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Whale Watching
Whale Watching

Learn English Meaning of 'Whale Watching'

Date: Jun 19 2017

Themes: Hobbies, Romance, Weather


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Imagine you are on a boat out at sea. You are floating along, when suddenly, you hear a shout, “Whales!” You grab your binoculars and hold them up to your face. Far off in the ocean, you can see the huge whales surface and breach the water. They make big splashes with their tails and send up a big spout of water every time they breathe. How exciting to be so close to these behemoths!

Whale watching is a popular hobby in the United States, especially for people who live on the coast. Sometimes, you can see whales from the beach, but usually, people go out in a boat to try to spot them. Many people love getting up close to to these big mammals, but other people think it is a little bit scary. What if the whales get too close and tip over the boat?

Andy has an anniversary coming up with his girlfriend, and Romeo suggests they go whale watching. Listen to the dialog to find out what Andy decides.


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Romeo:  So, your girlfriend… you and her are still together, right?

Andy_H:  Yeah.

Romeo:  OK. Don’t you have an anniversary coming up?

Andy_H:  We do, two years!

Romeo:  Wow! What are you planning on doing?

Andy_H:  I don’t know. I thought we were going to go to the coast and, maybe, do a picnic.

Romeo:  If you’re going to go to the coast, you need to watch the whales. This is a perfect time of the year for that.

Andy_H:  You know, I’ve heard that people had really good experiences… is it expensive?

Romeo:  No, it’s not expensive. Usually, they have certain times they send out the boats to go. It’s better to make a reservation, check the forecast, and you’re looking at probably, maybe, 25 to 30 bucks.

Andy_H:  That’s not bad! But I mean, those things are behemoths! Even the calves. I get it, they’re mammals like me, but I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little afraid that one’s going to surface and accidentally tip over the boat!

Romeo:  Yeah, but that would be an exciting adventure for your anniversary, to watch them breach and come up and tip the boat over… you can swim, right? Clearly, you can swim.

Andy_H:  Well, all right, but look. It’s just such a cool thing that I’m… a little afraid of.

Romeo:  Grab some binoculars, get out there, spot something, and enjoy your anniversary.

Andy_H:  All right, all right.

Romeo:  Hey, even if you don’t see a single spout, at least you’ll have a fun time, right?



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Andy is trying to decide what to do with his girlfriend. It will be their second anniversary soon. He was thinking about going to the coast for a picnic. However, Romeo tells him that if he wants to go to the coast, he has to go whale watching. It only costs about 30 dollars.

Andy agrees that it sounds cool. However, he is a little bit afraid of whales. They are so big, and he is worried that they might tip over the boat! However, Romeo tells him that, even if they do, that would be an exciting adventure to have on his anniversary… as long as he can swim! Romeo tells Andy to stop worrying, grab some binoculars, and go spot some whales.

What do you usually do when you go to the beach? Do you want to try whale watching?



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Russian Federation

I’d like  see whales under water. So no unusual on  water. 

07:55 AM Jul 03 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i never see a whale from close ,i think how much it can be exciting to see then from near on the boat

05:48 PM Jun 22 2017 |




I have been to the beach but unfortunately I did not see the whale’s spout i understand looking whale’s splashes and spout is really excited, I hope to see in the future if I find  a chance going to the beach.  

04:12 AM Jun 19 2017 |

2 people like this



See the sea. Only watch the sea. I like seating on the coast to see the calm of the sea, the vast expanse of the sea, and I like the feeling of bondless of the sight of the edge of the sea, it makes me feeling the human’s small.

   If I can , of course, I like to watch whale..

03:21 AM Jun 19 2017 |

eduardosoutoSuper Member!


I’ve never been to the beach, it’s sad I know, but someday I hope to get to know it!

About whale watching, I guess it would be my first option of leisure activity!

I’d rather watch some rock concert, or something like this hahaha!

04:43 PM Jun 16 2017 |

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