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Web Design
Web Design

Learn English meaning of ‘web design’

Date: Aug 10 2016

Themes: How To, Tech, Work

Grammar: Articles, Quantifiers, and Determiners


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These days, almost everyone has a website. Some websites are for businesses, and others are for personal hobbies and ideas. But what do you do if you need a website and you don’t have a clue how to begin? Then, it’s time to find a friendly nerd who loves web design. A good web designer can help you create a cohesive and beautiful website.

Web design isn’t always difficult, but there are many things to think about, especially if you want to push a product. You will need to think about your brand and how people should see your company. This includes big ideas, like your brand’s personality and values. But it also includes many small details, like choosing fonts and color palettes.

Romeo needs help with his new WordPress website, so he talks to his favorite nerd, Gary. Learn about Gary’s web design ideas in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Romeo:  Thinking about starting up a WordPress site.

Gary:  Are you really?

Romeo:  Yeah, I need to sell some products and maybe start a blog. But I have no clue what I’m doing.

Gary:  Wow! Do you need some help with web design?

Romeo:  I came to the nerd

Gary:  Well, we can go ahead and dive in, get some of your ideas together, put it out on the web. What we’ll do is create a cohesive style so your brand comes through.

Romeo:  OK.

Gary:  And of course, we’ll make sure that the fonts are all pretty and look exactly the way in your business as they do on the website.

Romeo:  Awesome.

Gary:  We’ll make sure that the color palettes look as green in your office as they do on your About page.

Romeo:  Awesome.

Gary:  Make it look nice and simple.

Romeo:  OK. What about branding? I want to make sure I get my marketing and branding out there so that I can help push my product.

Gary:  Yeah, we probably should record a video of you…

Romeo:  OK.

Gary:  … so people get to know who you are.

Romeo:  OK, I like that idea.

Gary:  So, do you have anyone to host your website?

Romeo:  Yes, you!

Gary:  Oh! OK… I’ll get that set up tonight.

Romeo:  OK. And you’re also in charge of the marketing.

Gary:  Got it.

Romeo:  OK. And your deadline is tomorrow.

Gary:  I figured no less.

Romeo:  Awesome!


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Romeo wants to push his product, so he started a WordPress website with a blog. But he doesn’t know much about web design, so he talks to Gary. Gary is proud to be a computer nerd, and he offers to help Romeo. Gary suggests many ways to make Romeo’s brand better while he builds his website.

Gary will help Romeo to create a cohesive website. He will help him to choose text styles and colors that people will know and recognize. This will improve Romeo’s marketing, too. Romeo is very happy to have Gary’s help. In fact, he tells Gary that he’d like him to host the website and manage his marketing. Gary is surprised but happy to help.

Do you have a website? Which brand is your favorite?



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ghaidaahadSuper Member!

Saudi Arabia

i like to have my own advertising website someday Smile

02:13 PM Aug 15 2016 |



Russian Federation

I have a website (http://russia-in-law.ru/) and it’s rather popular. Thousands of people visit it every day. I learned how to make it 4 years ago.  So I can say, it’s easy to create, but it’s not so easy to make people visit it.  

08:22 PM Aug 10 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I like learn web design

07:48 PM Aug 10 2016 |




There are some apps in the internet that can help to create a website it is not  that hard.

03:47 AM Aug 10 2016 |



 I have not gotten the exact meaning of the website. Is it a personal blog or personal space on the net or the commercial operation website? The article seems to be the last one. I have no commercial operation website. But I have my own space  one the net such as QQ space, the circle of friends in Wechat.

   What does the brand mean in here? I don’t know. I can’t understand it. I thought it maybe mean commercial something.

02:00 AM Aug 10 2016 |

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