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Steve Nash - And One

Steve Nash - And One English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Feb 13 2012

Themes: Celebrity, Sports

Grammar: Passive Voice


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If you’re playing against the Phoenix Suns, the last place you want to see Steve Nash is on the free throw line. Yet he is there quite often. How does he do it?
Steve is an extremely skilled player who knows how to get his opponents to foul him. He often makes his shot even though he was fouled. When that happens, he gets to shoot one free throw (instead of the usual two free throws for a foul on a missed shot). That’s called an and one.
We asked Steve to talk about this term and to tell us about his free throw routine.


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Jason:  Welcome to English, baby! Steve Nash is one of the best free throw shooters in the NBA, so we recently asked him to teach the term “and one.”

Nash:  And one is when you score a basket and get fouled, you say, “and one,” because you get to shoot one free throw on top of the basket.

Jason:  You’re really good at getting and ones. What is the trick?

Nash:  Concentration. What you’ve got to do if you have an opportunity to make a shot when you’re being fouled, is you’ve got to concentrate and see if you can finish the play.

Jason:  You’re also really good at free throws and making them once you get them. You have this routine. Can you tell us about that?

Nash:  My routine is something I was taught at a young age, to build a routine so every time you step up to the line it’s the same, and you take out any room for error or loss of concentration, so it feels comfortable every time you do it and you can take out any variance. For me, I just try to have the same routine every time, and that gives me comfort that I’ll make the shot.

Jason:  It looks like you’re running through it in your mind. Is that what you’re doing?

Nash:  Yeah, I practice a couple of free throws without the ball. It’s just a rehearsal. It’s just like going and practicing your free throws in your mind.

Jason:  Thanks so much.

Nash:  You’re welcome.

Jason:  The way we wrap these up is give a high five and say, “English, baby!” You up for that?

Nash:  English, baby!


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Steve Nash explains how to use the term “and one.” In basketball, you say “and one” when you get fouled while scoring a basket. You get to shoot one free throw, so you have a chance to score an extra point.

Steve Nash must say “and one” a lot, because he is one of the best players in the NBA at scoring a basket and being fouled at the same time. He’s also a great free throw shooter, so he scores a lot of extra points for his team, the Phoenix Suns.

Steve says that in order to score a basket while you’re being fouled, you have to concentrate very hard. And in order to make a lot of free throws, it helps to follow the same routine every time. That’s what Steve does to make himself feel calm and comfortable, since shooting free throws can be stressful.

What do you do to make yourself feel calm in stressful situations?

For more English lessons with Nash and his teammates, visit our blog.



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Jokes are great stress relievers.

Wife… you always carry my photo in your handbag to the office.Why ?

Hubby: When there is a problem, no matter how impossible,I look at your picture and the problem disappears.

Wife: You see, how miraculous and powerful I am for you ?

Hubby: Yes, I see your picture and say to myself, “what other problem can there be greater than this one… sorry ladies. He! He! He!

04:25 PM Feb 13 2012 |

cheer manal


Everybody go through stress, the unpleasant things that comes along in our daily life may increase our stress ,even though they are small and silly things, it´s a common feeling. i think practising sport is benificial and can help, personally it makes me feel kind of relief.

03:59 PM Feb 13 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I know him , He is a wonderful player I watch him every week on Tv.

He’s from Canda ,He has a lot of skills .

as we know there are a Big difference between  NBA, and others championships arround the world .

I know what I said , because  I am playing basketball .

This sport needs a lot of effort , If you want to play you need a lot of money for practice food , drink , sport clothes , travel .

I had an sport injury before three month ago , my cruciate ligament is broken .

 I played approximately  12 years .I need  two operation,

for me I don’t feel regret for my knee , Because really I enjoyed during my period .

Actually those player different on others player I meant player who are playing in NBA.

Day after day they have match , Really nobody could be able bear this tough atmosphere specially we are talking about the professional game .

When I was playing basketball I was feel a big comfortable , I wasn’t feel any stress inside my soul , Really the sport make us dispose of our problems .

I would wish recommend everyone to practice sport , you will be happy . 

03:47 PM Feb 13 2012 |

1 person likes this




Ryo and I , love the stress

so we say in unision ” Bring it on stress give me all you got “


03:34 PM Feb 13 2012 |




“ Don’t make  a mountain out of a molehill”

    I never let stress weigh on my mind too much. I always try to keep sane through anxious situations, by wandering my mind off them for a moment and consequently calm myself down. Then I try to dismantle the situation to figure out how to solve it. But when I’m faced to more than one source of stress, it gets trickier, but still, it’s never a reason for me to freak out. So to counter that, I devise a way to prioritize the problems. Any problems that  are out my hands  go to oblivion, I literally rule them out of the equation so I can focus more on the ones I deem I can manage, usually the ones that I’m somehow responsible for. Once I get my problems, or stress sources sorted out, it’s time to take action,  by seeking advice from others or by evaluating possible solutions I might come up with.  However, advice and solutions don’t always come in a timely manner though, that’s when I resort to other common methods to cope with stress, things that can entertain and soothe the mind in the interim. I sleep for longer hours, learn something new and fun, I listen to music, I exercise more frequently, and I try to socialize more, so whenever I find myself being able to do any of those stuff , I feel more relaxed and grow more positive. So my trick, it’s to know the source and the magnitude of whatever problem I’m facing, I always get heaps of comfort after I have conducted those analysis,  because only then will I know how to  get around it.

     Have you ever been told that some stresses are essential to keep equilibrium in your life? They are worries and concerns that keep you alerted and ready for potential risks. Understand that many lessons in life and many occasions to mature will disguise in the form of stresses and difficulties you must face. Well, you need to distinguish between those “good stresses” and the obnoxious ones. Keep a cool head and don’t overrate the nature of your stresses, seek professional help if you can’t determine it. In the words of Steve Nash, concentrate, meaning you have to evaluate the situation then you’ll be more composed and make better decisions.

If you’re seeking a stress-free life, you’re worrying too much. We all stress, don’t think you’re any weaker than the rest of us if you do.

03:31 PM Feb 13 2012 |



mehrjoyan, and Buttafly

I agree stress is salt of life. OK. I guess you mean a little stress, not too much, right?? Becasue stress is so harmful for our body, so a little stress can be called salt of life but too much stress is just poison.

I understand your idea, a busy life is always better. Because if someone has nothing to do, it’s also a source of stress.

I remember I had so much free time when I was jobless but I also had a very stressful life. Now I have a busy life and my life is really good in this way. This is a lovely stress.

02:26 PM Feb 13 2012 |




MNAL  hello,    I want  to see you smiling. ” You are also stressing out your credit card”, stay calm as much as possible.     He! He! He!


01:39 PM Feb 13 2012 |

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I think Steve Nash’s way is the best. Practicing. I do this too. As I am a teacher I practice my knowledge about a topic before I start teaching it. I consider how to make it easier to make students understand. 

If I feel lazy and start teaching without practicing I see that it’s stressful for me and I cannot make students understand easily. Being ready makes me confident.

01:12 PM Feb 13 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

life without stress is like a plain-looking girl! a bit stress is  necessary for our life and for sure it will help and push us forward. stress is somehow the salt of life!

09:47 AM Feb 13 2012 |




Whenever I feel stress after making mistakes, I go to calm place and talk with myself and consider over that mistake… and after I find myself guilty, I regret and admit before myself and god…. as regret reduces the burden of being guilty….I recall this proverb that “Man is for error..” and in this way I get escaped of being dispaired…..

When I m not satisfied with what I have and don’t have.. and I feel stress then I happen to see those people who are physically challenged…. after seeing them I feel that I must be satisfied with what has been given to me by god… afterall I m still blessed with body… then I again get escaped of being despaired…

There are so many ways to make ourselves calm…only need is to recognize them… everything, that exists in this world, tries to say somthing to us but we fool are unable to understand that… whenever I feel stress, I try to find my mistake in that…If I don’t get then it’s okay.. but if I get then I regret and apologise to god… i know that regret is the only way to reduce the outcomes of our guilt….

09:06 AM Feb 13 2012 |

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