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Pomodoro Method
Pomodoro Method

Learn English meaning of 'Pomodoro method'

Date: Sep 12 2016

Themes: Hobbies, How To, School, Time, Work

Grammar: Imperative Form


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Did you know that the Latin word for “tomorrow” is “cras”? Therefore, when we procrastinate, we plan to do something tomorrow instead of today. But there’s a problem with this. If we always procrastinate on projects, then we never finish our projects. If we never finish our projects, we start to feel overwhelmed. How can we change this? Should we make a to-do list? Should we prioritize?

There is another way to be productive. In the 1980s, an Italian man told the world about a new time management method. This method helps many people stop procrastinating and stop feeling overwhelmed. It’s very simple to use the Pomodoro Method. First, set a timer, and start working. When the timer goes off, you must stop working and take a break. Working in intervals can help your mind recuperate faster.

Marni is overwhelmed, and Andy thinks he has a good solution. Listen to this English lesson to hear Andy explain why he likes the Pomodoro Method.


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Marni:  Andy, I am just so overwhelmed. I have so much to do, and I just don’t feel productive, ever.

Andy_H:  Marni, Marni, Marni, Marni. I have got the solution for you. It’s called the Pomodoro Method.

Marni:  The Pomodoro Method? Do tell!

Andy_H:  It’s this time management system where you use intervals and breaks. You can actually manage all of your work and take enough time for you to recuperate. It helps you not procrastinate and still be as productive as possible.

Marni:  Interesting.

Andy_H:  The Pomodoro Method started with a guy in Italy who would put his kitchen timer, which looked like a tomato… Pomodoro Method… and he would set his timer to twenty-five minutes.

Marni:  Okay.

Andy_H:  He would work for those twenty five minutes straight, as hard as he could. The second the timer went off, he would take a break for about five to ten minutes.

Marni:  Even if you’re in the middle of something, you just cut it off, and you take your break.

Andy_H:  Take your break.

Marni:  And that helps you be more productive.

Andy_H:  Well, if you don’t take your break, you’re just going to get overwhelmed. Your work is going to start to suffer. If you force yourself to take your break, you might think of something that could help you prioritize all of your tasks and help you get through your to-do list.

Marni:  Well, I will try anything. I’m sold.

Andy_H:  Alright! Pomodoro it is.


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Marni has a problem. She has so many things to do, and she feels very overwhelmed! Because Andy is Marni’s friend, he wants to help her feel more productive. He tells her about the Pomodoro Method. If Marni uses this time management system, Andy hopes she will feel more relaxed about her to-do list. But what is the Pomodoro Method?

The Pomodoro Method is a special way of working. Instead of working for hours straight, Marni should set her timer and then start working. When the timer ends, she must take a break for a few minutes to recuperate from working. By working in intervals, Marni won’t procrastinate on projects, and she won’t feel so overwhelmed. Marni is ready to start using this idea!

Do you often procrastinate at school or at work? What are the secrets to being more productive in life?



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DagmerStenkSuper Member!


In my work its commum to come many tasks to do along the day, on the other hand i had the tasks planned of day before, so that scenario is very complex and dynamic to adminitrate and feel good in the end of the day with the outcomes.

Its difficult take a break when you’re called all the time. Imagine you take a break for five minutes and in this time your boss or co-worker or customer call you? What do you do?

In my opinion this Method is applicable to some roles and persons in the company, not general.

12:05 PM Sep 21 2016 |





10:16 PM Sep 18 2016 |




I procrastinate sometimes. You know, life is not flat. Things happened, or I was just not in the mood to do my things, or I just wanted to enjoy other things at that time. Being more productive is about balance between working and having fun, about quality more than quantity, and about our priority in life. Imo.

02:17 PM Sep 12 2016 |




Really? An article about the Pomodoro method? Im having my 5 mins break right now, decided to check ebaby and I found this article in the main page!! whaat? that’s an awesome coincidence. I thought I was part of some little kind of “weird people” that knows that method. Now i see ebaby knows it too! (? Seriously, I’ve never heard from anybody to talk about it at college or work…anywhere. Never!

I started to use it in the last semester of 2014, but during 2015 and especially this year, Pomodoro method is a rule for me when it comes to study. I use TeamViz.

04:40 AM Sep 12 2016 |



  Yes. I often procrastinate at work. Especially when the work is very rare. It is strange phenomenon. The more less the work is, the more serious phenomenon of the procrastination is.

  I found that very early. I don’t like this feeling of procrastination. It causes me depressed. But the same it seems I can’t help controlling myself.  I can’t help that of as wasting time as annoying myself.

  I have to find many thing to do for myself, so that it doesn’t waste a day. I study english. I write many words. I do sport. I walk.

  When I planned  these thing, I did the work first. Yes. I told me, I must do my favorite things after my work. Another said, only completed my work I could do my favorite activities. So, in order to do my favorite things, I did my work as soon as possible. Then I found I was productive. The important ,I didn’t feel depressed again.

02:00 AM Sep 12 2016 |

mineshshahSuper Member!


The Pomodoro method is used to be more productive and avoid procrastination. In this method one can set a timer and start working. Once timer ends, you can take a break and then repeat the same till you complete the work. Working in piecies helps you not too overwhelmed and be more productive.

01:44 AM Sep 12 2016 |

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