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Learn English meaning of edutainment

Date: Jun 05 2020

Themes: Hobbies, School, Tech

Grammar: Conjunctions


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How do you like to learn? Most people have a learning style that they like best. Some people like talking about topics, others like to read a textbook, some enjoy having a teacher give them instruction, and others prefer to play games. This last style of learning is becoming more popular nowadays because of modern technology. People are mixing education with gaming. This is called gamification.

With gamification, education becomes more immersive. Students often think about topics very deeply when they play games. Some people are skeptical about this type of learning because it is not traditional, and it doesn’t need to happen in a classroom. However, most millennials enjoy learning this way. It feels natural to them.

Andy thinks that educators may be onto something with gamification. Listen as he tells Kelsey his thoughts in today’s English lesson.


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Andy_H:  I just came back from visiting my cousins, and you wouldn’t believe how they’re learning nowadays.

Kelsey:  What do you mean?

Andy_H:  Well, they were showing me this really cool game that they had on their iPad, and it was teaching them history lessons about the Mayflower.

Kelsey:  Are you saying that they’re using video games in the classroom setting?

Andy_H:  I absolutely am! So, what they’re doing is gamifying, or using gamification, to make education a lot of fun.

Kelsey:  You know, it does sound very interesting. I’m just a little skeptical that it’s too much focus on entertainment and not on instruction.

Andy_H:  Whatever way a kid is going to learn, they’re going to learn that information. But do you want to just shove it down their throats with a textbook, or do you want to let them play?

Kelsey:  Yeah, you know, it’s very interesting. I think they might be onto something.

Andy_H:  I think so as well. And, you know, this immersive style of teaching is a real hallmark of millennials.


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Andy’s young cousins showed him a game they were playing. It was about the history of the United States and the Mayflower. Andy thought this was really cool because they were enjoying the game but also learning. He tells Kelsey about this, and at first, she is skeptical. She thinks it might be more important to have a teacher give them instruction.

Andy explains that gamification is just another way to learn. Games don’t need a teacher or classroom, but they can help students to learn many different things. In his opinion, this is better than shoving instruction down student’s throats. Kelsey thinks about Andy’s ideas, and she agrees that educational game makers may be onto something.

What is your favorite game to play? What did this game teach you?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

This is the first time that I`ve heard Edutainment. nice word. Although, I am a more classical person in everything, but I guess gamification can be a good way to teach others. it is far creative than the classical methods. Although, I do not want to shove the instruction down student`s throats, but i am a little skeptical about the future of gamifying the education. you should always be careful about the innovative ideas!

05:25 PM Jun 05 2020 |



No particular favorite game for me. I play mahJong, which sounds no educational but time-killing game, full of luck involved.

08:42 AM Jun 03 2016 |




Educators must also reinvent  themselves by coming up with new ideas as to how to get students interested in learning science and history. I agree with Andy that gamification has a word to say on this. Text books no doubt are necessary, but in these times a student mind can more easily grasp the subject if it is presented in a”palatable” format , and what a genius idea , playing and learning at the same time. I learn a lot doing crosswords puzzles.

09:22 PM Jun 01 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Honestly I have no favorite game. I don’t have enough time to play game. From my point of view, mix of several methods of learning is better than one of them!

It seems the best method is something like learner should be interactive. If learner is active in learning process it will be more effective than for example you sit in the class and only listen to teacher. These kinds of learning method takes me to fall asleep!

05:13 PM Jun 01 2016 |




I lovee listening to music, specially those English songs. My best way of learning something is note some things on the notebook, while listen to my fav playlist♡

02:06 PM Jun 01 2016 |

Sami Aswad

Sami Aswad


I’m really onto education games , especially brain games ;)

11:12 AM Jun 01 2016 |


United States

I enjoy playing chess. It teaches you how to think ahead and in the present time.

08:55 AM Jun 01 2016 |


Saudi Arabia

hmm nice topic to know how we can get a perfect way to learn something

I prefer reading news paper to learn about something and also

the games can give you a lots of details and instructions

also games gives you enjoying time to learn

you will never be bored while you learning




08:00 AM Jun 01 2016 |



I love educational games. I love leaning hem and I love using them in my classroom to teach my students. 

Games are not enough for learning by themselves, they should not replace teachers or textbooks but they should be used as a way of practicing in a fun way. That’s what I think. 

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