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Blow One's Mind
Blow One's Mind English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn amazing English with this ESL lesson about ‘Blow One's Mind'

Date: Aug 09 2016

Themes: Friend, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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When did you have your last big surprise? Was it a good surprise, like getting a new car for your birthday, or was it a bad surprise, like getting fired from your job? When surprises happen, life usually changes. It’s important to relax and not become stressed when life moves in a new direction. Often, these changes happen in ways that you don’t expect. In fact, they will sometimes blow your mind.

When something “blows your mind,” it surprises you in a big way. It might be a wonderful surprise. Your mind might be blown because your boyfriend asked you to marry him! Or your mind could be blown by learning unexpected information. For example, it might blow your mind to know that your family wanted to keep a secret from you. When your mind is blown, you will probably feel many emotions. You might be excited or angry. You will also have new information about something important.

Dominique wants to blow Sheila’s mind. Listen to her brainstorm with the Travel Bug team in today’s English lesson.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.









Dominique:  Thank you everyone for meeting me out of work today.

Kelsey:  I love the park. We can meet here for work anytime!

Andy_H:  Quick question?

Jordin:  Let me guess… you are wondering where Sheila is?

Andy_H:  Well, yeah.

Kelsey:  Oh yeah, where is she? She hasn’t been at work all day, right?

Dominique:  Actually, yes, she has been at work all day.

Andy_H:  She was sitting with us at lunch.

Kelsey:  Ohhh! That was today?

Dominique:  But she is the reason why I wanted us to all meet here, out of the office.

Andy_H:  Oh no! She’s not getting fired, is she?

Kelsey:  Whoa! That totally blows my mind! I can’t believe it, Sheila? She’s such a hard worker! I mean, she actually works….

Jordin:  She’s not getting fired.

Dominique:  Jordin is right. Sheila is not getting fired. She’s doing great work. I wanted us to meet here because it’s her birthday tomorrow.

Kelsey:  Oh! That makes so much more sense!

Andy_H:  She didn’t mention that.

Dominique:  She accidently mentioned it to me this morning and wanted me to promise not to tell anyone. But… I couldn’t help it, so I wanted us all to get together to plan her a surprise birthday!

Andy_H:  Oh, that sounds fun!

Dominique:  Right? So, I told Jordin, and we decided to do it. I wanted to get us here so we can decide on something fun to do for her.

Kelsey:  When should we have it?

Jordin:  I think it would be fun to pretend like we didn’t know it was her birthday at all.

Andy_H:  Oh, and then surprise her at the very end? That does sound fun!

Kelsey:  That might be hard for me to keep a secret that long. Can we surprise her at lunch?

Dominique:  That sounds like fun! OK, so let’s brainstorm ideas. I want it to blow Sheila’s mind! So, let’s think big, fun, something she’d never expect.


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Dominique asked the Travel Bug team to meet her in the park. Everyone is there, except Sheila. Andy and Kelsey are worried. Did Sheila get fired? Jordin tells them that Sheila still has her job. Dominique wanted to talk to the team because Sheila mentioned that her birthday was going to be on the next day. Dominique couldn’t keep it a secret.

Actually, Dominique is very happy with Sheila’s work, and she wants to do something special for her. The team decides to have a surprise birthday party for her. Jordin says that they should pretend like it’s a normal day. Then, they can surprise her later. Kelsey says they should have the surprise party at lunchtime. Andy is excited to help.

What has blown your mind in the past? Did you ever have a surprise birthday party?



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My team at work had totally blown my mind with surprise. I didn’t expect that at all. My manager asked me in a rude way to go to office to fill up some reports and then booom/ happy birthday and stuff like that. That was funny!!

08:10 AM Dec 30 2016 |


Russian Federation

Sorry to say bad news blows my mind much more often than good one.

08:58 AM Sep 19 2016 |



Russian Federation

I do not like, when something blows my mind! Even if it is a pleasant surprise.

02:42 PM Aug 12 2016 |




Somehow, it’s a surprising thing. It may be bad either good. Both of them are breathtaking. Hahaha

01:06 PM Aug 09 2016 |



 Oh. What a sad day when I heard the news that my middle school teacher who I ever loved secretly was accidental death this year. Yes, the news had blown my mind . I had no any mood to do anything all day. What a big pity that he had gone when I had not seen him about twenty years old.

  I was depressed that period. I didn’t know what I should do. And how I vented my emotion. Even I didn’t know whether I should go to his funeral. My closed friend suggested me that I should go. But I choose I didn’t go. No one knew this secret which was ever in my heart even himself because I never said it to anyone including my best friend .I would thought every young girl ever had this secret such as mine.

01:35 AM Aug 09 2016 |

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