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Providing Pets
Providing Pets

Learn about the simple past tense.

Date: Sep 27 2011

Themes: Pets

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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You don’t have to be a farmer anymore to own some chickens, or even a goat or two. Urban gardening and, yes, even livestock raising is a growing trend in the US. It’s a way for city folk to get a small taste of the country. It’s also a way to save money and experience fresh, local foods. After all, what could be more local than eggs or milk that came from your own backyard? Find out why Amy and Marni are excited about getting pets that do more than just look cute.



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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amy:  Oh, Marni, I am exhausted. My chickens woke me up at five in the morning this morning.

Marni:  What? Well, that’s the thing, you chose to have providing pets because you think the benefit is so great, farm fresh eggs all the time, but in reality it’s a lot of work, right?

Amy:  It is a lot of work. And you know what? I’m kinda tired of eggs.

Marni:  Well, you should be giving me your farm fresh eggs because I could use them. I’ve been thinking myself personally of bees, getting bees.

Amy:  Bees, really?

Marni:  Yeah, not really a pet per se, but definitely the benefit, because I love honey so much.

Amy:  Do you need to get a special outfit to keep bees so that you won’t get stung?

Marni:  I imagine so, yeah. I envision wearing my bike helmet and lots of gloves and scarves and things like that.

Amy:  So this is kind of a new trend that you and I are representing here, you know, getting these pets that can provide you with something, or an animal if not a pet exactly.

Marni:  Right. It is kind of a fascinating thing. People just have this desire to get back to the land and feel connected to something, and maybe more connected to where their food is coming from.

Amy:  Do you think you’ll love your bees like a dog or cat?

Marni:  I don’t know if I could love bees. But I do love what they do for the planet, and the fact that they make one of the sweetest things on the planet. I love honey.

Amy:  Well, we should trade my eggs for your honey.

Marni:  I think it’s a deal.


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Amy is tired because her chickens woke her up early in the morning. Owning chickens may be great because they provide lots of fresh eggs. But it is also a lot of work.

Marni is interested in getting a providing pet, too. She wants to get bees because she loves honey. Amy points out that she will need to get special protective clothing to help her handle the bees.

Owning providing pets is a new trend in American cities. Marni thinks that people want to feel more connected to the earth and know where their food comes from. You might not love a providing pet in the same way you would love a dog or cat, but there are still a lot of benefits to owning one.

Do you or anyone you know have a providing pet such as a goat, chickens, or bees? Would you like to own a providing pet, or do you think it would be too much work?



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manik athawale


I want to give fuscous some real truth among human being providing pets when some family are love so much domestic animals, birds etc but they didn’t love human being when so many dyes go back that human thinking like that if we seal that providing pets we gate lot of income than they seal and gate much income so i want to say what kinds of the love that domestic animals or birds

05:46 PM Mar 09 2012 |




I’d like to try raising shrimps to cook with..  Not sure how efficient it would be to farm fish (or is it crustacean?) indoors in the winter, though.

06:20 PM Sep 30 2011 |



i dont have providing pet, but im thinking to have one coz of its benefits, i think it would be too much work but with the benefits that you would have, i think it is okay. so i am thinking to have a chicken so that i can have fresh eggs,hehe

09:24 AM Sep 28 2011 |




We have our own providing pets such as goats, chickens, cows,fishes. It’s fun but a lot of works of course, You may try it guys, for me living in farm so I enjoy such things :) (farm boy)

07:00 AM Sep 28 2011 |




I don’t know anybody who has a providing pet. In the past my father used to raise chickens and rabbits in our backyard. If I had a providing pet, it would be a chicken. Because I like to have eggs for breakfast.

11:09 PM Sep 27 2011 |



Saudi Arabia


اعجبني  الموظوع  بكل بساطه

عندما  تلاحظ الحيوانات   تجد الشي  العجيب

طبعا اكتب با لعربي لان بعض من ابدا ملاحظة  يحكي  انه  يعرف العربيه  


good  story

thank you Tongue out

09:31 PM Sep 27 2011 |




mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Marni has a good idea but i think it takes long time and also be more careful

i prefer from all pets the cat :)

08:42 PM Sep 27 2011 |

1 person likes this




it is great though , I dont like pets like cat or dog or a bird in a cage but a big glassy of fish is wonderful … makes the day.

07:07 PM Sep 27 2011 |

raulsbSuper Member!


No i did`nt kwon anyone who has a providing pet , but i had one torkey in the past it name was Cuco , and it waqs i little sad becouse my dad kiloled and cooked it in mole poblano, of course me and my siblins did not try any piece.


My best

03:29 PM Sep 27 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

having pet is really interesting … it let u to undesrtand how hard is it to be parrents..he he he…beacuse alwasy u must be anxious about it…does it have food?it doesn t need any care or medicine…and protect them from another animal..

but i belive we d better to have kind of pet which is not dengerous for our health..like chiken or duck….

opposite dog and cat can bring skin illness and also dog moth water can bring some insid illness which needs sergon…..

i have myself a few fish with a big aquarioum and two quail….. my fishes born a lot of baby and my quail give me egg each two day…

and i am really happy with them..my quail is really nice..i love them more..beacuse i can touch them..they are similar to a litle heavy ball…he he he ..so fuuney and smart…. 

02:16 PM Sep 27 2011 |

Loc Tibor

Serbia and Montenegro

I like this lessons, BUT, You be can to give as much more free lessons. I now learn English and many words are strange for me. I am searching for serious person (male or female, newer mind) who will to teach me English using Skype. My Skype name is: tibitata63


12:14 PM Sep 27 2011 |




I love honey so effing much. But I don’t like bees, they stung me once before. I went near to their house without any idea they would attack me that fast. As in all of them, they stung me anywhere.

I would love to own a providing pet, like cows and horses but I think it would be too much to work. But if I have a chance I would love to try though.

10:40 AM Sep 27 2011 |



as arm said above,absolutely right,if you want get some fresh farm foods you have to raised some animals in your farm in country or your garden in urban area,and then you have take care them careful without sick and hunger,so maybe you will add some additional task every day ,you should make the food for them and clear your garden or farm everyday,maybe tired ,but interesting,my favorite pet is dog,you know ,dog is very cute and clever,seems he always known what i think,and make me so happy,and as we all know ,dog is the most loyal animal of the world,either you are rich or poor ,dog never dislike and avoid you,accompany with your all the time,so that’s why i like dog very much. 

10:16 AM Sep 27 2011 |




How about beef or pork ??
I mean , cows or pigs ..
Do you a providing them ??

09:44 AM Sep 27 2011 |




i agreed your viewpoint .when i  raise them ,i right think they are my friends.

09:09 AM Sep 27 2011 |




I think it is good idea but hard to make some-thing like that becouse it need big care  and some body have no any thing just stay with them all the day!!

09:08 AM Sep 27 2011 |




I think it’s a good way so alot of benefits to save money and getting a foods fresh from them. I would like to have one hen so I just only want to eat eggs. At my house I don’t have a providing pet but outside my house have many fish so effect by flooding to street outside hehehehehe…

08:57 AM Sep 27 2011 |



United States

I live in a city environment (San Francisco). I don’t know anyone one in this city that owns a providing pet. My neighbors have a peach tree I believe. That is the closest I know of, but of course it’s not an animal. I agree with some others that the benefits would be great, however, the work involved may require a sacrifice. The maintenance of it will absolutely require an ongoing investment of time, energy and attention.

06:01 AM Sep 27 2011 |



Hong Kong

I don’t think I will do that too….Too much work to do especially the clean up thing. hehe~

04:45 AM Sep 27 2011 |



United States

i love eggs but i don’t wanna raise them actually. it’s hard to see them die one day.

01:57 AM Sep 27 2011 |

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