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Flight of the Conchords

Flight of the Conchords

Date: Apr 27 2009

Themes: Music

Grammar: Plural vs. Possessive "S"


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2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

On their TV show, Flight of the Conchords only have one fan, a dorky woman who is obsessed with the band. But in real life, the duo plays sold out shows and has a huge international following.

Flight of the Conchords is Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, two guys from New Zealand who sing funny songs that imitate all different styles of music, from hip-hop to heavy metal. The band also developed a TV series based on their music. The show follows the two musicians as they try to attract more American fans and adjust to life in the United States. Bret and Jemaine make fun of themselves on the show by pretending they don’t have any talent and can’t understand the American way of life.

Listen to what Dale and Jason think about Flight of the Conchords.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Dale:  Are you familiar with Flight of the Conchords?

Jason:  Oh yes.

Dale:  I watched the behind the scenes making of the first season of what they did on HBO.

Jason:  Oh, OK.

Dale:  These two guys from New Zealand actually create their own songs, write the script for their show, they actually play all the songs and the music at the same time. And every show they do so far has been sold out. And so far every single one is just a totally different group of people that you would never really pay attention to. I mean it shocks me. It’s kind of surprising.

Jason:  I mean it makes some sense because all the songs they do are from different genres. They’re just like parodies of techno, of hip-hop, of rock…

Dale:  So it really hits the whole set of genres of people. And the way they are, they’re two New Zealanders that are in the United States learning the culture.

Jason:  Right, right.

Dale:  I’m just…I’ve been a big fan.

Jason:  And I think that the parodies are really good. I mean, they’re really funny and it’s not like Weird Al, it’s not corny.

Dale:  A lot of people are shocked about it because when they say a duo that does comedic music, it actually throws everybody off. But now everybody’s like…I mean I’ll be at a club and I’ll hear “Business Time” or…

Jason:  Nice. That’s when you know it’s successful, when a parody enters the real world.


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Dale saw a behind-the-scenes show about Flight of the Conchords. He was really impressed by how hard-working and talented the band is. They not only write and perform all their own songs, but also write and act in their TV show. He’s also surprised by how many different types of people are fans of the band.

Jason thinks it isn’t surprising that Flight of the Conchords has a diverse following, since they parody so many different genres of music. Even though their songs are parodies, they’re still really good. The music is great and the lyrics are funny.

What do you think it would be like to move with your best friend to the United States from another country like Bret and Jemaine?



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Awesome demonstrate is that one!! I have see a lot of video on dilymotion and it´s extremely humorous and the words are simple to appreciate, so that is my recommendation to get better and study more concerning English as a overseas verbal communication. Mycollegeessay 

05:54 AM May 04 2015 |




07:23 AM May 04 2009 |



I have never heard about the Flight of The Conchords until read about them here. I've watched their videos in Youtube. They are very funny and talented!




11:37 PM May 03 2009 |


South Korea

The duo came from New Zealand. Shows funny music. The people in the U.S. are enjoying their parody it is very interesting activity and it's fun to americans who enjoys their parody.

01:00 PM May 01 2009 |




Very good!!

01:32 AM May 01 2009 |

Miss Monroy


It would be exciting and challenging

05:42 AM Apr 30 2009 |




Having a other friend with you in another country is better than being alone ;)

12:26 AM Apr 30 2009 |




Putz,I think it would be very cool! hehe Each one could help the other,because being in another country alone is not easy  :)

12:08 AM Apr 30 2009 |


Russian Federation

Hi :) I am newbie)) And i am planning to visit this site every day regularly.

About Flight and Conchords: i never have heared about them. But i will let it try

05:50 PM Apr 28 2009 |




I think, if would be happened. maybe it is the most embassing moment I've never forget.

02:14 PM Apr 28 2009 |



For those who don't know them: http://elmundoquedeseo.blogspot.com/2009/04/flight-of-conchords-business-time.html


They are very fun :) 

01:31 PM Apr 28 2009 |





Everything we should try !

11:24 AM Apr 28 2009 |




I want ,but it doesn’t work!...bret and jemaine is funny.

06:37 AM Apr 28 2009 |



Very nice show is that one!! I have seen many videos on youtube and it´s very funny and the lyrics are easy to understand, so that is my advice to improve and learn more about english as a foreign language.

01:36 AM Apr 28 2009 |

André Lopes


Its really amazing to know another cultures. I have Known the USA and I like so much this experience. I intend to Know another countries in the future!

André Lopes

11:47 PM Apr 27 2009 |




Thank God…I had this kind of experience a few time ago….i made good friends in the uncle sam land`s…it was awesome…so far, the best year of my life…i watched on tv one of this show …but i didnt know that they write the songs and the own show…so i`m surprised they`re really talented…

10:51 PM Apr 27 2009 |

Lizi Ripi


I'm sure this would be a unique experience. Living in a very different country, with people from a different culture and speaking English all the time… maybe some day! I'd love it!

09:47 PM Apr 27 2009 |



I think this web contains lots of English knowledge…I mean that you can learn lots of cultural things about U.S beside English. I will try to make many comments here, on this board

08:53 PM Apr 27 2009 |

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It would be the biggest and best thing of my entire life!

It´s my dream to visit USA and I´m still trying and I won´t give up on working and studying hard to be there. I´m still learning English, but It´s kinda an endless work to finally find my way to travel to there and I won´t let go the flame of my dream to discover by my own how to save money and how to become my dreams true.

I can´t describe how wonderful will be the day that I´ll step in there and say "I made it" and it´ll be soon if I believe.

07:31 PM Apr 27 2009 |



Your google is very funny

07:09 PM Apr 27 2009 |

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