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Working from Home
Working from Home

Learn English with this work English lesson

Date: Jun 16 2021

Themes: Work

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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For some people, the commute to and from the office is the most stressful part of the day. Driving a car, waiting for the train, or taking a bus just to start work can take up lots of time. Working from home avoids that step and sounds very relaxing.

Now that technology enables many people to do their jobs outside the office, more and more people are working from home. But trying to do your job away from the office can pose some problems. Learn work English and hear Sara and Mason discuss the challenges of working from home in this English lesson.




1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Sara:  This summer I converted this shed in the back of my house into a home office, so now I can work from home really nicely.

Mason:  Why couldn’t you have done it before you had your shed?

Sara:  I could have done it before I had my shed, it just makes me feel as though I’m going to work even though I’m still at home.

Mason:  Yeah, that’s the problem I have when I’m working from home is that I don’t have that, kind of, separate space, so it just feels so easy to get distracted. It’s generally an excuse to take a day off.

Sara:  Do you find you start procrastinating and that kind of thing?

Mason:  I’m not deliberately putting it off. It’s not so much that I’m procrastinating and more that I’m just getting distracted. I’ll be like, “Oh, hey, I’ll sit down on the couch to work,” but maybe I need a snack and so I’ll walk to the fridge, and then, “Oh hey, maybe I’ll just watch 10 minutes of TV.” But I’m not trying to not do my work, there’s just all these things around for me to pay attention to.

Sara:  So do you prefer to go into the office or that kind of thing?

Mason:  I do because I tend to be really collaborative. I actually think and work better when I’m talking with other people, rather than just sitting and doing something, kind of just staring at my computer or whatever for hours on end. I want to get everybody in a room and talk stuff out.

Sara:  I think that it can start to feel lonely and sort of isolated to work from home. That’s true.

Mason:  That’s what Skype is for, right?


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Sara recently converted a shed into an office so she can work from home. It makes her feel like she is separating her time working from her time at home.

Mason doesn’t have a separate work space at his house. He gets distracted by all the other things he can do at home and does not get much work done. Mason prefers to go to an office and work around other people. Sara agrees that it can be lonely to work from home.

Have you ever had a job where you can work from home? Do you get more done in a collaborative environment, or when you are isolated?



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both of them are convenient to me but if you let me to pick i will choose the home as my favorite place for working , it’s more quite relaxe and freedom no one can talk with you , no commute evry day no lossing of daily houres etc .

but sometimes you need to partcipate with others in your work , experience , challange , difficult thinge , so work inside home can pose a kind of isolated , 

so try to mix both ??

09:08 AM Apr 24 2016 |



In our country having a job where u can from home it’s tough.Even though the city where i live has terrible traffic jam every morning and evening.it’s rather difficult to commute.But especially on mondays when is most crowded day within a week.i’d prefer to work from home on mondays :)

02:44 PM May 07 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i think  it must be better that u work in a collaborative environment because u can learn many things from others & also u hear many news.

but i myself perfer to be isolated inorder 2 think beter and pay all my attention to my job.

i think it’s because of my personality that forced me to be alone.

being in noisy places; have contact with difrent people; dusty & unclean whether can make me crazy and i loos my control soon.

so i perfer to relax at home & work.

06:11 PM Mar 08 2013 |

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I always thought that it could be amazing, but nowadays, I realize that work outside is better. Mainly about to make friends  (;´・`)>

08:32 PM Nov 11 2012 |

bryant wongSuper Member!


I don’t like work at home. The home suppose of somewhere make you relax. It is not the proper place to work. It is hard to concentrate on working. I’m ease to get distracted as though Manson said. It makes me find something to do, rather than working.
In fact, I’m a commuter that travels my home and office everyday. I used to this kind of working style for a while. In traveling, I usually listen music, reading, play game with my phone/tablet. The on-go device is quite important to me.

10:30 AM Nov 10 2012 |

1 person likes this



I think thet is not good aidea.I evry day going 100 km on work and l am fell very nice bekause evry day is diferent,This is my opinium for Working from home.Laughing

10:46 PM Nov 09 2012 |




working from home is becoming popular in my country. it’s more convenience. also saving money and times because we can do it without going to the office. but almost of it are part-time job (nowadays in my country) :)

02:25 PM Nov 08 2012 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I love to work outside the home,a part-time job ,as long as it is just three or four days a week.

10:47 AM Nov 08 2012 |

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Irene Forever


Working from home became very actual nowadays, and for sure it’s very convenient. As others have already said,  we can be less nervous, save gas, time and be more concentrated on the job we’re doing at the moment.

My son’s work is connected with programming, therefore he mostly works from home. Besides his second attempt is creation of sites from where money can be earned. Good luck to him!

I don’t earn money via PC, still my working place is mostly at home as I’m a private teacher. Sometimes I go to my student’s homes. In fact I don’t have any supremo :) and it’s great to be my own boss.:)

I used to work in a big company and I enjoyed contacting people coz I am a very sociable woman. Now I feel a lack of communication. Thanks Ebaby and some other sites which are just the right places for being in the circle of wonderful friends.

I have one thing to add. It’s about women who are always at home and don’t work. It’s the worst thing to do. To spend day by day in the kitchen watching soap operas is not my cup of tea.




09:25 AM Nov 06 2012 |




It’s nice for working at home when you’re single. You may use all your time on the computer for all day long. But I’m not sure that you’ll be able to get better concentration and avoid distractrion everytime you hear your little daughter’s laughing.

Well, it’s possible to work from home when you have a private and isolated room at home, free of disturbance. And off course, you must stay connected with your colleagues on the internet. Skype would be a great inovation.

Thus, I’d rather to work at home for any situational condition.

04:13 AM Nov 06 2012 |



Viet Nam

i like learning english. i am account salary in VietNam.

Nice to meet everybody

02:45 AM Nov 06 2012 |

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Yes, there’re some advantages of working at home as better concentration, less distraction, though with the age of high-tech cadgets, it’s more and more difficult to concentrate on the task. From time to time, you click the buttom and you’re there :)), in a virtual world. It’s nice, comforting, but the task is like the Sword of Domocles and is to be finished and instead of multi-tasking routine, you just focus and turn into single-task object that is -  concentrate, block out every distraction and get it done for the sake of the task to be done at all.

In the office, it’s impossible to do. Lot’s of distractions, phone calls. The time given on the get-the-things-done is extending to hours instead of just regular time from 15 to 30 minutes. This is one of the greatest disadvantages as bad concentration and lots of distractions. But a big plus of working in the office – is talking to people, see their faces, their emotions. By reading their non-verbal skills, you already know what people you can talk to and what people like to be left alone and read a book. You get a great experience of sharing your ideas as well and it’s quite very rewarding and stimulating.

So, all in all, I would split, 2 days at home and 3 at work :)

01:00 AM Nov 06 2012 |




nice article


11:33 PM Nov 05 2012 |




i like being in alone!

09:52 PM Nov 05 2012 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Yes, I am a programmer and I often work isolated.

I think programming has made me isolated, not working at home. When I worked at office, my coworkers felt isolated. This is the most important defect of my job :)

09:03 PM Nov 05 2012 |



Actually, i don’t really like the idea of working from home…..I like to meet people, and surely i learn new things every day. however, working from home, i get bored, and quickly stressed , at the end tired which lead me to think about going to bed LOL. yeah, u save money of GAz, and time but still u gain being active, and getting fresh air,  and moving your bones. which is really good for your health. I don’t know, this my point of view, may be i’m wrong or right. But i’m really convinced enough that this technolog taught us how to be really lazzzzzzzzyyyy

07:46 PM Nov 05 2012 |



for me it,s so great,especially now i am living in USA.because of the large distances or the weather conditions,I think it’s a good choise!

07:45 PM Nov 05 2012 |




I think it depends where you live, near  the office or far, if in your city train and bus service works or not (for ex in my city is inefficient), if there is a good work enviroment… nevertheless i prefer working around other people, i think it’s more stimulating!

06:27 PM Nov 05 2012 |




Sometimes I have standby and I appreciate the possibility to solve issues from home PC via network so I can save gas and time. Of course, it doesn’t work with hardware issues.
But I like to work in the plant. I have got a good work environment and prefer to help “face to face”.

03:54 PM Nov 05 2012 |




its the best of way that u can earn money.

03:49 PM Nov 05 2012 |

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