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RIP Tom Petty
RIP Tom Petty

Learn English meaning of ‘RIP Tom Petty’

Date: Nov 10 2017

Themes: Music, Pop Culture

Grammar: Conjunctions


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Is waiting the hardest part? You don’t want to live like a refugee? Are you free falling? Remind you of something? Maybe, you’re thinking of Tom Petty, a famous musician. Tom Petty did not believe he could be a famous musician until he saw The Beatles perform. He thought their band members were like him, so he got a band together, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Their first big song was The Waiting, which was a hit. His songs were melodic, soulful, and sentimental. Many of his lyrics were about love and sadness. He passed away recently from a heart attack. He had a prolific and wonderful career and will be missed. RIP, Tom Petty!

Marni and Dominique are talking about Tom Petty. Listen as they reflect in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Dominique:  So, did you hear?

Marni:  No, what?

Dominique:  All over Facebook, people are saying RIP to Tom.

Marni:  Tom?

Dominique:  Yeah. I think Tom Cruise has passed away. It’s so sad! I can’t believe it!

Marni:  Ohh. Well, good news and bad news. It wasn’t Tom Cruise.

Dominique:  Are you sure? I mean, everyone is saying RIP Tom and that’s the only Tom I know.

Marni:  Ah, well, there’s another very famous Tom. He’s a musician. Tom Petty, and he actually just passed away. He was 66 years old, he died of a heart attack. Famous musician, kind of southern.

Dominique:  That’s sad, but I don’t know… only Tom Cruise.

Marni:  Well, he’s had a very prolific career. He has a lot of albums, basically started in the 70s and still recording to this day. And like, Free Falling was a hit. Do you know that song?

Dominique:  I know that song because John Mayer redid that song!

Marni:  Oh, yeah. OK, so going back, he’s got like an amazing catalog. Refugee is one of his songs.

Dominique:  Oh!

Marni:  American Girl.

Dominique:  Oh, man.

Marni:  There are some classics.

Dominique:  Why didn’t people put his last name on their Facebook post?!


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Dominique talks about Facebook posts saying ‘RIP Tom.’ She can’t believe it, she’s so sad Tom Cruise has passed away. Marni says there is good news and bad news. Tom Cruise didn’t die. Dominique is not so sure about that. Marni points out that there is another very famous Tom, Tom Petty.

Dominique doesn’t know Tom Petty. Marni says Tom Petty is a very famous southern musician who just died of a heart attack. He had a lot of famous songs in the 70s and kept recording for all of his life. Marni mentions his very famous song, Free Falling. Dominique knows of that song because… John Mayer redid it. Dominique wishes that people would have put Tom Petty’s last name on their posts!

Do you know of Tom Petty? Do you like his songs?



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Saudi Arabia

I dont know him , RIP TOM PETTY

08:06 AM Nov 11 2017 |

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I have no idea about Tom Petty, but I know the song Free Falling too! Maybe because the reedition of John Mayer like Dominique. However I understand the legacy that Tom Petty have left to American’s. In Portugal we also have very prolific musicians like Rui Veloso or Miguel Araujo with music’s that are already considered classics!

09:37 AM Nov 10 2017 |

1 person likes this



I thought it was Tom in Tom and Jerry, the cat, he could have died many times for his stupidness.

03:01 AM Nov 10 2017 |

1 person likes this

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