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June 2, 2009

Where are my englishbabies? I was in Roma, Torino, Valencia, and somewhere way out in the country and have had nary a sighting. I am going to sweeten the deal a bit: come find me at one of the remaining shows and you will also get a free CD of my band, the Professional Man, featuring one half of the Intelligence.

Anyway, Italy was a blur. i was promised a wild show in Torino and it was delivered. Lars got crowd surfed again, but landed safely on his feet. The young gentlemen who had puked on the previous Intelligence drummers kit last year managed to not get jostled too much this time and puke on me. Thank goodness. Rome was surprisingly tame, but they must have loved the show cos they bought  a lot of shirts! Thank you, Rome. After some more quick pit stops, we were in Madrid, Spain. The show was awesome thanks the to the booker Nacho. No one was injured and the other band, Luter, played a killer mix of Krautrock mixed with some good psych revival. Right up my alley.

After Madrid, we headed to Barcelona, a city I had never visited but had dreamed about. We were there to open up the legendary Primavera Festival, an awesome week of shows headlined this year by Neil Young and Sonic Youth. We played the first night in a tiny but packed club; it was awesome. Nacho hooked us up with passes for a day and we caught Art Brut and Spiritualized. Check them out.

Alright, that is all for now. I am doing my laundry at a club and also trying to get my gear together for the evening. Come find me! 

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View all entries from Beren's World >

12:48 PM Jun 03 2009



Wish I can be there... Cool I want a vocation in Europe!