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Get Burnt Out
Get Burnt Out English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘get burnt out’

Date: Apr 04 2017

Themes: Friend, Party, Soap Opera

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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Have you ever had a crisis because you did something too much? Maybe, you worked 10-hour days for a month. Or perhaps, you exercised for two hours without taking a break halfway through. It’s even possible that you made lots of desserts for your friends, cooking until you started messing them up. You probably knew that you went a little overboard. And you were probably very tired after doing these things.

In situations like these, a person can get burnt out. When you get burnt out, you work or play too hard. You might love what you’re doing. So, you do it more and more. But even if you love what you’re doing, you will probably have a burnout if you do it too much. If you get burnt out, you might decide to quit your job, stop exercising, or never make desserts again. It’s important to have balance in your life so you don’t get burnt out.

Andy is stressing about Sheila’s welcome home party, and his balloons keep popping. Find out if he got burnt out in today’s English soap opera.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.







Kelsey:  Hey, Dominique. I’m outside your place. No, I got burnt out trying to make the perfect cupcakes, so I… well… I have some that are… heavily frosted. Sorry, Andy’s calling. OK, see you in a minute. Hey, Andy.

Andy_H:  I’m having a balloon crisis.

Kelsey:  What?

Andy_H:  Balloon crisis. I need your help!

Kelsey:  OK, I’m picking Dominique up now, and we’ll be right over!

Andy_H:  OK, thank you!!!

Dominique:  Good morning!

Kelsey:  Good morning.

Dominique:  So, how did your cupcake-making experience go?

Kelsey:  It took forever. I kept messing them up and then starting again.

Dominique:  Yeah, I got burnt out on making cupcakes. I got halfway through, and then I got bored. So, I made these. Here, try one!

Kelsey:  No, thank you… I ate a lot of not-so-great cupcakes last night. I can’t even think of sweets.

Dominique:  Sugar burnout, huh? Fair enough. Whoa! Hello, frosting! Those look great.

Kelsey:  They’re a little burnt under the frosting.

Dominique:  I’m sure they’re fine. And they look great.

Kelsey:  We got to go help Andy. He’s having a balloon crisis.

Dominique:  Balloon crisis?

Kelsey:  Yeah, there were a lot of popping sounds.

Dominique:  OK, yeah. We need to get over there.

Kelsey:  Yeah!

Dominique:  Wow! Andy! That is a lot of balloons.

Andy_H:  Shhhh. Don’t say the word “balloon.”

Kelsey:  I see what you mean by balloon crisis. Oops, sorry…. I said “balloon.”

Andy_H:  I think I went a little overboard with the amount.

Dominique:  Well, I think you’re excited to see Sheila. So, you are, maybe, stressing a little about making this party perfect. You need to relax, Andy.

Kelsey:  Yeah, you don’t want to get burnt out on preparing for the party. You won’t be able to enjoy the party or seeing Sheila again!

Andy_H:  I think you’re both right. I’m definitely feeling the burn.

Dominique:  Why don’t you just relax. Kelsey and I will repack the balloons.

Andy_H:  Wow! The cupcakes look great!

Kelsey:  Well…

Andy_H:  Mind if I take one? Looks like there are plenty....

Kelsey:  I’d be careful! Just eat the… frosting…. Sorry, it’s a bit burnt.


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Andy calls Kelsey because he is having a balloon crisis. He bought lots of balloons for Sheila, but now they are popping and making it difficult for him to drive. Kelsey picks Dominique up. The two of them tried to make cupcakes for Sheila’s party. However, Kelsey’s cupcakes are not perfect. She covered them with lots of frosting. Dominique only got halfway through cupcake making, and then she made cookies instead.

Kelsey tells Dominique about Andy’s balloon crisis. Dominique agrees that they should go help Andy. When they find Andy, he has many balloons, and he is very emotional. Dominique and Kelsey tell him to calm down. He shouldn’t get burnt out before Sheila arrives. Seeing Kelsey’s cupcakes makes Andy happier. He tries to eat one, but it’s very burnt.

When did you get burnt out? What do you do so you don’t have a burnout?



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I usually feel burnt out at the end of school year… it seems that there are so many things to do at the same time! Work, study, kid’s homework and end of year costumes and other activities! When I fell too stressed, I try to take a few days of leave off work; if that’s not possible then I have to do some kind of craft to get my mind off stressful things. ;-) Always smile and find the funny side of things! laughter is a great anti-stress therapy :-D 

06:02 PM Apr 06 2017 |



I got burned out when I did something that caused my kidney to hurt, and iit took all my power to do anything.

11:06 AM Apr 06 2017 |




Whenever I go overboard I am totally washed out, burnt out ,all together. What I do is to put away my tool box and take the day off. Tomorrow is another day. Be happy…

09:09 PM Apr 04 2017 |

La Princesse de la vie


I always get a burnout on exams.

02:56 PM Apr 04 2017 |

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