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Learn English meaning of ‘B-corps’

Date: Jul 19 2017

Themes: News, Work

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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Business leaders can make bad decisions. Sometimes, they hurt the environment or people. They can be reckless and blinded by greed. Most of the time, their decisions will save them money. But does it save the planet? No. So, what is the solution? Many businesses are trying to help their communities. They are paying it forward.

B-corps are companies that follow strict guidelines to help their communities. They can be anything from ice cream to grocery stores. They help the ecosystem and sell sustainable and recyclable products. They treat their workers with fairness and respect. Their leaders are very ambitious, hardworking, and admirable people.

Andy’s friend is starting a b-corp. Listen as he tells Romeo about it in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Andy_H:  Romeo, I have this friend. He’s really ambitious and he just started a business. He’s… well, he’s trying to turn it into a b-corp.

Romeo:  You’re going to turn your business into a b-corp?

Andy_H:  Well, not me, my friend.

Romeo:  Right.

Andy_H:  But, yes! He is. He thinks that it’s a completely admirable way of paying it forward and trying to create a sustainable future through his business. And, I got to admit, I’m all for him!

Romeo:  Yeah, tell me a little more about this friend and the b-corps.

Andy_H:  Well, this guy has a grocery company and…

Romeo:  Like you?

Andy_H:  Huh?

Romeo:  Like you?

Andy_H:  Like me. The thing is though he uh… He’s trying to make sure that his grocer is creating products that are sustainable, recyclable, that will improve the ecosystem. Essentially, he’s trying to make sure that his company works for the betterment of the communities that it’s in.

Romeo:  OK, so how does that work for his employees?

Andy_H:  Well, pretty tough. To be honest, the requirements are really strict.


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Andy has a very ambitious friend who started a business. His friend wants to turn it into a b-corp. Romeo asks if Andy is turning his business into a b-corp. Andy says no, his friend is! His friend thinks b-corps are an admirable way of paying it forward. They are also very manageable. Andy supports his friend. Romeo wants to know more.

Andy’s friend owns a grocery company like him. Andy says his friend is trying to sell products that are sustainable, recyclable, and good for the ecosystem. He wants his company to be good for his community. Romeo asks about the employees. Are they affected by the company changing into a b-corp? Andy says it’s difficult to say. The requirements for b-corps are very strict.

Do you want to start a business one day? How will your business help the community?



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VOLTSSuper Member!


I m all for donald trump… lets finish all these stuff…. 

kidding… of course…  :)

11:55 PM Jul 22 2017 |


ml2000Super Member!


It’d be nice to develop some products that are sustainable, recyclable, and good for the ecosystem. The premise is that we are trying to save our environment, and for that, I’m not sure how that is related to or linked to our community and paying it forward.     

08:54 PM Jul 19 2017 |



Of course. If possible, I must start a business one day. I agree Andy’s friend’s opinion.

The business must protect ecosystem  from pollution. It will never discharge effluent everywhere, so as not to pollute the water, the soil. I will never release the harmful gases  into the atmosphere. I will never destroy a piece of forest in order to make money. And so on.


06:53 AM Jul 19 2017 |

eduardosoutoSuper Member!


I’d start my own English school, it would help so much the community to have a virtual place to study and improve their English virtually!

In fact it is already something done, VPFI

08:23 PM Jul 18 2017 |

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