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Identity Theft
Identity Theft

Learn English meaning of 'identity theft'

Date: Jun 13 2016

Themes: News, Tech

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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Can you imagine life without computers and internet? It would be harder to talk to friends, pay bills, and do research for homework. The internet makes life convenient because it helps us do so many things, but it also makes life a little risky sometimes. If you use the internet, you should take precautions to make sure no one steals your money or your identity.

If you don’t think about safeguarding your personal information, you might be targeted by a criminal. Maybe, you’ll turn on the computer one day and find out that a thief wiped you clean! Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure you secure your passwords, and use encryptions if you need to. The internet can help you live a convenient life, but you have to be careful when you use it.

Dominique and Jessica are talking about identity theft. Listen to this English lesson to find out who had her identity stolen!


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Dominique:  Jessica! Somebody, the other day, stole my identity.

Jessica:  Are you serious?

Dominique:  Can you believe that? They just took my credit card information.

Jessica:  That is so scary. I’m always so worried that I haven’t taken the necessary precautions to secure my computer or my cellphone. I’ve heard of stories of this happening, but it’s never happened to me.

Dominique:  I do all my banking online, so I’m constantly online, checking my account. I don’t have to go in, I don’t have to call them on the phone, and I mean, I guess it’s risky.

Jessica:  It is really risky. If you don’t have the right encryptions when it comes to security, it’s challenging. People are out there to attack you. It’s convenient for them to steal your identity. It may take too long for you to find out, and then they’ve wiped you clean, they’ve completely depleted your savings account. It’s scary.

Dominique:  Well, thank goodness they didn’t get that far. I mean, the person only went to Ross and bought a couple of t-shirts. My bank reversed the charges, so…

Jessica:  Oh, that’s great! Well, it’s good that so many companies are helpful when it comes to this happening. It’s scary to be targeted like that.

Dominique:  It is. You have to start safeguarding your items.


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Something bad happened to Dominique the other day. She tells Jessica that someone stole her identity! Someone took her credit card information and used it to go shopping at a clothes store. Dominique thinks her information was stolen because she does all her banking online. It’s convenient for her, but it’s also convenient for people who want to steal her money.

The good news is Dominique’s bank account wasn’t depleted, and her bank reversed the charges. Jessica was happy to hear that! Nothing like this has ever happened to Jessica, but she worries that it will. She know it’s important to secure her information and take precautions, but she still thinks it’s risky to do things online. Both Jessica and Dominique will start safeguarding their computers, phones, and personal information.

Are you safeguarding yourself online? What kind of precautions do you take?



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I try but I am pretty sure that if some wants to crack your password they will get it very easily. When we noticed that everybody put they own credit card number on some pages or during buying something online. The precautions that you can do is limited your cards and put less information as possible on social or web pages. 

10:16 PM Jun 13 2016 |




Taking all these into our consideration, I would prefer somehow a presumed better precaution method. 

If we have two or more bank accounts (that is my preference), it’s better to put less money in the credit card that we use for online shopping. Therefore if its security would be cracked one day or even somebody steals our identification information, then  it won’t be deplete thoroughly. By the use of this process, we won’t regret too much due to only losing not that much notable money if this unluckily event happened to us.

Note: Anyhow, you should consider yourself lucky when your partner won’t take the entire amount for buying shoes or clothe!!! :)) After that u can start planning on your annual or monthly budget. J))

10:09 PM Jun 13 2016 |

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United States

you have to wach out for Identity theft. it could miss you up.

08:40 PM Jun 13 2016 |



if someone steals my identity, i woulth speak to police but only in especial cases , sometimes people leave their social network acounts opened. when i see a network acount opened i dont steal the identity i only do a practical joke.

08:24 PM Jun 13 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Yes,i try to safegaurd my personal informations.I always use the virtual keyboard on my banking site.I hope it works for me.

07:18 PM Jun 13 2016 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

When you go on the street you should be careful, otherwise car accident won’t be far away from you! Everywhere you are, you have to beware and doing something for your safety.

We must also be careful in the use of internet and not to do risky actions on the internet like not to have at least an internet security software on our computers, smart phone and also be careful when buying online or paying bills.

But being aware and doing some works for our security don’t mean risks will not threaten us, but they will be less.

04:06 PM Jun 13 2016 |

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jolefrancaisSuper Member!


So you know I’d say it’s very conveniant to order on line but it could be risky. Some hackers can duplicate your credit card and deplete your bank account. A friend of mine  have already experienced it unfortunatly.Even if his bank reversed the charges he got a lot of trouble. he’s been through a lot.

All of that doesn’t prevent to buy on line and I always try to buy on secure website.

08:17 AM Jun 13 2016 |



Yes. I have a little resist anything online from my heart at the beginning. But it is a trend. So I accept it gradually.

I am careful online.

1,I don’t use my account or something on the public computers.

2,I never open the website and the link which I don’t know it all.

3,the password is signed more complicated.

4,the money which could be used online is just enough to spend once. It is only not empty when it is needing and necessary.

5,all spending online need to confirm by phone or massage or password.

01:51 AM Jun 13 2016 |

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