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Fire Safety
Fire Safety

Learn English with this safety English lesson

Date: Nov 23 2012

Themes: Health

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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In 2003, a terrible fire occurred at a nightclub in Rhode Island, a small state in the northeast United States. The band that was playing that night set off fireworks and the walls of the club caught on fire, killing 100 people and injuring many more.

Fires like these are so scary to think about, particularly when you’re at a crowded concert or party. Do party organizers or business owners take enough precautions to make sure that people will be safe if a fire breaks out? Learn safety English and hear Jason and Sara discuss fire safety in this English lesson.

2003 年,美国东北部小州罗德岛的一家夜总会发生严重火灾。当天晚上正在表演的乐队燃放的焰花导致夜总会的墙壁突然起火,最终造成 100 人丧生,并造成大量人员受伤。



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Sara:  I just heard a news report the other day about the anniversary of that terrible fire at that rock music club in Rhode Island. Do you remember that?

Jason:  Oh, yeah. I think about it all the time, especially when I’m at a really crowded house party.

Sara:  Uh huh.

Jason:  Because there’s not really security or laws making sure that it’s safe there.

Sara:  Do you, like, look to see if you can spy a fire extinguisher on the wall or something?

Jason:  I do. And I think about that night in Rhode Island.

Sara:  I know, I mean, I just imagine those people being packed in there, and then the band set off these fireworks, and then I guess the material they had on the walls just burst into flames.

Jason:  Wow. Yeah. It’s just so strange. I mean, one minute you’re just in a building, like you are every day, and the next thing you know it’s trying to kill you. You know?

Sara:  I think…I feel like businesses need to be more responsible about that kind of thing, you know?

Jason:  I think it’s hard for them, because it just doesn’t happen that often.

Sara:  Right.

Jason:  But when it does happen, it’s so horrific that it definitely… I don’t know, I think there’s a lot of laws about it. Like I know people who have tried to open businesses and not been allowed to because they didn’t have proper fire exits in place.

Sara:  Oh right, it wasn’t up-to-code or something like that.

Jason:  Yeah.

Sara:  Yeah, I think it’s just better to be prepared, even if it costs you a little bit more money in the beginning. You know, to put it more economically, at least you’re avoiding a major lawsuit if you’re just prepared right from the beginning.

Jason:  Yeah.


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Sara mentions to Jason that she recently heard a news story about the anniversary of a terrible fire at a club in Rhode Island. Jason says that he actually thinks about that fire frequently, particularly when he’s at a crowded house party. He thinks about how prepared he would be if a fire broke out there.

The two then think about how terrible it would be to be in a fire like that. One minute everything is normal, and the next, the whole place is up in flames.

Sara thinks that businesses need to be responsible about making sure they are prepared for a fire. Jason agrees, but says that sometimes it can be difficult, and expensive, for business owners to follow fire laws perfectly. Sara thinks it’s worth it, no matter what the cost, particularly because it could save a business from a future lawsuit.

Are you afraid of fires? Has you or anyone you know ever experienced a fire? How do you keep your house or business safe from fires?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of


I dont afraid of fire.Indeed i like fire :)

because i like be hot

The where that i live is hot to :)

my cusin mom die of fire…

06:24 PM Nov 28 2012 |

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United Arab Emirates

once I helped put out the fire and I’m not scared

and I think that my house in a state of security. but we have to be careful.As far as the business, because of their greed suffer themselves and make others suffer. it’s a thousand pities

08:24 PM Nov 25 2012 |

Persian Gulf Girl

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Sadly today I heared about that scary fire in clothing factroy in bangladesh which has killed more than 110 people so far…I don’t know whether they were prepared or not, but most of the time inspite of taking enogh precautions some fires are inevitable.

03:14 PM Nov 25 2012 |

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Definitely fires scare everyone and even though i have never experienced a fire but i heard about people died because of horrible fires, about the precautions that we have to take to maintain the people safety i agree with them we have to provide the public places and buildings with very good fire laws.

09:43 AM Nov 25 2012 |



If you’re a business owner, you should definitely invest enough money for security to prevent a suit. I have actually never thought about the impacts of a fire breaking out, but once in a crowded room a good friend whose work has to do with fire told me that if a fire would break out at the moment, there would be no chance because of all the curtains and fabric on the walls. So without considering any precautions the hall would burn immediately. 

07:31 AM Nov 25 2012 |

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Syrian Arab Republic

interesting and useful topic ..

07:01 AM Nov 25 2012 |


South Korea

I can’t hear today’s lesson at my computer.  Teach me about it, If you know.

10:15 AM Nov 24 2012 |




English is my favorite subject.To speakexcellent english i am going through videos like this one http://youtu.be/D00QLS0ynmU

09:38 AM Nov 24 2012 |

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08:34 AM Nov 24 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

Don’t paly with fire! 

02:59 AM Nov 24 2012 |




A day it was raining heavily and the rain fell in wire that was discovered in the room where I work. There was a fire and burned a portion of all electrical wiring. There was a Mrs with me in the room and we went running from the room screaming “fire”. An employee turned off the main power switch because the power switch my room don’t plaied. The whole building was without electricity. 

10:57 PM Nov 23 2012 |


United States

Oh no! Surprised this lesson is so neutral that I cant say anuthing funny! Yell sorry guys next time

09:51 PM Nov 23 2012 |

The Last Joke



09:24 PM Nov 23 2012 |



i’m sacared of fire and its horrible to see anything on fire physically. but what about the fire of hate and diguest we are keeping in our hearts for some humans like us. why we can’t heed towards it. we are not aware but we are burning our hearts ourselve and ruining our souls at some silly tiffs. have we ever thought what type of extinguisher we need to overcome this fire??? i exactally dont ask something because i dont have a deep insight but in my view point there is a thing which has obsolete now, can make this happen and its ‘courage’ we can say it ‘patients’ too. there is need to refine ourself spiritualy with the help of this divine property. let us forgive every body tonight and have sweat slumber with peace of mind and soul.

06:22 PM Nov 23 2012 |




I haven’t had such an experience so far and I hope it will never happen. I think I would get into panic in this situation. I do go to trance parties and being there I think about it and others disasters which could happen, grrrr….

05:07 PM Nov 23 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i’m really sorry about that people and that club,i know it’s very awful,and had a very bad memoireFrown




   Neither I nor anyone I know has experienced a fire that was life threatening or devastating.  I’m very much aware of the hazards that a fire can cause.  When I was an adolescent I didn’t have much concern about fire. My method of preparedness for such potential situation was very simple –run as fast as I could through the flames towards the nearest exit, while my face is shielded under my t-shirt. But as I grew older I‘ve learned that it’s best you keep away from flame and head toward another exit you deem you’ll have  enough time to reach.

    Another important information I educated myself with is that the burning heat itself represent only part of the threat.  The gases and smoke that are emitted during a fire are very lethal. It’s has been reported on many occasions that people could perish from inhalation of these substances if they’re exposed to it for too long a time. It makes matters even worse if the subject is a sufferer of respiratory-related illness. When I assess the many ways I could find my demise in the event of a fire the more I become wary of it. It can engulf you in your sleep, burn out your house while you’re away with all the valuables in it, and house, repair can be costly, etc.

    My measures of fire prevention are quite simple although I should think about buying an extinguisher or some other kind of retardant. I would wake up in the middle of the night rush into the kitchen just to make sure that my stove was turned off properly and on my way back to bed I might even check on my iron even though I know I haven’t used it in a while. Or sometimes, I’ll look out the window just to look for a soft landing spot in the event of a fire. I keep some valuable documents in a fire-proof safe.

   Now, we cannot ignore the altruism and courage of those who put their lives on the line to save others, the firefighters. Think about it, you get into a house that you don’t even know you way around, you brave the heat, the smokes, the falling ceiling and cracking floors only to save a complete stranger, an animal, those people are true heroes- and they can be the most humble people on this planet, never want to accept any kind of plaudit for their selflessness and bravery.

When your fire alarm goes off never assume that your roommate is cooking in the kitchen, make your own investigation.  

Don’t play with fire!

disaster girl


yeah ..it was..><

02:49 PM Nov 23 2012 |



South Korea

oh my god,that was terrible,i’m very sorry about them…

02:23 PM Nov 23 2012 |




I have had my share of misfortune with fire, My mother was in the hospital , I came back home totally washed out, it was late evening  and I needed to do laundry and lie down a bit , suddenly the light  went out  , heading back to the kitchen I saw the washer engulfed in flames ,the glass windows  exploding, a thick and toxic smoke invading the apartment, I tried to put out the fire with water , and as it was pitch dark ,in the process I burnt my hand . Why I am telling this sad story ? the fire extinguisher  was a few feet away down  on  the corridor  of the building ,  should I had  been aware of this I wouldn´t  have burnt my hand. Luckily , the apartment  only needed new windows and a fresh  coat of paint.  Smile         

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