but remember, the sitting must not be too much relaxed like you fall into sleep immediately. Next step is making your back straight, I mean seat up straight. Then just close your eyes and feel your breadth. Every time when you breathe in and out your belly will go up and down. Just feel that movement without thinking. If you are just beginner, you will realize how difficult to think nothing but by doing that on a regular basis you would learn how to remove thinking from your brain and focus on your belly movement. Do it as much as you want. I am doing 5 to 10 min. every day. That’s all about meditation. It is really easy but gives you much better life. Key is doing regular basis. 




When i was a child ,i lived in rural and i went to mountain everyday.I always like to sat on a big and flat stone ,closed my eyes,taken a deep breath.There had nothing in my head and as i opened my eyes i saw sunlight.Nature shows me what a beautiful day it is

Naveen Singh Shahi


I love meditation.

08:06 AM Jul 08 2015 |




I pray five times a day, this is my meditation. It is relaxing enough. You put everything about daily life aside and concentrate one praying. 

Princes, you have an amazing way of relaxing, I envy you. I cannot enjoy the beutiful night sky due to light polluted big city I live in.




Meditation is a great feeling. I’ve never read books about it but know how it feels. It’s really relaxing, recharging flow of energy that generates out of your free mind. You kinda don’t think at all at the moment, all the worries gone, and you greatly enjoy that emptiness. The irony of it the forceful meditation is not that efficient as a spontaneous one when the place, the time, the mindset, all match for a blissful relaxation. That is my experience at least.

La Princesse de la vie


I tried to learn Yoga before, but I failed it unfortunately. But now I try to get on the house roof and look up to the clear starlit sky, not thinking of anything, but contemplating that stunning beauty, and it really relieves me, kicking every little bug out of my mind. I try to do that on a regular basis, but my mum tells me it’s silly to sit alone all that time looking at the sky. She doesn’t get it. 

It really upsets me that most people are not aware of it, that meditation became a must in everybody’s life, because the more life proceeds, the harder and busier it gets and it needs something to relieve that burden getting heavier over our shoulders. I try to meditate every once in a while, it’s so helpful and relieving.

01:36 AM Jul 08 2015 |

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