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Tickled Pink
Tickled Pink English, baby! Video Lesson

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Date: Jun 14 2016

Themes: Friend, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Imperative Form


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Have you ever lost something important? We’ve all had it happen to us! Maybe, your phone slipped between the cushions in the couch. Maybe, your ID somehow made its way out of your wallet. Or perhaps, your house keys decided to hide under the bed. You probably looked all over the place… and when finally found that important thing, you must have been tickled pink!

We use the expression “tickled pink” to talk about being very happy. You might be tickled pink to get a new job, find a nice apartment, or go on an exciting trip. You could also be tickled pink just because it is a sunny day or because you get to have ice cream for dinner! There are many reasons to feel delighted about something.

Kelsey and Jordin are on the case of the missing pencils. Does Andy know something he isn’t saying? Watch the video to find out!

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.









Kelsey:  Who else likes pencils as much as you do, Andy?

Andy_H:  It doesn’t make sense. Why would I steal my own pencils?

Kelsey:  Why don’t you tell us?

Jordin:  Admit it, you’d be tickled pink if you could have more pencils.

Andy_H:  OK. That part is true. I lend out a lot of pencils and I like them sharp, so I use a lot. So what?

Jordin:  A bit of a coincidence, isn’t it?

Andy_H:  What? No!

Jordin:  That the day you learn we have to cut back on office supplies, your pencils go missing?

Andy_H:  No! I mean, yes, it is a coincidence.

Kelsey:  So, perhaps knowing that your pencil supply is quickly running out, you hide your pencils.

Andy_H:  No!

Jordin:  And then you created this fake mystery.

Kelsey:  So that we’d feel sorry for you!

Jordin:  And let you have all the pencils in the office.

Andy_H:  It’s not true, I swear!

Dominique:  Andy, aren’t these your pencils?

Andy_H:  There they are!!

Dominique:  They were in the kitchen.

Andy_H:  That’s right! I took them with me because I was worried that everyone would borrow them when they heard we were getting fewer office supplies. Wow, it’s great to have these again.

Dominique:  I thought you’d be tickled pink that you found them.


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Kelsey and Jordin are investigating the Case of the Missing Pencils. There is something suspicious about Andy’s claims. It’s quite a coincidence that his pencils went missing on the same day that Dominique said they had to cut back on pencils. Perhaps, Kelsey says, Andy stole his own pencils so that no one else would borrow them. After all, he would be tickled pink if he got to have all of the pencils to himself!

Just then, Dominique steps in. She has found Andy’s pencils. They were in the kitchen all along. Andy is delighted to have them back… and relieved that he is no longer being interviewed by Jordin and Kelsey! Everyone leaves. The problem is solved. However, when Kelsey gets up to follow the group, a bunch of pencils fall out of her pocket! Who was the real pencil thief, after all?

What makes you feel tickled pink? Have you ever solved a mystery?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Solving problems, finding out about something, creating or making something new can make me feel tickled pink. And also doing something that have positive effect on the other people’s life.

There are a lot of mystery in my world if I can solve some of them I’ll be tickled pink.

03:55 PM Jun 14 2016 |



interesting word to use when one is feeling happy after being in distress about something.

12:19 PM Jun 14 2016 |



 Many times could make me feeling tickled pink.

   Such as got a pair of favorite shoes, I like the comfortable shoes for I go to work by walk every day, so the comfort of one shoes is very important.

   I will be feeling so tickled pink when I have gotten a pair of shoes which are both beautiful and comfortable.

   I like playing the table tennis ball. When I got a favorite bat of pingpong ball , I felt tickled pink.

   If something I often used was lost ,I couldn’t find them for a long time and I had no other time to get new, but then one day, I suddenly found them in somewhere, at this time I felt tickled pink.

    When I was missing a person at some time, then the person suddenly appeared in front of me, oh, the feeling in the time, just was tickled pink.

02:19 AM Jun 14 2016 |

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